30 June 2011

A bunch of lala

Had to entertain an idiot. Knowing you is a big problem to us. Please, make up your mind first before made any speculation and think first before you speak. Every words that may come out from you would be a problem. Do you know that? And do you care about that? Nearly separate us once. I love them as much as I love my family. And I hate you as much as I hate a dog. You just like a dork bark. Bark for no reason. I was like, OMG! That can be annoying to me. Go get the hell out. You just makes me laugh till i feel like crying. Seriously, hey do you know that? Well, my purpose to write this cause I don’t think that I can tahan anymore. Though I still fragile, but well I have to write. Just wait till that day come and you’ll get what you really deserve. To the freaks I’m talking about now ( Even though I don’t think you actually read this ) but, well I don’t care

Revaluation. No, things have changed!

Do you remember when you were still a kid?
Do you know how good it feels?

1. When your mommy and daddy still hold your hand while walking in the road and walking to your class. To think of that time when you could let your hair long and not worry to have a haircut. I just remember when daddy said don’t cut your hair. Let it long let it long! I listen to daddy said as well. When I’m in standard 1, on the first day, teacher said to all the students to draw some cute/funny pictures. That time when mommy still in my side. Stood beside the window watching me in the class. I said, ‘Mommy, pls came quickly and help me’ Mommy said, ‘ Draw by your own. You’re 7 years old. Still young and could learn everything now’ I listen to mommy said as well. But now, we no longer gonna listen to them. No, things have changed!

2. When you had a bunch of good friends when you were still a kid and when you were in primary school. We cry and play together everyday. We’ll asked daddy or mommy to bring them along wherever we go. Hey yes, I did it when I was a kid! Experienced and spending some quality time with my friend every minute. But as time goes by, we’re gonna get new new new and new friend each year. Old friendships that stood the test of time in primary school/kid were broken and new ones were forged. Do you realize that? No, things have changed!

3. When you were still in kindergarten and primary school, learning is our best time in a day. We respect teacher as our parents. Love them as we love our own mommy/daddy. Listen to them whatever they gonna said. But sadly, we no longer treat our teachers now with the respect that we gave to our old teachers. Replace it with the other thing. I HATEEE THIS TEACHER SO MUCH. You realize that? Good. No, things have changed!

Well, don’t tell me you never did that. You’re a big liar! I admit, I was one of that. I know that, we thought love would last forever. But things have changed. All of this happen when we were still a kid, when we were naive. Not now! :( We rebelled more than we did before. It felt good to defy someone. How I wish, I could change things. Wished that we less fighting and more listening. Well, it’s all by ourself. Reevaluate all of the things we did now. Fikir

" Sometimes I wish I could just be a little kid again. So when life gets tough you can just play pretend. I wanna go back to when Santa did exist. When your daddy was the only boy you ever kissed. When Disney World was the best place to be. When the only movies you could see were rated G. When your biggest problem was learning to write your name and people didn't change and your friends were the same. And every time you were sad or you had a bad day. You could just run to mommy and it would all be okay. I wanna go back to no hurt and no pain... just laughter. When everyone always lives happily ever after "

28 June 2011

Something soooo

So firstly, I wanna start with errr okay I’m gonna introduce to you guys my 7 gila kentang friends!

1. Hidayu Saharudin
2. Ros Amalina Ros Suhaimi
3. Fadila Moran
4. Nur Aini Hassan
5. Syahirah Kamaruzaman
6. Nurul Ain Ibrahim
7. Juwairiah Che Dhapat

( Eh asal aku tiba2 bold nama korang ni? Tak rasa honor ke? :P )
Amaran keras : Sila ingat nama2 mereka ini jika anda mengenali mereka dengan lebih mendalam. Di dalam erti kata lain, lebih rapat. Something bad gonna happen. Baik jauh2. This’s a warning!

They were the mastermind of today’s case. Terima Kasih banyak banyak yang tak terhingga dan tiada tahap untuk semua hadiah anda ye. I’m so terharu here! 16 tahun hidup dan this is the first time dapat present sebegini. What’d you expect guys? Mesti fikir benda yang paling special kan? Of course lah special. Here’s the pic

Seeee. Benda pertama yang mungkin akan terlintas di fikiran anda ( Bukan saya )

‘ Hadiah yang kecil tu mesti gelang tak pun cincin ‘
‘ Yang panjang hijau tu mungkin perfume, kasut, ataupun sebaliknya ‘
‘ Yang besar tu of course lah baju. Baju dalam? Barangkali ‘

Jadi, mari membuka ketiga tiga hadiah tersebut

(scroll down)

(scroll down)



Secara kebetulan!

Sikat : Sikat kecilku baru sahaja hilang ( Terima kasih bagi sikat )
Sabun : Aku suka sabun tu! Fav kot ( Terima kasih bagi sabun )
Spongebob! : Ni aku taktau nak buat apa. Bagi kucing main je ( Terima kasih bagi spann )
Minyak gamat : Tau tau je. Rumah aku dah berkurun takde gamat. Mak bapak aku mesti suka ada yang baru ( Terima kasih bagi minyak gamat )
Ubat gigi : Haaa yang ni rugi. Aku baru je beli kat giant dohhh. Siap dapat free gift mangkuk lagi
Kotex 28cm overnight : Aku dah nak period! Thanks!

Overjoy! Over excited! And wtv i just too over!

The clocks tick slowly. As steadily as it ticks the minutes and the hours, the years go by. And awhhh how time flies! I just turned sixteen years old today! Alhamdulillah :) People keep telling me ‘ You’re getting old ‘ is 16 sounded so old? LOL! You guys hit me like a brick wall. I were still a teen :P My number of age increasing one by one each year. It’s increasing! To tell you the truth, I’m terrified. Fear for my future. Wondering what god has planned out for me. Will I be one of the most best people? Only god has the answer for it. Anyway, of course I’m happy today. I love my birthday and mom always told me that I don’t have to be so happy

‘ Birthday awak tu tak besar sangat pun dik. Announce macam birthday agung pulak -.-' '

Mom don’t understand me. The date of my birth day is where I feel like I’m so special, I’m happy. Unusual things will happen. Yearn to turn back and return to a time where everything was much simpler. The joy was very pure. Nothing much to worry about. Kan kan? I wanted to be a kid again.Hahaha anyway,

A bunch of thanks to you guys who just wished my birthday


1 . Don't love yourself too much
2. Be strict where ever you are
3. Be smart with money

26 June 2011


School is torture as always. And my school was awesome and crazy fun as well. Of course that happen when you have my 6 friends. Encouraged and kacau you guys non stop! So today, my class was not really good. I was trying to figure out what the hell with those sport science thingy. I don’t really understand even a little. I’ve been cracking my head for 1 hour in my class. And teacher told us that, if we fail our next exam, YOU BETTER DROP! Let me bold, BETTER DROP! -.-‘ I ended with whatever. Just see what’s going on with our next exam. In her class, I don’t know what should I do. But then, I began to doodle something and full-length poem of crap suddenly come out of my head. Here’s the poem

Sport science oh sport science
Teacher talking in front of the class
Babbling like a mother
Teaching like a professor
Don’t you see my expression here?

To the subject,
You just spoiling my mood
Wasting my time and haunting me
I feel so sleepy right here
The rain outside just hit my bone
I’m cold and I wanna sleep

Lemme rest for a while
My brain was stuck in a moment
Couldn’t receive any data
And heyyy,
It wasn’t doing any better

It was 10.10 am right now
30 Minutes to go
Please fly so fast
As I was here waiting for the recess time

Marilah kita tidur



Currently stuck in a situation where I'm fearing the possibilities of many things. Haihh well, today is one of those day where nothing else in my mind. I just want to get out all of this. Saying bla bla and whatever. I’d always sacrifice myself for things. I’m idiot! Currently thinking about how unfair things seems to be. It just doesn't seem fair to me. Do you understand me? Huh that's how I really feel right now. My mind is everywhere. Can I ask you guys something?

How does it feel when you go through the first heartbreak?

I know, loads of question gonna pops into our mind. But well, it happens to everyone. Accept everything with a sincere heart and big smile. As for me, I still debating with my life now. Why does these happen to me? Tskkk nowadays, life has screwed me more than just once. I’m tired.. I’m tired of crying over something so meaningless. This time, my tears actually mean something, so much more. I want to calm my heart down and say something. Partly just to make myself better

After all, I want to believe that everything is gonna be just fine. I’m not going to promise anything. I feel so selfish for crying over and spend sleepless nights just for draining my eyes of tears. I’m selfishhh. But what could I do? Shit

P/s : Spoil mood aku je kau ni

25 June 2011

Mental Breakdown

Form 4 ! I’m in form 4 now. Too hectic for me to do anything but studying ( Padahal tak selalu study pun ) LOL :D

As you guys know, form 4 has streams like pure science and so on. But I’m not in pure science class. I’m in sport science. Sport science is challenging. Not easy for sure. We learn about the acute care of athletic injuries, motivation and bla bla bla. All about athlete.Well, i assumed that i could handle it. All of us assumed. PD and EA are all new to me. I only get E for it this term. Bad isn’t it? I know right. I didn’t study that much. Blame myself for it. I thought it was easy. Buttttt it wasn’t easy as I thought it could be! but so far i managed to cope with it. There’s one and only subject that can scare me and brought me to tears. Mathematic. Everytime when I’m in maths class, it can make me groan. I feel like a zombie. And last Monday, when I’m in maths class, I was talking to my friend

Me : Aku menyampah lah dengan parallel bagai ni
Noni : Sama lah
Me and Noni : Bla bla bla
Teacher : Hey saya nampak 2 orang tu bercakap dari tadi ye. Saya saja je buat buat tak nampak
Me : *smile :) -.-‘

Lesson : Concentrate and focus in your class even if you’re not understand! *Whateverrrrr~

P/s: Words like parallel or whatsoever will always be my nightmare *Banging my head

24 June 2011

STORY #226

I don’t really like her when we first met. I don’t know why. Bitch stares maybe. Always kacau kacau somemore. But as soon as we really spoke to each other, then we just clickkkeedddd! She’s gonna be one of my closest friend. I’m not gonna tell you whom is that. Teka kalau pandai :P One of my best friend I ever had. We’re just gonna be close! But the fact is, nottt so close. Told you, she’s suffocating me sometime. That’s the kind of person she is. Inside and out, she’s still the same and will always be the same. Seriously, everyone would be angry with her. Her attitude sometime gonna be like shit. And once I said :

WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?! 1 2 3 pegi mampus

Hahaha just a couple of months ago. I'm not exaggerating. She’s nice people to be known. You’re nice :)

Well, believe it. I have my another super awesome-EST girlfriends. They’re such nice people too. Whenever I come over, I always feel like I’m home. Laughing till my stomach hurts. You guys are so grounded. Never take you guys for granted

P/s : It amazes me, how the simple line can have so many meaning and can form such a beautiful story. Kan? Anyway, I’m gonna try to keep this short. No one really like my long post I guess :P

22 June 2011

Rumpled !

Done story to you guys about my camping last errr 3 weeks maybe

I thought today was Saturday. Since my two sisters was at home now and my daddy coming home from work early. Seriousllyyyyyy, saturdayyy. How I wish today was Saturday . But…. It’s Wednesday

I didn’t come to school today coz of sukantara day which is hari sukan for form 4 sekolah bengong saya. I personally hate broad jump okay! Teacher, can you please understand me this time? Urghhh whatever cakap takkan habis. Hahahaha. So this week, my school have this ‘ hari temu mesra ‘ for students. I really really want my mom to come. I told her

Me : Datang lah. Result tengah baik ni. I got number 3…. (I'm trying to say this with sincere modesty )
Mom : Hm taknak lah. Mak banyak keje. Number 3 ye? Number 3 pun, berapa ada fail?
Me : Hahaha I only fail for maths. Tak cakap pun, mak boleh predict. FLUNKED MATHS! Ada expectations yang tinggi. Hahaha
Mom : *Speechless

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mak! Tskkk tskkk T.T

P/s : I know, my result was not that good, but I’m still thankful. With sincere modesty, I got number 3. I thought, I got under 10 or maybe 20. Exam this time, was not that easy. Not easy at all. Ingat senang sangat ke ha? Sekian terima kasih

Sehari tidak bertentang mata ibarat setahun berada di neraka
Sayang, adakah kau tahu?


20 June 2011

One million youth gathering ( PBSM camp ) II

Aku sambung lah part II ye? Boleh ke tak? Hahaha

1. Hari jumaat semangat aku tinggi lagi. Bukan aku je kot, yang lain pun sama. ( Semangat konon konon dapat tengok concert hari sabtu and merayap rayap kat tempat utama ) Padahal….. Okay diam diam sudah T.T
2. Time aktiviti ice breaking tu membuatkan aku kecut perut sampai nak terkencing dan tertuutttt semua ada. Kenal kan diri dengan gaya tersendiri. Aku pemalu lah weh ( Tolong lah percaya ) Nasib baik tak kena. Nak je aku campak telur tu ke depan. Hahaha
3. Balik khemah untuk tidur dengan berpeluh nya. Aircond takde ke? Haha kalau aku tau, aku bawak kipas. Haha tapi nak cucuk suis kat mana? T.T
4. Tak boleh tidur lah hari jumaat tu. Asyik nak berborak je dengan nonot dan jojo ( Bukan nama sebenar ) Khemah nak runtuh lah apa lah. Adoiiyyaaiii dengan budak India yang asyik speaking bahasa depa pagi2 pukul 3. Korang ni tak tidur ke ha?!
5. Khemah dah lah terbukak. Aku cover badan dengan tuala Pooh aku yang comel tu je. Tawakal lah orang nak tengok ke ngintai ke. Hahaha panas siotttt :P
6. Hari sabtu! Hari ni lah membuatkan aku dok kira2 masa ( Sila baca dalam loghat kedah ) bila nak masuk waktu tidur malam ( Padahal time tu baru pukul 9am ) Tak sabar nak balik punya pasal. Hahaha
7. Aktivit hari sabtu membuatkan aku rasa nak nangis dan jerit puas2. Haha ikutkan hati, nak je aku pura2 sakit nak rehat punya pasai. Hahaha time tu tengah hari. Tak tahan panas. Panas nak mampus! Jue lak tiba2 migrain. Rindu kat dia kejap sebab dia takde ( Brapa jam je pun padahal ) time tu tengah training untuk malam kebudayaan
8. Malam kebudayaan! Aku rasa nak gelak sangat2. Hahaha buat lawak pulak diorg punya performance. Not bad. SMKCJ punya pun not so good kan. Banyak yang kurang ( Aku letih nak tunggu budak BDP punya persembahan. Panjang bebenorrr. Bila nak habis entah. Aku sampai rasa nak bangun sambil hentak2 kaki je. Hahaha )

Super Junior versi Malay punya concert. Ataupun dengan nama yang lebih famous iaitu 247! Hahahaha bwekkkks!

9. Time malam kebudayaan tu, agak sedih. Lagi2 kawan aku yang sorg tu. Nonot ( Bukan nama sebenar ) Dia sedih tak dapat pegi concert super junior. Takpe2. Relax kay nonot. Nanti kita tengok concert 247 je lah eh? Hahahaha!
10. Time habis malam kbudayaan ni, aku sukaaa! Nak sangat tidur. Haha nyenyak gila malam tu. 1 bunyi pun aku tak dengar. Haha rinduuuu makkkk
11. Hari ahad, ada apa entah. Hari ahad kelam kabut sikit. Korang tak rasa ke? Haha

Bila dah balik rumah, mak aku menjerit. Ehhh anak aku ke ni?! Apasal kau hitam sangat dik? Ya Allah! ( Sedih nya aku dengar T.T ) Pastu ayah balik. Mak ngade2. Dia panggil ayah, dia kata

Mak : Ayah, tengok muka anak awak ni. Hitam betul!
Ayah : Mana ada
Mak : Tengok lah betul2!
Ayah : Eh ha’ah lah. Kawan2 kau macam ni jugak ke dik?
Aku : Iye lah ayah T.T

Lepas tu ayah tanya lagi, kau ada beli apa2 ke dik kat sana? Best tak gerai2 tu? Hahahahaahahhaha ! ( Gelak sedih T.T ) Terpaksa tipu ayah nak cover maluu~ Tak beli apa2 lah ayah. Org malas nak keluar kem ni~ Ramai benorrr~ Sesak nafas org~ ( Padahal… Tak dapat keluar ) Hahahahha gelak sedih lagi. Tsk tskk tskkk T.T

Hm sedihnya gueee T.T Aku tak sempat rehat lagi. Mak terus ajak pegi puchong jumpa kakak2 kat her college. Belanja KFC sekali. Aku tak larat weh. Aku lentok je kat KFC tu. Semua tegur kata muka lesu. Dannnn semua tegur aku hitam!

Kak long : Adik, kau hitam!
Kak ngah : Adikkkkkkkk! Adik aku ke ni? Mak asal muka adik camni?
Aku : Blah lah korang

Hari isnin paling sedih. Mak paksa teman pegi Mines. Muka aku hitam plus mengelupas. Terpaksa tahan malu jalan jugak $%$^%$&%*( !

19 June 2011

One million youth gathering ( PBSM camp )

Cerita masa di Kem Sejuta Belia. 27-29 Mei. Walaupun dah lama berlalu, aku tk peduli. Aku nak cerita gak! Haha lupa update :P

Jumaat :

1. Sampai2 je macam stranger je semua. Semua orang pandang lain je coz skolah kitorg group last yg datang
2. Dngan beg yg banyak baju macam nak tidur sebulan. Hahaha (Padahal 3 hari. Tu pun tak sampai kot)
3. Cacak khemah moment yang paling… Hahaha besi tak dapat nak benam. Terpaksa panggil abang handsome ( Pewwwiitttt ) Suruh dia ketuk kan dengan penukul dia. Hahahaha ( Jueee sukaaaa )
4. Lepas habis, kena beratur. Tiba2 je terus nak nyanyi. Haha it’s okay lah kan. 1 Malaysia bebbb :D
5. Then dia bagi aktiviti bebas sampai pukul 9. Time tu dah pukul 7. Group Cheras Jaya tak dapat balik khemah dulu coz kena briefing dulu T.T

Toilet kegemaran aku. Hahaha BUSUK!!

6. Dah habis tu, kena mandi. Kitorg mandi cara tersendiri punya. Nak tau macam mana? Ye lap lap badan sudah. Toilet ramai kot. Toilet bawah tu cantik2, tapi busuk. Dah
lah takde air ( Nasib aku belik air 5 botol spare untuk nak buang2 ) Hahahaha :D
7. Dah pukul 9 after makan makan tu semua, siren dah bunyi suruh beratur. Kawad jap T.T

Romantic kot time ni. Noni tengah mentafsir time ni. Hahaha

8. Then gerak pegi khemah puteri UMNO. Ada pelancaran apa benda entah. Haha kejap je. Dapat tengok bungaaa apiiii cantik bebb :D Then menari nari. Hahaha mata sakit time tu. Nyampah tengok pengkid dok peluk2 dengan girl. Hello, sama spesies dengan ang kot T.T
9. Habis dengan concert, masuk kem PBSM balik. Ada aktiviti sikit. Malam dalam pukul 12, masuk khemah nak tidur. Time ni paling gila. Adoi noni dengan jue tak henti2 bagi aku sakit perut ketawa. Haha tak boleh tidur kot. Dengan panas nya. Aku tidur pakai singlet je. Khemah terbukak ( Fuhhh terpaksa ) Pukul 3 pagi, dengar budak india dok speaking2 dengan the gangs kat luar T.T

Sabtu :

1. Aku bangun dalam pukul 5. Bergerak terus dengan noni and jue pegi jalan jauh dalam Menara KBS semata-mata nak mandi. Terpaksa lah tunggu turn dengan budak2 puteri UMNO nya T.T
2. Habis mandi, lepas siap2 sampai pukul 6.30, siren bunyi lagi suruh beratur. Lama kot sampai pukul 9. Diorg suruh gerak pegi stage Puteri UMNO senaman pagi. Poco2! Hahahaha I likeeee papa americano. Not baddd. We had so much fun walaupun matahari dah mula memancarkan sinarannya dan bahangnya T.T

3. Berpeluh siottt. Terus balik kem kitorg beratur lagi. Time nak breakfast pulak. Lama nak mampus tunggu turn. Yelah 3 ratus lebih kan. Aduhhhh makan nasi lemak. Sambal terbaikkk. Air kopi. WTH!!! Aku tak minum kopi. Terpaksa lari2 pegi khemah ambik duit pegi beli air. Nasib baik gerai dah bukak ( Aku dah habis kan RM30 untuk air je selama 3 hari. Panas gila weh )

4. Aktiviti dah mula. Aku malas nak ulas pasal aktiviti. Membosankan. Kita terus jelah sampai ahad ye?

Ahad :

1. Panas malam semalam ya Allah tuhan je tau. Tapi tidur lena kot. Sampai terlajak pukul 6. Haha kitorg mandi pagi pukul 4am. Aku, noni dan jue antara budak yang terlepas keluar dari kem. Actually, kitorg tak boleh keluar. Fasi dah tak bagi. Haha tapi kitorg dah terlepas :P

2. 6.30 aktiviti macam biasalah iaituuuuuu….. tadaaaa senaman pagi lah apa lagi T.T ( Muakk dengan lagu chicken dance, gemuruh and whatsoever shit ) Adoi T.T Pinggang aku longgar dah nak pusing2. Hahaha

3. Makan pagi. Kali ni kena makan suap. Tapi kitorg tak buat pun. Haha malehhhh ah. Makan roti cicah sardine, mentega dan kaya ( save budget T.T )

4. Aktivittttttttttt pun boring tahap entahla tahap yang tiada tahap. Malas nak cerita

5. Time nak balik adalah saat yang paling ditunggu tunggu. Before that, ambik gambar kenang kenangan dulu. Lepas tu, ha ambik kau. Lari2 anak kambing semua menuju ke bas kami. Time tu lega. Tapi actually, sedih :’))

P/s : Ada sesetengah cerita tak dapat di update. Tangan lenguh!

Newssss Newwssss Newsss hottiess :D

Hello everyone! :D
I just create a new blog. This blog is special
Everything’s just about poem, stories, lyrics that may inspire you
Kindly visit



P/s : Akhirnya dapat buat poem sendiri dalam masa 1 jam. Puas hati! Alhamdulillah! Check out my poem 'Will you, baby?' :'))

14 June 2011

Let's compare

Compare what? Compare my results this mid term exam with the 1st test. I’ve got my results

Bahasa Melayu - 63% NOW - 71%
English - 70% NOW - 64%
Maths - 45% NOW - 40%
Science - 40% NOW - 47%
Sains Sukan - 65% NOW - 66%
Perdagangan - 53% NOW - 40%
Agama Islam - 92% NOW - 64%
Ekonomi Asas - 48% NOW - 39%
History - 55%

I was….
Pretty disappointed. I know, I didn’t do better this mid term exam
Lesson nya..
Padan muka kau Aini
Once again, Who’s to blame now?
Saya lah jawapannya. Nak buat macam mana *Slam doors and kick things

P/s : Got number 3 in class. Alhamdulillah! But my mathsss~ Failed kot. Haihhh T.T

10 June 2011

Let's see

I've managed to live through this day with the horrible feelings. Why horrible?! Hahaha woke up with a headache and a stiff aching at the area of my neck. People said, tidur salah bantal. Sounds funny isn’t it? Which pillow should I use? Yours ke? Haizz :P

So school gonna start next week. 2 more days to go. I realized that almost every holiday when the weekend is night, my mood becomes depressed, anxious, anxiety, sad whatsoever. My mind knows that I’ll not be able to rest and sleep the whole day like I did this 2weeks! Okayyy aini stop talking now! :(

Nevermind. Boring to the max! What should I do in this time? My mind was stuffed with words but I don’t know what should I write. No idea at all. Sometimes, you can never tell when you’ll be inspired to write something. I feel like wanna hold the pen all the time nowadays. From that, I can find the ideas in everywhere and could write it. The best ideas will come out of the hiding at times when you are not looking for it. Do you agree? That’s why sometimes, I tend to write the crappiest stories like I did now.

Today, I felt a bit exhausted. I was already very sleepy last night but I couldn’t sleep. Insomnia? Maybe! Haha I cried myself to sleep and screamed in the pillow. So, finally I could sleep. Dengan bangganya woke up almost 1 p.m. Wohoooo don’t blame me. I sleep at 5.am lastnight weh. Swollen eyes like a panda. After that, trying to figure out something in a seconds. Writeeee something about myself. But….. Haiyaaaa aini! Simple oso can’t do. Ishhhh -.-‘ Fucking up my mood like SERIOUSLY. I can be a short-tempered person sometime. No worries. I don’t bite people easily my prince and princess :P

P/s: Finding myself reading awhole lot more nowadays. Improving my written English but not my spoken as I still mumble. Broken English selalu. I only got B for English this term. Didn’t read that much actually. Who’s to blame? Nak buat macam mana

Nearly 3years of using bloggers. 220 post, countless words I’ve made :) Unforgettable memories. Korang je boleh read it back. I can’t! Nanti air mata meleleh tsk tskk T.T plus rasa menyampah tahap maksima!

09 June 2011


'Yes sunflower, warna kuning. Bila kembang sangat cantik'
'You were my sunflower'

After hearing tears letter songs and keep replaying over and over again suddenly make me wanna burst into tears right now. I don’t understand the lyrics for sure but I love the sound of this song. Touch my heart deeply and plus right now, I just read something in someone’s blog. She wrote her stories and songs by herself. All about her late father. Admire her strength and appearing strong for everyone. Of course, I don’t think I could be the same as her if I were in her place right now. Losing someone I love is my biggest fear

I miss my late grandma, grandpa and aunty. Suddenly remember that time, when the heart tearing feeling and how everyone looked. Being strong is not easy. It’s just very easy to say words. I have lost a few precious persons in my life. It’s like, everything still new. I can still hear their laughter in my ears and draw their happy face. Their memories will always be in my mind. Every seconds, every minutes, every hours, every days, every weeks, every months, and every years

' You better appreciate each and everyone beside you. You better do everything to make them happy as often as you can while you can still hear it beating. I love everyone '

P/s: It hurts the most when the tears fall.

07 June 2011

STORY #218

Anyways, it’s been awhile since I last post. There’re hell loads of things to share. Mostly, the down parts. Haishhhh I should be relaxing now though I think

There’re always have the unexpected things behind us. But never know when or where it'll happened. Only god knows about everything. The burdens on my shoulder just disappear. I guess it did now. Thanks to god for everything. I don’t want to pressurize anyone anymore. Speaking of mistakes I’ve done plenty. I shall not tell to you guys but I’d tell them I’m too made mistakes

I never used a high toned voice to argue with someone else, I never used ‘mencarut’ words to argue with someone else (You get nothing with that). I am out of words

P/s: Kempunan sudah hilang. OMG time to cuti mata, oh my abang tukul :D *Withh loveeesss