29 November 2012


I woke up with so many issues on twitter lately. Yes that blue birds is so dirty. There’s a case about “potong” thingy on my timeline yesterday. Seems that the guy had been hacked or he tried to increase his followers. Uh I don’t understand. I guess there’s a conspiracy behind this all. Kerap giler kot ada je “attention seeker” ni. I guess their account had been controlled by the same person! Wallahualam. I’m scrolling my timeline almost every seconds. Seeing the people keep updating their tweet with a harsh words. Please. If you wants to nasihat somebody, berkesan ke dengan ayat mencarut awak yang hebat sangat tu? Don’t trust what you see easily guys. Be positive. Maybe there’s somebody wanting to bring em’ down by their tweets. Fikir balik setiap account diorang. They created their account on 27 and on 28 they started to tweet something yang agak macam “seeking for attention”. They are! You guys don’t have to bash em’. Uh man, I laugh. Stop being so stupid would ya? I miss the days when I first created my account. I don’t see any Malaysian and uh well it’s boring. And now we’re all using it, and it’s kinda boring again. Let’s go back to Myspace? Myspace is so heavy now….. Poor you Tom. 

P/s: To my followers on twitter, my tweets increase whenever I watch a football match. sorry for any inconvenience. Muahaha chill lah. It’s AFF SUZUKI CUP timeee whutsss. Im a lil bit emotions whenever I watch em’ play. Especially yesterday. Hahaha I can’t wait for this Saturday. Malaysia gonna beat Indonesia. This is so exciting….


Sometimes, I wish I could start over everything, including us. Like, how I wish! But I knew we couldn’t change everything. Benda dah jadi. What humans can do, ayte? I should have stopped trying to find the answers. All the whys, hows, I should leave them unanswered. Tak baik macam ni. Benda dah lepas kan can we just forget it and let it be forgotten forever? My problem now is you, only you. Kau tak boleh terima imperfections langsung. Weh, we all have flaws in ourself. Allah is the creator, and he create us in so many ways you know. Kalau semua dilahirkan sempurna, takde siapa yang berusaha untuk jadi yang lebih sempurna. So do us. No matter how hard you try to stop things from happening or rush things to happen, you can't fight fate, right? #SelfNote

I’m here. I’m always here for us. I’m ready to be your best “sister”, your listener, your shoulder. I’m willing to share anything with ya this time. I don’t want us to be strangers again. Time heals everything. I know right. But this scars in our heart seems to be deeper and deeper everyday. I mean, I hate every single thing about us this few days. I admit it was my mistake. I was blind at that time. I can’t see things clearly and how much it can effects my life. Can you please act like you don’t care about everything anymore? Act like we don’t even have a problem together? Like how it supposed to be. All egos aside, it honestly hurts. You can’t blame me alone. I want US. The OLD us. Ya Allah, bring back the old times. Lemme fix everything and trying to be better again. There's absolutely nothing I can do to make it happen. Only Allah can help us. Only him.

I don't want to remember the past. i don't live there anymore. Stop dragging me back to where we were so naive and such fools. You know the consequences. I'm not gonna get hurt. You are. So lets forgive and forget.

I know it’s hard……


In case you're wondering, I'm doing fine right here, at this very moment, at this time. I can’t wait for 5 and 6 December. Lets welcoming “freedom” in my life. To those who have finished their payyyper, congrats! I mean, congrats you’ve finally break a wall in your life. Don’t check you answers *tips*, don’t regret for what you’ve done. Remember you have done your best and let Allah do the rest. I pray for the best result for me and of course, beloved 95’s mates.

I have a seven-day break before my last exams on the 6th of December, and that is like the longest break, so I can take one day off to do something not for my exams. Yes, blogging. This study break killing me cause I don’t have the guts do do anything. I mean, my efforts to study Is so bad y’know. I’m tired of being a lazy bum! Ya Allah. Your spm isn’t over yet you know?! You haven’t done your war yet you know?! You haven’t complete your stage 1 in your life yet you know?!  REALIZE THAAAAT! :(

I'm here, lying awake. Bye.

13 November 2012

SPM/Examination break

I’m currently having my study week. It’s actually a break for Deepavali but let’s just say it’s our study week! I’m not using my time very wisely to study for my two exams next week tho. Haiz anybody pls slap me on my face pls. “Procrastination”. This attitude of mine is hard to get rid of. Yes, since I was a child. Hell yes I’ve been reminded for countless time to finish up everything early and on time but I always ending up getting my work done at the very last minute. I’m sure some of you guys too right? Well that is not a problem for me. As long as there is still time for me to do so.

So my first zombie week had ended last week! 4 subjects in a row killing me so badly. B.Melayu and English was just fine although I’m not having enough time to do my essay. History……. Uhm. Mathematics was just fine too. I can’t believe that I can focus and answer all the questions and finished on time! Is it a good sign for me? InshaAllah. After this holidays ends, I’m going to face 5 more papers. Which is Agama Islam, Science, Perdagangan, Economic and Sport Science. Economic on 6th December. 6 December is the last day of SPM. While everybody are happy and I’m still sitting for economic subject on the last day. Muahahaha how it feels eh?

But then………
I’m free :D
I saw many form 5 schoolmates posted statuses and tweets about leaving school. Guess they’re so excited to finish their school and SPM. I questioned myself about this. Am I ready or not? Am I ready to leave my school, my school uniform, my heavy bag? A part of me wants to graduate so badly, another part of me thinks that memories in high school are the sweetest and I can’t leave everything. Never mind


P/s: Happy Dewali to all Indians! So yesterday I saw many of us mad as hell about the sound of the fireworks, ‘Mercun’ and everything. Can you pls accepting other cultures and not being a racist? They’re celebrating it on their special day. While us bulan puasa sebulan pun sebulan memekak. When it comes to Deepavali it’s forbidden? C’mon la.