08 September 2012

Trial SPM

The title says it all. I’ve never been so happy and glad that the weekend is finally here. Maybe I know I have to do some revision for the examinations. I had and am still having my SPM trials since 28th August until the 20th of September. Almost a month! Gonna die a bit. But there’s a gap. Everybody gave me goosebumps by saying ‘GoodLuck for you trial’. Not so happy but thankyou. I only had 2 subjects for the first week of trial and another 3 on last week. Next week I’m going to kill myself with 4 subjects in a row. There’s no gap between those subjects. How to smile with that? :/ I wish my school would bring the famous yet intelligent motivator Dr.Shukri just like when I was in Form 3. He knows what you need. Really. You’ll in love with his words just in a second.

I don’t think I did well on my papers. Not enough. Especially on my maths paper. You know how much I hate numbers right? Well, not going to be pessimist. Even if I had an instinct that I’m gonna fail but I still tried to be optimist. Allah know whats best for me. Doa, usaha, tawakal. September is a hectic month! Actually, there was literally no time to sit down and rest before your trials end. I’m not following the rules what. This month is a hectic and challenging month also. Open houses everywhere *stupid reason to say. Kill me*. After you’ve finished doing your paper, you’ll start worrying the day after tomorrow. I haven’t even told you the best thing out of all of this yet. Haha cause it just hard!

I got thinking randomly that we have only 3 months left for school. Actually we have only two months. Another month we will spent our time sitting for SPM. I’m leaving my school soon, I’m leaving my parents soon, I’m leaving my home soon. Maybe

Time fly by so quickly. This tears of joy, this tears of memories. When we can unite like the photos below again……. We really had great times together. Rain or shine, day or night, through thick and thin. Gaduh semua pun dah penah rasa. I can’t help but smile when I reminisce our old memories since last year. Haha what a memories! Thankyou classmate *smiles*.

Open house 2012 :)

I’m typing for the entry again today. I thought 95’s would be busy with their trial but just figure it out that they are sooo busy with the…. Open houses. Oh okay same goes to me. Hahaha! I went to the open house again yesterday. My ummi’s house and one of my classmate. I wish.. how I wish I could change this tummy with yours :(

About 4.30pm we planned to went back home tapi hujan. Asal nak pegi rumah eyra je hujan haha tell me why. Since last year kot :p Sambil nak tunggu hujan stop lepak dulu. Almost 7pm baru balik -.-

Credit to : Arina Ariff