22 June 2011

Rumpled !

Done story to you guys about my camping last errr 3 weeks maybe

I thought today was Saturday. Since my two sisters was at home now and my daddy coming home from work early. Seriousllyyyyyy, saturdayyy. How I wish today was Saturday . But…. It’s Wednesday

I didn’t come to school today coz of sukantara day which is hari sukan for form 4 sekolah bengong saya. I personally hate broad jump okay! Teacher, can you please understand me this time? Urghhh whatever cakap takkan habis. Hahahaha. So this week, my school have this ‘ hari temu mesra ‘ for students. I really really want my mom to come. I told her

Me : Datang lah. Result tengah baik ni. I got number 3…. (I'm trying to say this with sincere modesty )
Mom : Hm taknak lah. Mak banyak keje. Number 3 ye? Number 3 pun, berapa ada fail?
Me : Hahaha I only fail for maths. Tak cakap pun, mak boleh predict. FLUNKED MATHS! Ada expectations yang tinggi. Hahaha
Mom : *Speechless

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mak! Tskkk tskkk T.T

P/s : I know, my result was not that good, but I’m still thankful. With sincere modesty, I got number 3. I thought, I got under 10 or maybe 20. Exam this time, was not that easy. Not easy at all. Ingat senang sangat ke ha? Sekian terima kasih

Sehari tidak bertentang mata ibarat setahun berada di neraka
Sayang, adakah kau tahu?


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