16 October 2012


SPM is indeed in 20 more days. Is it true? Less or more than that? I just knew that from twitter. Am I look like someone who doesn’t even care about the real exam? I don’t exactly count the days. One word, fear. I’ve done with my trial and I’ve already got my result. Don’t ask me what I get, how’s my mathematics, and my grades or else I’ll kill you guys now. Suddenly remember about somebody. He says *kantoi gak lelaki :p* “Kalau markah bagus tu cepat je bagi tau. Kalau tak bagus tu bukan main diam membisu” This is funny. Real funny. Hahahahahaha SOOO MEEE.

One moment we realize that we have one week and a half of no school. This’s the chance for us to use our time since spm is getting so near. Minutes by minutes we’ll reach to 5 November. This is stressing me out. I don’t want to mention this date but it keeps lingering on my head. ‘Not ready yet’ Are you kidding me? Forever will be ‘not ready’ but until when this ‘not ready’ keep haunting you.  Imagine if we’re sitting for SPM tomorrow…… Still not ready? Shoot your head and die in the hall.

Tomorrow is a school day. How time flies. One week and a half of no school, and the next thing I realize now is tomorrow is a school day back. This laziness and boredom strike me again. Syaitan banyak betul keliling ni. As we’re getting near and ready to something big, the more this laziness striking us. Even if I’m not ready, now I have to be ready. I hope I do. InshaAllah. Allah will be with us.

I am now waiting for the High School Graduation Day this Saturday. I could hear everyone talking about this Saturday. Hot topic. You guys are so pretty excited to graduate from high school. This 20th October, will be our last gathering. It seemed like yesterday I started my high school and tried looking for classes. Asking someone for help with my dad. Memories. I will miss you guys, start from now.

P/s: I hate wishes. I hate “Goodluck and All the Best”. You give my goosebumps. Whatever it is, goodluck to you guys who are taking final year exams, SPM is coming way too soon. Goodluck and beat the rest.

Kill all the lazy worms! Chaiyok ^^