27 May 2010

Older case come again

I expected about it earlier. At first, I hope my expected were wrong and hope it wouldn’t happened. So unfortunate that it happened today. I wasn’t shocked even just a lil bit. This case is the most famous case. Urm about people that always copy other’s answer easily. I think you are stupid and totally stupid. Why you’re not revising earlier? Why you’re not readin’ book? Ahhhh whateverlah. I always try to nottt nott nott thinking about this. But I can’t. I felt so unsatisfied when the teacher said that you did a good job. You got the best mark and other was failed. Can you felt how I felt at that time? My heart aching and I felt so angry. I wanna scream and said ‘ They copied answer to one another. Don’t judge. We did a good job, and studying consistently. Maybe this time wasn’t the time to got the best mark. So, the conclusion now is, Nobody Pass in examination this time !

24 May 2010

This is sooo sad :( I hate this video abit because i couldn't stop crying :'( This show that animal too can care and have love to one another. Please watch :'(
This blog is like partially dead and i'm sorry for that. HAHA Goodbye readers xxx

Stress me out

I’m not study yet for my examination :( Last weekend, I just focused on my folio. I’ve no time to open and looked at my book. Seriously, I feel like dying L I know, it’s my fault because I’m not revising earlier. I don’t know how to study actually. At the same time, I’ve got too many homework that i need to do. Yesterday, I was rampaged the fridge.This exam really make me stress plus I’ve got news from my teacher today. She said that this exam really tough and we had to study hard for this. So yes, I need to do as much work as I can in the short amount of time that I have. Only 2days left before the exam start. Exam is a challenge and I need to fight with others in class. It’s killing me L

I’m actually really feel unwell now. I don’t know it’s just stress or I’m ill =___________=

Whatever it is, good luck to those who will having their exam. Please wish me luck too :]


I’ve submit my ‘ folio sejarah ‘ today. Gladly, my folio wasn’t bad like some people did. My teacher only give 1week for all us to settle this folio. I just settle it in 2days ! I’m too rush for this folio because I’ll having my examination this week :]

19 May 2010


I just realized I hate my friends at my school. Most of them are totally dumbass. I kinda felt this way since February. I don’t have any good friend. What I have is only ENEMY. There are so many haters around me. They come from HELL

I feel like my friend ignore me every chance in life. They won’t shared any secret with me though they call me as their ‘ bestfriendship’ So, now I wanna askin’ you. What’s the friend mean without sharing anything? Secret or whatever. I always try to be the best. BEST FRIEND you ever met. But it doesn’t working

Better i keep myself alone now. I’m so use to having my own world in my head to think and resolve my problems that when i am with someone i have nothing to say or talk about. I still can stand up without friends and with so many haters around. I won’t die if I don’t have friends. Family is everything :]

18 May 2010

16 MAY 2010

Okay who knows what’s the special on this date? Put up your hand ! :P 16Mei is Teacher’s Day. Sorry for late post this entry. I was really busy ! So, do you give any present to your teacher? As I know, the only typical gift is a frame. Haha. I can’t forget when I was in primary school. I’ll give a frame to all my teachers. This’s the famous gift :P But for me, ‘ gift ‘ isn’t important. The best gift is we show our best mark to our teacher. Gift doesn’t mean anything, aye? :]

10 May 2010

Great time ♥

Petrosains, KLCC is the best ! I love this place and planning to go once again. If god willing :] I arrived around 9. So unfortunate that petrosains opened around 9.30am. So, we had to waited around 30minute. We weren’t bored because we could take some picture as the memories. We had so much fun there. Actually, I plan to uploaded picture and video onto my facebook also this blog yesterday. But there had something problem. So, video and picture will posted up soon XDD

Dumbass !

For girl, why you always posting/taking picture with your boobs or whatever half exposed? It doesn’t make you sexier ! You aren’t hot and you are totally dumbass ! I think, that all aren’t great picture for all of you to taking. We have so many way how to taking a great picture. You can search in google or whatever you want. If you still don’t know how to SEARCH, you can ask me and I’ll teach you how to taking picture. I just feel you all are so pathetic. Don’t you think that when you show off those ‘ hotters ‘ picture, you just make guys turn into perverts? They will say or post comment by saying obscene words? Well said, it suck !

07 May 2010

Dear Friend,

My friend in facebook getting hit to the number of 5thousand. So this mean that I’m about to de-friend you from my personal facebook. I’ll completely avoid someone forever. 5000 is the limit Facebook allows. I know, people will thinking I’ve snubbed them. What I write now, is the reason why. I don’t want to create more than one account. So, I have to delete friend later on when it reach to 5thousand. My apologies xxx

03 May 2010


It’s about bloody time ! I’ve decided to feel free of the resentment. But it’s harder to accomplish. Yeah actually I’m still learning how to forgive people’s mistake. I just can’t stand in the angry feeling anymore. Urm it’s started when I’m ready for waiting the bus. One of my friend’s sister told that my bus had go and leave us. I don’t think so because I saw the bus. But I’m not so sure whether it’s my bus or not. What if we just wait or went to that bus to ensure? Okay I admit that my heart sooo HOT HOT HOT !! Almost 2times we walk so far away. Don’t you tired? We surely wrong. Our bus had not leave us. But it’s because you was so scare if you not arrived to school. Please sister ! I am so tired. I’m hoping that you won’t do this mistake anymore. Learn from today’s case okay :]