23 April 2011

I'm like a puzzle with lost pieces.

I have breathed the air surrounding the earth, trodden the land that covers the earth and seen the beauty and disasters on this earth for fifteen years and 10 months. Alhamdulillah, god still gimme a chance to breath :) What about you guys?

Confession / It’s official:

I don’t like school. I feel that my studies isn't doing any better either now. For years I have tried so hard to force my heart and myself to like school. And motivate myself, everything would be okay, school is fun. But still, it has not been okay even a little. I think, school is not the place for me to learn. Don’t get me wrong. I just realised that i need a new place to learn. I was bored at the same place. I don't know how. I don't know what to do anymore. What should I do now is, calm down and study -_________-

And and and I am losing interest in almost everything else. I think the things that haven't changed much now are my self esteem and my laziness. Yes laziness! Especially now. I’m in Form 4 already. My laziness is very extreme. Please help me in this regard -_________-


22 April 2011



I read all my older posts! 2009, I had written that when i was young * Eh muda ke? :P

I was mortified when I read them again. But i'd be absolutely more mortified if anyone read them! Guysss guyss ghosttt gheesss, pls don't ever click my older post too much kay? Hahaha! I laughed myself to tears when i read. What a bad words, statements, colorful imagination I had :P

Please don't blame me. I wrote that when i was fourteen. The powers of the mind are always test me! Tooo manyy idea crossing my mind everyday. Everything that happened on that day, i didn't forget to write and told everyone about my storiieess

I’ve written so many in a day. Without even read, Check the spellings, grammar, past present test back. LOL Hahahaha ayat berterabur siottt :D

But through my laughed time, there's a smile on my face. It actually how i miss those time when i wrote my stories. Wait, *cryyyy :')))

Oh wait, I'm speechless

No idea

Lately, I don't feel like blogging anymore because I feel like there's nothing interesting, not secretive and not sensitive to type about. No inspiration, bad english, bla bla bla, insert typical excuses here. Because I’m lazy I think? Oh yes just maybe or yes perhaps. If there is, I would probably forget about it when I'm actually planning to blog about it. Cause its like everyday I’ll login to this lovey dover bloggeyy but then I ended up, hm what I’m gonna write? Kay sign out back. Hahaha I hate it when that happens. If I were to type about my secrets and feelings, it won't be a secret anymore and I don't want anyone to feel sympathy. I just wanted to tell everybody how I feel. Expresses with writing :)

So today, I’m not going to school. As for you to know, This week was filled with unsatisfaction and anger. My classmate was fed up with the homework already. Ofosss so do i. 10homeworks left. My mission – Settle in 2days. Goooooo gooo!

P/s : One second thought, i hate pens. Cikgu, boleh saya tulis pakai pencil tak?

It really isn't that I'm immature. I just get hurt so easily

Dear babe, the pain is inside. Can I just smile? :’)

My wounds are deeper then the flesh, my wounds are embedded deep in my heart, my mind

My feelings get hurt so easily. You don’t believe me? So try it now. Try to hurt me so deeply now so u can see my reaction right after that. I’m wayyyy to sensitive even with the small thingy. So now, I really really need someone to teach and lemme know how to express our feeling. But anyway, I'd try to find a way to talk to that person without being creepy. I like to keep my feelings. As you should know, the pain is inside. It ate my heart now. I always try to motivate myself not to take everything in a negative way and in the same time, I’ll try to convince myself I’m okay. But actually i’m not. Dear god, How many tears should fall down?
How many tears must fall ? How many tears will stain this ground ? Why am I born to be someone who is so sensitive? I cry easily. Oh I mean VERY. I can swear for that. The heartbreaking part, I’m afraid . So many thoughts. Racing, racing, racing. 90 miles to nothing

Once again, things aren’t looking good again. Unforeseen things happened, and have delayed you in getting the ticket. I’m tired

How beautiful! *Just want to calm to calm the heart :')))