31 August 2011

Lovely day out!

So let's talk about so called something something on 27 August. It was a couple of days ago. I had a lovely day out with my sister and cousin aiyn! Not so badddd. Even kaki kena gelek oleh stroller di Jalan TAR, even kaki melecet angkara berjalan terlalu banyak and even terpaksa berbuka dengan french fries and mineral bottle but still it was cool. Ngeh ngehh c(:

So here's the pic when i was in Tony Roma's. I tried not to drool over the pics. It's been ages since i had a nice meal out. Sangat lah mencabar segala saraf saraf perut di dalam badan ku -,- Thanks cousin for uploading this photos :)

Tony Roma's!
Mostly diorang punya main course is ala ala steaks kot :)

Our fabulous, delicious, marvellous dessert after makan. Haha how i wish i could eat that right now and for something that serve like these. Phewww :D

Salmon pasta ke nama dia? Haha whatever. Salmon dia was actually more tempting than pasta dia. Rasa macam ayam. Seriouslyyy :D

Looks delicious kan? Of course ah. Memang pun. Haha :D These were succulent. Selalu makan dry jer. Atas dia like ada sweet chili sauce. Yummyhhh :D

Makanan awesome, the bill must be awesome too! Receipt dia pun still simpan up until now. Rasa sayang nak buang even hanya sekeping kertas. Umppp :/

Kak Long :)
* Budak tak puasa. Asyik mintak nak minum je sepanjang jalan -,- *
My cousin!
Semuanya her treat dalam satu hari
Bill teksi, bill makan, everything
Haha thankiesss! Next time belanja lagi. Hahaha xD

30 August 2011

Speaking silently


Moving on isn’t easy as I thought it could be. Well for once, I really did. I’m soooo soo proud with myself. But then I tend to go through a range of emotions. Everything has become such a blur. That sucksss! I’ll be honest to you guys, it ain’t easy for me. I nearly cried through every song I play. Mostly the song I used to play when I still in ‘colours’, all the lyrics that I used to send to him of what we were. Each one made me think and reminiscing the past. I couldn’t control. I ended up with crying. That’s the only thing I could do to express and let out my sadness. Why I felt all the natural urges come back right now? Is it a bad sign for a normal human being.. just like me? I was forced to accept my life now. At least I try. I’d think moving on which mean putting the past behind us. Just like that. Simple and easy. I should being strong and looking forward. People gave said to me that and maybe myself too. I realize It's so easy to say words that seem soothing to the ears. Spreading words about how unhappy you are when the fact you couldn’t confront. Letttt goo! Let go what? His memories? His voice? His presence? Is that easy? When I woke up for the first time when I got no colors anymore, I realize that I have been missing something. Something like feeling. And at that time, I took my phone besides me. Look all of his serene and smiling face. 'I am never going to see this face again :')' I will miss you budak smelly. Someday soon we will meet again. If god willing :’D

Behind my smile is a hurting heart. Behind my laugh, I'm falling apart. Look closely at me and you will see, the girl I am...isn't me

P/s : Happy EID, budak. Have a blast one xx :'))

28 August 2011

Speaking about Raya 2011 :D

Have you guys done all of the things for celebration tomorrow? Well I’ve done mine. All done even not fully. The baju is the most important thing. I wear purple and pink this year. Mix colors! How yours? But well, actually I have no feeling for Raya. Well well maybe I just boring :D

Thinking back of our childhood memories:

Everything is just good. Raya is nice! I can’t wait for Raya every year. Wear new things. New shoes, the food, the setting of the house, the Duit Raya! It comes in packets with the different design and colors. Wonderful! :’)

But well, as time goes by and as you grown older, everything gonna be different. Not gonna like the past. You can’t act like a kid where you easily cry for things. No, you can’t! Smile all the time. I just hope all the preparation and celebration turn out to be okay. If god willing. Amin!

My mom has done baking her kuih raya since the last week. Look so much excited isn’t it? Hahaha! But sadly, I didn’t managed to snap a photo of all the kuih raya. Anyway, today is our last fasting. Thanks ramadhan for treating us good. May you come again next year. There’s still loads of preparation that have yet to be done. So now..

To my families, my close friends, my Muslim readers and all the Muslim around the world

Maaf Zahir dan Batin
Maafkan segala kesalahan. Terkasar bahasa, terlanjur kata, tersalah tulis, termencarut or maybe terkutuk ke. Opsss! Hee :D
0-0 yeaaa? Tak baik dendam dendam :)

22 August 2011

P/s: I still remember how we started talking


Blog aku dan suka hati aku lah aku nak tulis apa pun! Aku suka express perasaan aku kat sini. At least, aku tak tulis something yang agak sensitive pasal orang and cerita benda ‘berulang’ tak tentu pasal. Hal kecik je pun nak kecoh. Sorry lah aku tak layan cerita remeh. Hal kau, aku pun kau nak babit. Sebab? Konon nya babit nama kau dalam blog ni. Seeeee aku punya 2 entri lepas. Memang ada, tapi aku TAK KHUSUS tu untuk kau. Sensitive sangat ke benda tu? Yang pasti memang masalah korang. Kacau aku tak tentu pasal. Ingat aku suka sangat ke bodoh?! Selama ni aku diam, ingat aku suka ke?! Perlu ke lepas ni apa apa yang aku tulis, aku nak mintak izin kau? Kalau hal sensitive tu mungkin. But ni just apa je! Tolong lah jangan bagi pahala puasa aku kurang weh. Lepas ni senang, kau tak payah mengacau tarik kerusi aku bagai. Fikir lah ada akal dan otak Allah bagi kau! Budak pun boleh beza lah benda bodoh dan benda berakal. Okay lah aku dah block korang dua dari facebook aku. Lepas ni apa apa yang aku akan tulis, Korang TAK AKAN dapat tengok lagi. So, selamat lah kira nya kan? Bye STALKER tersayang. Terima kasih kerana menyelongkar

P/s: Rasa nak mengadu segala isi hati dan perut kat orang tu. But lupa kan jelah. Aku dah faham perasaan 'seseorang' tu dah. Hahaha chill :'))

17 August 2011

A day to remember

You’ll never understand but I know that soon you’ll accept the fact that we no longer together. Maybe soon you’ll get your new one and begin to forget about me little by little. Isn’t it baby? I’ll just be a people in your past and full of bad stories. Just like what you had tell me about your ex girlfriends. Will I be one of them? Babyyy :’)) Maybe I’m not a good person, I have a lot of flaws, full of mistakes that I have made but I have a HEART. A small heart created by god and raised by mom since I was little. It’s filled with love, love each and everyone beside me. NOT TO HURT :’)) I have made a decision and I think, it’s for our own good. Even it’ll hurt me but somehow, I’ve made it. I hope you’ll never forget me, I’ll not always be by your side, I can’t cheer you up as a lover but only as a friend, no more messages every morning. All of our daily routine will never be the same anymore. Filled with emptiness which we can’t put it into words

Stay silent at least for now and lemme move on. I’m still fragile to write this but only a writing could help me to let out all of my sadness :’)) Hmm i’d be in tears when I read all of our message from first to last. Nice moment. Still remember baby? :’)) It’ll never be a part of our daily routine anymore and I started to miss everything so fucking much. It feels different when you’re not here anymore but I don’t regret for what I have made. Even there are a hesitation is my heart, yet I still pretend to smile. Just like you’re the end for me, just like you’re my last moment. Even small pains make me teary, imagine how this big pain. Can you imagine? :’)) Till then baby, I hope you’re happy :’))

You can always pretend to be happy even though you're crushed inside
You can always wipe the tears and say you never cried but
You can never stop all the pain that you feel
Tears will keep coming and the scars will never heal

P/s: I can’t believe that we have reached the end now. I’m so sorry from the bottom of my heart. I’ll still continue to draw a line of happiness even though I’m still in pain. *Put on the smiling face :’))

15 August 2011

Resolusi di bulan ramadhan

-Kurang kan bercakap/ gelak tawa ( Cause I love to laugh )
-Kurang kan ‘ow pocott mak kau bla bla bla -,-
-Kurang kan bercakap benda yang tak berfaedah

Kalau hilang terus lagi bagus

But as you guys know lah kan, month of Ramadhan as a test for us set by god. Sebab apa? Sebab harus diuji dengan macam macam perkara dan akhir nya puasa pun jadi tak berfaedah juga. Contoh nya

Hari ni

1. Hari ni saya jadi ala ala guru di hadapan pentas pada perhimpunan pagi di sekolah saya. Yaaa I got a job last week sebab as a PRS, konon nya we have to be brave. No matter what situation you are in! Tapi aku ni brave ke? Coward kot. Kot je! Jalan ala ala model. Lantai basah sebab hujan kan semalam. Aku jadi tukang pembagi hadiah. Pas pas hadiah je. Mula mula diorang semua berdiri. Sooo hati berkata ‘ Oww sokayy. Mudah kerja wa. Malu pun kurang ‘ Berjalan dengan bangga nya. Last last ‘ Okayyy semua. Lantai dah kering awak semua boleh duduk ye’ Only god knows how I felt that time. It ain't easy! Dugaan -,-

2. As usual kalau bersama classmate yang gila especially the gangsss yang gile. They sit behind my back. Hari hari main tarik tarik kerusi aku. Korang ni takde kerja ke hah? Ishhh hari ni paling worst ke. Dugaan -,-

3. Streamyx! Damn you streamyx! Sehari suntuk internet main gila dengan aku. Wifi macam haram lah. Boleh pulak green light for internet main padam padam. Nyala, padam, nyala, padam. Karang aku kasi padan terus karang! Baru padan muka! Dugaan -,-


14 August 2011








08 August 2011


I had grown tired of fighting. You know when it comes to love, ‘nothing would last forever’. The happiest part, the laugh-est part, the smile-est part. It wouldn’t last forever. Only time can decide everything I guess. My temperance was sometimes harsh, but always in a well-meaning. I’m sorry if i hurt you. Are you hurt? :’) I never knew it would be like this hard. ROUGHNESS! I’ve made a plenty of sacrifice after sacrifice for certain things and I don’t regret, I never complaint. Do you know that? :’) It hurts me more when you said, I’m liar. It’s funny. Maybe you don’t see what I’d really try give to you. I mean, my sacrifice that I have made. Or maybe, that is not enough. What more should I give to you? To open your eyes, what more? I still have a heart, man! Just like you, and just like everyone too. I don’t know what more should I say but one thing I really want is

Please understand me

You know,
You’re the first person who ‘entered the door’ with so many blessings. *This is my small way of honoring you* You taught me how to be ‘strong’, you taught me love is the greatest gift, taught me how to strengthen my convictions. I carry these within me for all the time!
And in the same time,
You taught me how to cry, getting frustrated, feeling horrible, taught me how to break a heart in piece. Thank you for everything :’)

I still give you a chance after all and I don’t know why. You broke my heart and why do I still have feelings? I feel like I’m stupid. *Soul screams :’)

P/s: Sorry for the long entry. I shouldn't be so scared to let people know what im feeling. I shouldn't pretend. I shouldn't care what people think of me either. I just want to share. Sorry :’)

03 August 2011

A little note

Sorry guys for not posting any of the story this few days. As usual! Life's great, school's torture as always and bla bla. Everything was just good. Not much i can tell you. Anyway, i was browsing through google. Accidentally found this. Spend your 5minutes to read this and think. *Much loves :)

To get up in the morning only to know that you have to face another obstacle takes strength. To smile when the only thing you can do is cry takes bravery. To act happy and laugh when you know that times are at their worst takes courage. To be joyous when the only good news is the best of the bad news takes support. To be there and help others through the roughest times in life takes love

Till then,
Nights :)

01 August 2011

Ramadhan turn ON

Hi there people out there! Sorry for not posting anything lately. I miss writing so much tho! Well there’s nothing good recently. Oh ya welcome back Ramadhan!

Selamat mengerjakan ibadah puasa 2011 / Happy Fasting y’all!

I’m blessed. Thanks to god for still giving me a chance, insight and leading down a path this year. Totally I feel blessed! Hopefully, Ramadhan this year will bring loads of great moment and blessing to me. Not to forget, for everybody too. Amen :)