27 November 2009

i've no story :D

hey,what's up to all readers? Seriously i dont know what should i write. Anyway now i really envy with college mate. I know, sooner or later i'll be there. I can't wait to enter. To have many friends several race, the same race and around the world (if i goin to international college) LOL. I hate school. I could turns like a ZOMBIE if i see too many assigment in front of me. Too many homework to do. I seriously hate it. What can i do, aye? I have to finished school if i really want to continue my future study. suck babe suck :D Today is HARI RAYA AIDILADHA. I'm really free , to wish all of you SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILADHA. Now is 17:43. Cow, goat and whatever now already die. AIDILADHA this year, i cant eat goat's meat. In case, my place this year, does not buy any cow or got =_________=

20 November 2009


Bored day and its really interesting to write here. Hehe. Anyway, I don’t have many story for today. This November, I’ll be free. But I don’t know how about next month. This December, my schedule will be packed because I have to attend the tution class and I really hate it. I really low in mathematic and science subject. That’s why I have to study it more. Next year, I have to face the hardest examination which is PMR. Omgosh ! I really really hate the hardest. I mean like, UPSR, PMR and the next is SPM. Im pretty sure, everyone also don’t like it. Its really hard aye? Well I know this is my challenge. And I have many challenger outside. And because of that, I have to succeed ! even though I know its really hard to do, but if i'll try my best. That’s not imposibble to get straight A. Try yeah try. And for all PMR candidates next year, do your best. 8A in your hand. YEAH! x)

19 November 2009


Its seriously delicious x)


Yah I miss to write here. LOL x)

Today, I and my mom went to The Mines Wonderland without any early planning. Honestly, I planning to go yesterday. But after i wake up from sleep, I feel so lazy and I decided to go to the next morning. Mommy start to touching and said ‘ I don’t want to go tomorrow. Just go alone. I’m lazy and I just planning to go today. Fullstop! ‘ haha. And I said ‘ its okay’ just cancelled the plan. I can go end of this month with sister. And the next morning, mommy startle me and said ‘ lets go today’ and my eyes’s like this -_- er? Haha. 5min after that, I wake up with the bigger eyes and said ‘ lets go’ I really want to go there because I want to buy my favourite ice cream. The name is Cornetto Sundae ( Chocolate Flavour) its really delicious. You should try it. LOL. At 11am I iron my clothe and going take a bath. After that, im ready to go with my spirit. Haha. We walk in cold weather to go to the bus stop. Waiting for Bus Mini to come in 10min. In Bus Mini, I find my phone, take the handfree and hear some music. Mommy start to babbling. But I don’t hear it. Handfree in ear. How to hear? pity mommmy. Really sorry for that. The same situation also happen when we reach to The Mines. Haha. So much so sorry. Our first location is going to Giant Hypermarket to buy all kind of things. Second location is going to the mcD and buy my fav ice cream that name cornetto sundae. Yummmyyy xD third location is going to foodcourt. Buy Chicken rice. Seriously, I nausea. When I going there, sure I have to buy chicken rice. Eeewww. Lastly, we going to the bus stop again, waiting for Bus Mini and back home

End the story for today x)

18 November 2009

black and white


im still able to smile

I’m still trying to forgive you. What I’ve been through is really hard to forget,love. Now you had your bad day. That’s how im having it before. And you clap for it and your friends. you don’t know how I feel at that time and now you feel it. I can smile now I can laugh. Don’t you ask for forgiveness. Because my answer is NO! im not thinking it off. When I ask you to give me forgiveness, how can you say 'No'? you said I’m prostitute. what the hell are you talking about. Im never expect it. Who’s tell you about this? Let me knowww noww. BLERH I blame your friends. That’s all about him. You leave me and you ruins. Why don’t you tell this news in front of me? Are you scared? Throw away your feeling. Just tell me. Maybe I’ll explain. I know, this’s old story. I don’t have to raking up that old story it. But my heart was still hurt. Only god knows how. Now im able to smile because your heart break. Because of her attitude. When I make a wrong things before this, you post bulletin and status and talk obscenely. But I don’t give a fuck. I cant do anything than silence here. But now, god reply it back. You got the reciprocation. Now I really really glad to see your face. Your bulettin's seriously interesting to read. If your actually reading this which i think your not but well i dont care, atleast im not describing you as a creature and well like you said its my blog and i can blog about anything babe. Enough here. I really dont want to find any problem with you. live your life, LOVE x)

Lets clap your hand, and say YEAH :D

17 November 2009


Thanks so much, love! you give me power that i never had before. i love your nose by the way. thanks for taking picture like this for me. you give me strange. you make me smile. you make my heart fully with happy and love. you've kill my loneliness. i really lurrrvvvee you. yes i do. HAHAHAHA


are you still remember about my entry about P1max? dont trust it again. i already cut my W1max line like w1max song. 'potong!potong!potong!' yes i do. i already cut it. HAHA. seriously slow like tortoise. full signal but hard to click any web. always blank page and my mind also blank. its really kill me. i cant wait to meetin with my streamyx this week x)

im dying

I don’t know what I have to say. For sure, I din expect that before. Why must this situation happen to me? Why? I need an answer. God,please give me the right answer. I just want my 'old' family. I don’t like this new family. Sometime,I feel stupid. I do appreciate you before. I tell anyone, you’re really good. Very very good person. But at last, I got this! Changing all your appearance, attitude because of love. You make me disappointed. How sad me god. You are the only one who know how my heart break. You break my heart. You make my heart broken. If I have strange, ill be outspoken. But I don’t have it. God, I hope this feeling will go away. I don’t know how to face it again. Today was my very very bad day. For this few days, my tears cant stop to falling down. Only god knows what my feeling inside. I cry because I angry. That’s not about sadly story. I don’t know what I have to do. And cry is the right way. I still thinking, where I have to go to release tension. Mommy always support you for this. Ya I know, before this mommy always support me. But that is different than this. Wake up please wake up! Please open your eyes mommy. I don’t have strange to tell you this. God, give my old siblings please. I don’t like this new. And by the way, I never trust you again. Back off ! I don’t like you. I know, im not a good person. But that was not wrong if I tell you which is good, and which is bad. Is up to you if you wanna hear or not. Just take you finger and put it to your ear. I don’t have any strange to face you. Just get the hell out. God never hate me. One day, ill wearing it. Just wait and see. You’re seriously meant to me. I don’t bloody care, what you’ll say again. You are seriously annoying. You are seriously FAKE! Before this, I love the way you treat me. You give me support. I do appreciate. You treats me very meanly. But now just like tje rain wash it away. I cant do anything. Thanks for your ending support before. I really really and seriously appreciate. Thanks so much. But what I really really have to do now is pray for your life. wish you happily ever and forever and wish you had your nice day there,love. god must wash this feeling* sorry for start complaining now.

14 November 2009

P1max vs Streamyx

Streammy come next week and Beyond losttttttttt x)


school holiday've been come now. i really dont know where to go. village? hangout? midvalley,the mines,amcorpmall is my place. dont give me any typical place like bukit bintang,pavillion or sg way. i hate teenagers there. i hate thier costum. arrogant! i miss Taman Jaya. sweet place,beautiful. not such a sorry sight. there's good place for jogging. playing badminton. 70cent if wanna go there by using putra LRT from Universiti station x) promote*

07 November 2009

trailer 2012

i'll watch after exam done. Seriously i cant wait to watch it. Watch the trailer babe xxx


Rest In Peace Grandpa 2004

Rest In Peace Grandma 2005

Rest In Peace Aunt 2006

People cant stop leave me for 3years

I dont know what i have to say

million tears out from this eyes

I hope, no one will leave me again after this

eventhou i know, every human will die...


i remind my mind about when i fail in midterm 5months ago. That's really scared because i really confidence, i'll win in midterm. But....

When my babe friends ask,I say it dont matter, the fact is my lifes in tatters. I tell my mom, but she just silent there. I dont know how i can fail because i try harder. No one know. I hate mathematic. Are this's reason why? But i try to love it when i do exercise. Its working. Livin life as though im a real brother
Playin on street corners as a playa, Knowin really inside I've got more layers
'I was wrong sir' I say to the only teacher in my life worth a single prayer
He's in real difficult times with his child gone, thats worst than bein disowned
He had to listen to her last moan, dead shes all alone, a weeps her last tone
I'll survive cuz I read this book once bout this kid who survived a broken home
I feel so alone. The next day, midterm's come. I try to the the best. When the result out, i see and i said Whats happened has happened ! i try to do my best x( oh my god. Give me cigarette while i sad now. I want to release tension. Give me! I need to be ME. A rapist a killer a drug dealer livin overseas with eight wifeys cuold be me. Jus me, wiv my very own destiny. One exam Im talkin like my lifes over, made a mistake I need to act older. This is over dont worry about this kid I got all. I need in this bag I got illegally. Ye thats right I'll kick this life like everyone else who ever got ahead. Mum told me to leave 'U got nothin no-one wants' well then I'll be like u said 'Nothin' but a fucked up human makin this world a worce place to tred.

This is'nt one of my life experiences, I wanted to get completely out of character

Now, Final examination come. Tomorrow, i have to change my character to the nerd human. I try to read book that i dislike. I try babe i try x) (fake smile)

pity baby

Go and Rest In Peace Babe. Go to the heaven <3


Mommy, i dont know why just now i really appreciate you. Thanks for make me born in this world. My words cant even describe how i thanks so much to you. Even now is not mother's day. But i will write. I dont really care. Appreciate mom's not only when mother's day come, but for sure everyday we have to appreciate her. She make us born. Thanks mommy. I grew up everyday. Thanks again. You gimme alot of love. Without you, i cant feel how sweet love in world and i never knew whats the meaning of love. But you did it. You give me know. I Love You more than words i can say. Thanks and thanks. I dont know, how i can thanks again to you. Sorry i cant say this in front of you. Im shy but i just want you to know, i do really appreciate you. Sorry because i cant tell you this xx mommy

lotsa hugs&kisses

babe modem x)

Oh yeah. Today i got my new modem ( how to spell? )I've change my broadband from maxis to P1 W1max. Seriously, this modem was much more Fast even Rm49 x) i just want to promo to all of you. Lets start to change your broadband to P1 W1Max x) That's really nice and goog ! but i dont know soon. Rm49 only babe. RM49 only yeah x)

06 November 2009


I wish i can get the best result ever. But im not really hope my wishes will come true. Because i know, if i cant get it, ill dissapointed the most =(


This's songs that i adore so much. choooseee xD

Top 24 English

1. Lenka-Trouble is a friend

2. Black Eyed Peas- Bom Bom Pow

3. Down - Jay Sean Ft. Lil Wayne

4. Westlife - Queen Of My Heart

5. Kelly Clarkson - Already Gone

6. Jazon Mraz - Love For A Child

7. Hey There Delilah

8. Ciara Ft Justin Timberlake - Love And S--e-x-y And Magic

9. Darin Zanyar - Be What You Wanna Be.

10. David Archuleta Miley Cyrus-I Wanna Know You

11. flyleaf - flyleaf - all around me

12. HilaryDuff _someones watching over me

13. Jordin Sparks - Battlefield

14. my lips like sugar

15. Pitbull - I Know You Want Me

16. Ryan Cabrera - 10 - With You Gone

17. Taylor Swift-You belong with me

18. The Ataris - My Reply

19. When It Was Me

20. Westlife - Flying Without Wings

21. Only One- yellowcard

22. Hey Monday -Candles

23. Still Believe In Love

24.Thats When I Love You- Ashlyn


Top 6 Screamo, Metal, Death Metal xD

1. Eyes Set To Kill - Heights.mp3

2. Cradle Of Filth- The Death Of Love

3. Cradle Of Filth- Nymperthamine

4.  All That Remains- A Song For The Hopeless

5. The Distillers- For Tonight You're Only Here To Know

6. King Of The Carnival Creation

Top 9 Malay

1. Melda Ahmad- Kimia

2. Stacy- Pakai Buang

3. St12- Saat Terakhir

4. Samsons- Tak Bisa Memiliki

5. St12- Aku Masih Sayang

6. Wali- Egokah Aku

7. Wali- Baik Baik Sayang

8.D'Masiv- Merindukanmu

9. Bau- Warkah

Top 10  Nasyid =)

1. Hidayah- Desi Ratnasari

2. Hikmah

3. Doa Taubat

4. Astaghfirullah- Marshanda

5. Jalinan- Unic

6.NowSeeHeart- Damai Yang Hilang

7. Opic- Alhamdullilah

8. Opic- Taqwa

9. Ungu- sesungguhnya

10- Ungu- Surgamu

baby step

She start to taking her baby step to win in her final examination. Start to study hard. Start to read book that she dislike. Focus on Paper.  She try to be a good pupil And Her Lover will start to clap including all babe friends. She dont really care if she got first, second,third or whatsoever number in class. As long as she got the best result than before.  She never play in final examination anymore. That's what she want. She try to leave her G class. And going to the best class. If god willing. amen

Love for a child

I give you love for a child lyrics by Jason Mraz <3
There's a picture on my kitchen wall
Looks like Jesus and his friends involved
There's a party getting started in the yard
There's a couple getting steamy in the car parked in the drive
Was I too young to see this with my eyes?

By the pool last night, apparently
The chemicals weren't mixed properly
You hit your head and then forgot your name
And then you woke up at the bottom by the drain
And now your altitude and memory's a shame

What about taking this empty cup and filling it up
With a little bit more of innocence
I haven't had enough, it's probably because when you're young
It's okay to be easily ignored
I like to believe it was all about love for a child

And when the house was left in shambles
Who was there to handle all the broken bits of glass
Was it mom who put my dad out on his ass or the other way around
Well I'm far too old to care about that now

What about taking this empty cup and filling it up
With a little bit more of innocence
I haven't had enough, it's probably because when you're young
It's okay to be easily ignored
I'd like to believe it was all about love for a child

It's kinda nice to work the floor since the divorce
I've been enjoying both my Christmases and my birthday cakes
And taking drugs and making love at far too young an age
And they never check to see my grades
What a fool I'd be to start complaining now

What about taking this empty cup and filling it up
With a little bit more of innocence
I haven't had enough, it's probably because when you're young
It's okay to be easily ignored
I'd love to believe it's all about love for a child

It was all about love..

Lets Start To Sang Along <3

Its so touch =)

The feeling in his voice in this version has just totally blown me away. I love pretty much everything ive ever heard from this man but this is totally amazin. Jason, its very touch my heart eventough i have no story inside this song. That's One of the Greatest Song im hear. I am amazed Jason can play this without breaking down. It Kills me every time I hear it. His honesty and courage to make the best of life without self pity is the true beauty of this mystical melody. I cry everytime i hear it. This's old songs and Amazing song. Why hasn't it ever aired on the radio??