16 December 2011


Words aren’t enough to explain what family means to me.

I just can’t put it into words. I was looking through a photos of my family. I realized how the years have changed us all in so many ways. For some things, I remembered still of all the things we shared. Especially when everybody was still a kids. An innocent young kids. Remembering the good times of childhood, spending time with one another has always been an integral part with family. But as time goes by, and as we grown up, there’s no such thing like ‘together’ again. Everybody is so busy with their studies and job. I wish them to have right beside me everyday is hard. Oh well nothing you can do with that. I found this on someone’s blog.

‘The thought of family was the best thought in the world’

Really? We’ve been through a lot in life and I’ve been through emotional journey in these few days. I stumble to find the words right now. Please bear with me. I believe that every family is going to have problem. Who doesn’t? You? Oh biggest lie! Somebody told me that, issues are not always a bad thing. Only a small burden you have to go through. Problem, burden, obstacle make us strong and stronger. For one day, I know things will be different. I can still smile all the time, laugh, share fun times

Nothing ever happened

01 December 2011

Welcome December!

Yeah 11 months have flown by. December gonna take November place. So goodbye baby November! Well for sure, we have loads of memories together. We’ll meet again next time occayy! :’D

So hi readers! Here I’m here again with my post. So lately, I’ve not been blogging cause it often takes up too much time for me to blog. But tonight, however, both of my conditions and emotions seem to be present and here I am again. Gonna writing down some things that have been on my mind now. Yeah!

Err so recently, I quite love the life I have now. No so but still love. It so-called lifeless life! Staying up late, playing computer games hanging out with friends. Well what more can I say for that? Sounded so great for me. I’m not always like this. I guess everybody too. So when I got to be in holidays, I just thought of something relaxing. Like this! This feeling is comforting yet awkward for me. Why? Well almost a year, you live together with school, home works pilled up like a mountain, get up early. I have struggled with these things ever since high school. Just like my previous post. How much I love this life now, it makes me miss my high school so much right now. I really miss talking to people and have deep conversations. I feel like crying now cause I haven’t found someone who I can have soul talk with. To be honest, I don’t want to be in school again but uh well. School can be so boring yet exciting. Why? Cause of your friends! There’re still loads of mixed feelings within me now.

4 weeks run faster please! It's feels almost surreal that I'll be starting my last year of school next year. As a form 5. Walawehhh SPM maaaaa! Mom couldn’t believe that!

‘Eh adik dah nak masuk Form 5. Tapi kenapa pendek? Macam tak percaya je’