26 June 2011


School is torture as always. And my school was awesome and crazy fun as well. Of course that happen when you have my 6 friends. Encouraged and kacau you guys non stop! So today, my class was not really good. I was trying to figure out what the hell with those sport science thingy. I don’t really understand even a little. I’ve been cracking my head for 1 hour in my class. And teacher told us that, if we fail our next exam, YOU BETTER DROP! Let me bold, BETTER DROP! -.-‘ I ended with whatever. Just see what’s going on with our next exam. In her class, I don’t know what should I do. But then, I began to doodle something and full-length poem of crap suddenly come out of my head. Here’s the poem

Sport science oh sport science
Teacher talking in front of the class
Babbling like a mother
Teaching like a professor
Don’t you see my expression here?

To the subject,
You just spoiling my mood
Wasting my time and haunting me
I feel so sleepy right here
The rain outside just hit my bone
I’m cold and I wanna sleep

Lemme rest for a while
My brain was stuck in a moment
Couldn’t receive any data
And heyyy,
It wasn’t doing any better

It was 10.10 am right now
30 Minutes to go
Please fly so fast
As I was here waiting for the recess time

Marilah kita tidur


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