28 March 2011


I was crying a few seconds ago. Its okay coz at least I can let out my anger and sadness through crying. That’s the only way :’) I don’t know how to describe the people I wanna be with. Nevermind

Oh yaaa I have gotten all my test 1 result :

Bahasa Melayu – 63%
English- 70 %
Maths- 45%
Science – 40%
History- 55 %
Sains Sukan – 65%
Ekonomi Asas – 48%
Perdagangan – 53 %
Agama Islam -92% :)

DIEEE -.-'

P/s : Oh the date has passed. Happy anniversary to me :’)

13 March 2011

Hearts are touched, Words can’t even explain

Today I still love you, More than I ever did

Promise is still promise. There’s no undo button for me. The only thing I know is, I still love you. No matter what, still. It’s hard to say I want to breakup. Hm it’s been almost 6months and still counting. You know what, you’re my long term babe. I told ya, you’re my 2nd long term and the 1st one is almost a year rite? Okay I admit, I was lying to you. I’m sorry love. I don’t want you to think that I often fail before this. But yes, I’m fail. What’s the matter with that? The longest is 2months before this. And now that you’re here, it’s 5months and a half. 8 more days to the anniversary day. My longest. Thanks god for that. Miracle! I hope it could be 1 year. I never knew I could get someone special as you. And I thought it just could be 2months or something. But now, hm

I’m very sensitive person, I cry easily, I’m very spoiled and have a childish attitude. You’re understanding, babe. One day, you’ll see that your understanding become very charming. But I do believe that inside every human have a childish attitude. They express in different ways. I’m sorry for what has happened yesterday and for the last 2days. Thanks babe for saying that you still love me. You will always be a part of my life. A happy memory, a good laugh, a tear or two.

For now, I don’t know how long we’ll go. All I know is, I love you so much. Thanks for always beside me no matter how good or bad situation is. May everything be blessed by god. Amin


10 March 2011

Countless tears

Kau boleh gelak sekarang jugak. Semua benda rasa macam dah hancur. Seronok lah. Pegi gelak setan kat belakang tu. Perangai kau pun dah serupa setan. Ni yang kau nak selama ni. Dan sekarang benda dah jadi. Apa lagi yang kau tunggu? Kau boleh seronok sekarang, bahagia sekarang, gelak-gelak sekarang. Sedangkan aku, sedih bagai nak mati. Air mata dah tak terkira berapa titik yang jatuh. Macam orang gila kau tau. Tak apa lah. Kau mesti akan dapat balasan satu hari nanti. Benda ni pun, hampir jadi teruk. Aku tak tau apa yang akan jadi. Aku just mampu berdoa, things will be normal back. Amin. Untuk yang berkenaan, aku percaya dengan hukum karma. Kau tau apa tu karma? Kalau faham, bagus. Walaupun aku benci kau, tapi aku tetap berdoa untuk kebahagiaan kau yang sekarang ni. Alhamdulillah lah kan? Kau kan tengah berbahagia sekarang. Sampai adik-adik dia pun kau pegi himpit. Tak malu ke? Nampak sangat kau yang terhegeh-hegeh. Perempuan apa macam ni. Perigi cari timba. Atau dalam bahasa nyata untuk kau, betina cari jantan. End

Wahai hati, sanggup ke kau nak tahan lagi? Tak penat ke bila kau selalu tercalar? Masih nak bertahan lagi?

For someone : Aku bukan tunggul. Aku bukan kayu. Aku pun manusia jugak sama macam kau. Aku penat dengan apa yang jadi sekarang. Aku rasa, aku yang melebih lebih selama ni. Aku diamkan diri. Bila aku dah marah, bila aku dah sedih, baru kau nak terhegeh-hegeh pujuk aku? Dah banyak kali macam ni. Penat aku nak layan. Apa yang aku dah baca, memedihkan hati. Aku tak bagi tau kau lagi, apa salah silap kau. Aku just malas nak terus terang. Kau fikirlah sendiri. Allah dah kurnia kan kau akal. Tau kan nak guna untuk apa? Yes berfikir. That’s right. Thanks for everything anyway. Bila aku rasa, aku dah tenang. Pasti aku maafkan kau. Jangan risau. Aku cepat lembut hati

Wandering without a purpose, searching for a key. The memories u gave me, hurts my heart with a song

First term examination *Day three

Perdagangan and two others were the last people that you had to endure before clock strikes 1p.m. Perdagangan was quite easy but not Science paper. Sucks much! Subjective question. Faham faham sendiri lah. One hour just like 30minutes for me. I don’t have much time to answer all the question. Question at the back, hantam saja !

‘Aim, procedure, tabulation of data, variable. Experiment for a closed circuit and a bulb ‘

*Look at her watch: Lima sepuluh lima belas, WTH ! 5minutes left! Mati*

Erghh I don't care! Forget all those shitss. The holiday is finally here and it's the time for me to relax. Well, nothing much for now. I'm just glad the exam is over for now. All the best for me for the result after this. *Oh mati lagi -.-‘ For everyone too ofcosss. Have a great shityy day yahh!

09 March 2011

First term examination *Day two

I did freaking ass math, bloody EA, and Agama was okayyyyy

Math and EA. All two papers are quite difficult . I’m not confident that I could pass this exam this term. Wish me luck pls :( As for math, actually math is easy. I know I could do better provided a longer time. But it only one hour paper. No extra minutes allowed. EA, belasah saja ! Haha

Tomorrow will be the last day of exam. My last paper is BM, SC, and PD. Okay easy easyyy easyyy hope all this three papers are easy. I can’t wait till the clock strikes 1p.m. Hehe and finally, hoooreeyyy. But during evening time, I have a work to do. Teacher told us to handle badminton selection tournament. With her help ofcos. Main jaga garisan -.-‘

I have no mood to study right now. I don't know why
Status : In holiday mood :)

08 March 2011

First term examination *Day one

Today I woke, knowing there would be English, Sains Sukan and Sejarah exams. Hm I didn't feel nervous or anxious or whatsoever. Sains sukan and Sejarah was too much. A little too much with the structure questions. Faham faham la :( It was only one hour paper. Wasn’t easy at all especially Sejarah. Contained only one essay whish is ‘ just okay ‘. Teacher told me, essay will come out about ‘ agama dan kepercayaan ‘. But then, when I checked it, it was AGAMA DAN KEPERCAYAAN DALAM TAMADUN MESIR PURBA. Wth :’( I haven’t read it yet. I only read Mesopotamia and Hwang Ho :( So I felt a little queesy most of the time.

Today is worst exam day in my life. I was coughing every second and every minute I think. I’m also having flu. It’s really bothering me. I could swear for it. I can never focus while writing papers. Hm

That’s all for today. I better continue reading Agama, EA and do revision for math. I hope I’ll do well and hopefully everyone too :)

01 March 2011

"O Allah, place light in my heart, light in my tongue, light in my hearing, light in my sight, light behind me, light in front of me, light on my right, light on my left, light above me and light below me; place light in my sinew in my flesh, in my blood, in my hair, in my skin, place light in my soul and make light abundant for me; make me light and grant me light. Amin."

Quick post

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night, March :)

It's already March. So far, everything has been great. I've met somethin that changed my life and i've realize loads of things. Yeap in a different ways. I'm pretty much happy and hopefully everyone is too

I’m sorry I’m not gonna type good English here. Still learning, nak cepat, bla bla bla. So today, I’m gonna write about my so-called life in school this year. First, life in school is a freakin rollercoaster ride. Second, homework sangat berlambak. I can swear to god about it! Right now, I just finished writing essay and making some notes about the certain subject. I was like, okay just deal with it! Tomorrow is Wednesday. It’s a meeting day for all the club for sure. There’re hell loads of activities. Some are irrelevant. Well, it's school what do u expect right? I’m not gonna attending tomorrow. SURE! My 4E’s class isn’t bad. I got one big craziness family. They are unique people and not to mention crazy too! *Ahem siapa yg terbaca, jangan marah. LOL

“I keep forgetting to put focus on my to-do list. I keep forgetting to wander and have fun. I know I’m transparent but my insecurities are in all the right places, so go ahead, have a look ”

Till then, Bye :)