29 August 2010

Omaigodness ♥

Killing me softly with his song My heart melts everytime i hear this. This is so much better than Mariah Carey and Archuleta's version. Fucking awesome. His voice is good. Mi laavs chu <3 :)

21 August 2010

When the love has turn into hate <--

This has happened to me. I don’t want to rake up this story but it make me crazayy all the time when I think of it. I’m confuse the hell out of you. That sucks. I hate liars so damn fucking much. Okay I know, everyone will feel it too. It is unresolved emotional baggage. Someone has cheat me with a false story ( no need to tell ). Everything I love was a lie and the bad outweighed the good. Just for your information, I don’t easily get fooled. I’m pretty sure, you’ll regret sooner or later. Sorry for haven’t tell this to you. I’ve no idea plus I don’t have any courage to tell. Like seriously, I do not know what is your reason of this. And actually, my mind has a million question on it. AH whatever. I can’t put my thought into words now until I’m fully ready. Hell man xx

20 August 2010

Slam doors :'(

‘ No one get A’s for English ‘

Well said, I got A’s for English before this. But this time, I couldn’t get it again. I hate novel at the back! It brought my grades down. Actually, I still don’t know what is my grade. Since no one get A’s, I’m hoping to get B. Amen. Starting next term, it will be my final hurdle. Mhm i’m currently a nervous-wreck to get another result. I will receive it next week. Wish me luck ya my fellow friends xx

19 August 2010


Wohoo my exam gonna over. Only 1 paper left. It’s living skills. I hope it isn’t tough ! So after this, I can relax. JUST FOR AWHILE. I need to facing with the PMR this October and the result next week. Occay urm

Getting kicked out :/

I was always bad at math. After failing 6times, I feel so incapable of doing it. I hate myself so much today for procrastinating to study and revise all the title. I’m stuck in Locus and yeap transformation. How could I forgot all the formulae. I’m dead now I’m dead

I think Science is better than maths. I work hard for it. Butt urmm. I misread the instructions on the questions. I don’t wear glasses at that time and yeah I’m farsighted. Couldn’t read that small letters. Omagod ! I’m feeling so much pressure. I’m at the point now and hella too much fucking :’(

14 August 2010

It's tomorrow !

Less than 24hours, i'll sitting for trial PMR. To be honest, i'm not fully ready. Since i'm always heard from my teacher that this trial isn't easy and we have to push ourself and do our best. That's making me worst now. I'm scare if i can't score

Whatever ! Believe in Allah, believe in yourself, Aini ! You're the best more than you know. Best of luck to myself. Amen :)

10 August 2010


Happy Fasting To All My Muslim Friends :]
This holy month is here again x

07 August 2010


To my dear PMR, please don’t come. For the past few months, I heard from my mother’s that PMR would be abolished and same goes to UPSR. So, until now I still doesn’t accept any news and seems like no exam would be abolished. God, please help me. I need to rest my mind

9 more days to go. Trial :'(