06 December 2012


Goodbye papers, goodbye books, goodbye endless nights.
Goodbye…. School.

My SPM is over. 95’s kids are having their merdeka’s day already. Today is the last day of SPM. And I sat for my last paper today. Ekonomi Asas! Don’t ever ask me about EA! You better ask me how I feel now! Marks the end of my school life today. My exam finished at 4pm. I heard somebody shout at the balcony “Merdeka. Merdeka” and i saw somebody dance in the balcony. Sape lah tu. Haha cute! Too bad, we’re the only 95’s today! “Merdeka” ni rasa macam ketinggalan giler tau. Kihkih. But it’s okay. It feels soooo damn good! Don’t only thing scare us now is our result. Let’s tawakal.