30 November 2011


Alright i’ll finish the post! Not like any other day that I’ve tried, typing a few lines and the whole idea just vanished. Hmmm :)

Hoping for that special someone to appear right now,


#The one who I’ve been staring to his picture 24-7
#Excited to the bones when I see his post
#Can’t keep off the phone wanting his text
#Always hearing your voice going when there’s actually none

I’m so sorry. I just missing you that bad. I’m so sorry for everything I’ve done in this few days. We both did absolutely nothing wrong. You know, I feel like losing my emotions right now yet suffocated. The December month has come. I had a wish on this month. I do remember the strength in which I believed in my wish. I hope you too. Let’s wish for something good to happen. I know maybe it’s not gonna fix anything now but I still want to say sorry for a million times. This isn’t my first time nor you. I've been feeling it and I surely know how bad it could be. I can’t laugh, I can’t smile. Maybe I do outside but not inside. Laughing and smiling but not from the heart. It had no meaning in it like it just FAKE. I remembered it was since the day we both try to convince our self back. You know how happy I am when I heard those promises, swear-ing part? Like it was just a dream. A boy could do anything for his girl! But uh well, I thought what I’ve been dream before has come true. I found something which I never wish I knew. Since that day, my words no more calms me, your words never satisfied me, the feeling 'relief' has left its place in my heart. How I wish I never knew you before. If only I could turn back time. Well, I guess it’s true what people said. Happiness doesn’t last forever! I actually have no idea when this heart will bloom again to its end, when this mouth will speak a thousand words again along with the heart which could really feel again. Have faith xx :’)

P/s: Welcome December! Goodbye, dear November :')

29 November 2011


Hello Readers! I kept forgotten to update my blog recently. Well actually, I’m a bit lost this holiday. I wanna try out for a job but there’s a problem with job in this holiday. Soooo as you guys can predict now. I’m going to drown myself in boredom by staying at home and doing NOTHING. NOTHING at all. This holiday starts with a pretty good one but the middle and the end of it, I’m sure I’ll lost my balance.

Is there any job for 16 years old?

Anything PM me. LOL LOL. I think I have just developed an instant jealousy towards you guys. I’m pretty sure, you guys had a great day aren’t you? If only I were in your shoes, I could just enjoy the holiday as much as I could. Not like nowww! Dear holiday, if only you know now that you're making me miss school so much right now! Miss those fourty person where everybody knew my name, miss those person where I can laughing and making joke at. What I miss the most are the people that I used to laugh and smile at. My friends! I already can feel the ache of homesickness


17 November 2011

Alarwww dah cutirwww oh :P

Selamat berhari jumaat dear readers :)

As usual, dah tak tau nak buat apa cuti2 ni. Exam dah habis, sekolah dah habis, duit dah kutip. Eh duit apa? RM100 lah! Hahaha! Tuhan je tau macam mana teruk nya hari nak ambik duit tu. Berjam jam tunggu kalah orang nak daftar pergi haji. Tapi malas lah nak cerita pasal tu. You guys knows how bad that days is. Dah lepas pun kan? Point pun bukan nak cerita pasal duit. Kita sama2 berkongsi experience pasal duit ni. Oh okay merepek lagi aku ni

Result exam pun dah dapat. Aku lah orang paling bersemangat nak check result. 3 4 hari habis exam aku dah sibuk check dekat web dah. Bukan apa. Kalau result tu pos kat rumah nanti, takde lah kita shocked tahap hantu kan? At least dah tau dah apa result kita. Kesedihan dan kekecewaan korang tu boleh tolak tepi dah. Kemarahan ibu bapa je yang tinggal. So tak ada lah terbeban sangat! Tak mampu nak cerita pasal result ni sebenar nya. Result kali ni, not so good and no so bad

#Ada fail ke?
Perlu ke nak tau? Hahaha eh ada ada. Semesti nya ada. Tapi tak payah tanya apa. Perkara biasa :P
#Berapa banyak subjek lulus?
Errr kira kira banyak lah jugak yang lulus. Mampu menandingi subjek yang gagal. Tapi kredit tak kredit tu kau jangan tanya. Tak mampu teman nak jawab
# Kau dapat no berapa?
Sibuk kenapa? Hahaha! Okay ni part aku paling sedih nak jawab. Menurun! :(

Demam result. Bukan apa ah. Gagal2 tu semua actually salah diri sendiri. Siapa suruh kau tak study betul2. Betul tak? *kata2 untuk diri sendiri*. The worst thing is, diorang post result final kali ni ke rumah. Kecut tak kecut? As for me, parents aku ni jenis tak lah ambik kisah sangat. Bukan tak kisah pasal anak diorang ni. Dah anak dia gagal, apa nak buat kan? Hahaha okay good luck untuk result korang


09 November 2011


A friend is someone who is there to help you through a bad time in your day.
A friend is someone who is there to pick your heart up when it is tour apart for some reason.
A friend is someone you can tell all your secrets to.
A friend is someone you can share things with that you can not tell your parents about.
A friend is a very dear person in our lifes that can help you when you have a very bad cloudy day.
A friend is someone you can share your sad times in your life with.
A friend is someone you can turn to when you need a hug on a bad day.
A friend is someone you talk to about your relationship.
A friend is a very caring person .
A friend is someone who is the silver lining when the clouds are gray in your life.
A friend is someone who is there when you lose someone you love.

That’s what friends are for

"But friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life, and thanks to a benevolent arrangement the greater part of life is sunshine"
-Thomas Jefferson

P/s : Tak cukup korum lagi 3 orang. Cek eynn, nonie, ajuuuuu T___T

04 November 2011

It’s all over

2 days ago…

I’m sitting on a wobbly desk. Nothing more could I say. I just hate sitting on desk that wobble when I write. Isn’t that horrible to write In a wobble desk when you’re having your exam that time? Oh well not much. Forget it. Never mind. My life has just begun now. I finally finished my final examination two days ago. Officially done with all the subjects now! It sorta gonna be in my career part sooner. Perhaps. Now I can say goodbye to the final examination. You ruined my life for 2 weeks and a half. Seriously. 2 papers in a day and about 20 papers in 2 weeks were not that easy. Somehow I’m bored with final exams. But thanks god i managed to pull through. I can feel so much freedom right now. Really need a break from all the stress I’ve been through in these 2 weeks. I really hope I did well on my paper. Hopefully, my result will be better this final. God bless god bless god bless! It’s time to taking a break again. From tests and assignments. NO ONE LIKES for sure. Oh well, no one! Final exam should just die. My mind is extremely relieved now. Sooooo again. Goodbye to early morning class, goodbye to weekend homework!

No more sleeping late, no more sleepless nights, no more books, no more!
My life has just begun now.
Happy holiday to all school students!
Selamat hari raya haji!


P/s: Np the rocket summer #twitter

03 November 2011



I choose to keep this post short compared to the previous one. Sometimes I feel like, I just wasting my time letting people know about what I’m doing, about what they really should know. Well, people said so. Bloggers waste their life by sitting on the laptop for hours. For me, it just take less than 30 minutes to finish my post. I mean, write in less than 30 minutes. I must admit, sometimes when I got NO idea anymore, I feel like leaving my text. I have a plenty of great ideas actually but I just save all of my text in the drafts that aren’t going anywhere. Sometimes! Oh well, then I just thought of continue it back. Simply stay committed on my text and finish what I have started. It wasn’t easy actually cause i need to find the ideas back. Haha but it’s all worth it when I finish my writing. Now now now, I don’t feel like blogging. Not that I don’t like blogging. It’s fun to write anything I want to write, interact with the others. It’s fun! It has been almost 2 years I’m here. I’m proud with what I have accomplished in these 2 years. Well, not become too over zealous to post the articles every day. I said I’d love to write, no matter how much I tell myself that I love blogging, it still happen actually. But still, I do actually care about my blog every day. Even on those days where I don’t feel like it. And I do have days like that, we all do