29 October 2010

JustOctoberDisaster xx

As u can see, my entry 12 October to 22 October. It means that I haven’t blogged for like 10days. Wohoo i just forgot about it plus i have no idea what to write. There’s no new story recently. Everything is boring for sure. Ops VERYY ! Actually, I always thought about blog but then I end up with pshhhhh malas lah. Tomorrow I still got time for it. Haha.

Okay 10days isn’t a long time. But LOADSSS of things had happened to me and….. bla bla over that period. Too many events to write down here. I just feel like not really rajin to list down everything. Now, I just can’t wait for the holidays to come on 12 November. 1 month and a half. But I’m still in October right now. Nvm run for another month. Non-stop running !! JYEAH XD School is fuggin boring and annoying this October. Since the exam has been finish, the teachers organize various activity/events for PMR graduate student. Everything seemed to be crazy but I don’t deny, there’re still have some interesting activity to do. Just like my ‘ Sandwich Making Competition ‘ yesterday. Hahaha hell yeah quite fun activity. I enjoy making it. My heart sing. Oh lala ~

Allright till then. I've done writing. Time for makan and Facebook back. Night xx

28 October 2010

Heck :/

I went to school today. Oh well, as usual it kinda boring day ! Nvm it’s okay. I actually went for competition. ‘ Sandwich Making Competition ‘ sounds cool aite? Haha yeah it was. This competition based on our skill, creativity, hygiene and cooperation. So around 8am, the teachers called all the participant to gathered in the school hall for the briefing. Just for 30mins. Afterwards, we started to make it. We only got 2hours for it. After everything was done, the judgers start to comment and taste it. ( Nervous part. LOL ) my group were so glad ! All the teachers liked it very much ! They commented on how delicious the sandwich was n the decoration. But urm unfortunately I’m not winning. A bit disappointed but still it was okay. Still proud we’ve done a pretty god jobs :P I’ve tried my best !

Tangan Ayu. Sibuk :P

22 October 2010

Padang Besar, Perlis

I went to Padang Besar, Perlis for 3days. 18October till 20October. It was good and i enjoy very much even thou i'm super tired. As hell. LOL I'm riding the train to Perlis and it took 12hours to arrived there. Can u imagine?! :/ But nvm. Great experience. Shouldn't complain much :) Thanks to anyone who has prayed for my journey. Alhamdulillah I'm safe :)

* Thanks to Pakcik Zainal for the picture

12 October 2010

I’m Jolly Over !!

My exam has finished. JYEAHH I’m super duper happy as hell ! It’s a great time to enjoy myself with things. OHHHH ANYWAYYY Hello Facebook, Blogger, Myspace etc. I’m back XD