31 July 2012


I sat staring at this white screen for the longest of time
Not knowing what to write with this kind of emotions
Rebelled, yelled and so many ED ED ED at the back.
Trying to figure out how to this describe this kind of sorrow I just felt and saw

Hearing the sound of the echoes


Oh I am better. Better than 30 minutes ago
What happened in a couple of minutes ago?
No one’s gonna calm me and I guess no one’s gonna read this but I don’t care
Just now triggered with one text message
Argh hate this feeling :(
You reminds me of our quarreled, when it was us way back
So childish yet so sweet.

Things has changed, tremendously
We’re moving on to another place now


I have forgotten what happiness feels like now
Jangan bagi bunyi cengkering ni selubungi bilik yg syahdu ni
Don’t do this. Please remember your promises
You have a heart to take care of. Siapakah?
Haha think of your own.
Now that was slightly startling.
You don’t even say a sorry or even asking for forgiveness


Wherever you are now,
I wish you have a great night today
Toddles xx :’)

30 July 2012


The moments so precious in the past
Hoping for the moments in the present can be good too.
Y’know how much I’m scared losing you guys?
I hate losing peoples I love.
I don’t know if you ever felt this too but I am.
A strange yet beautiful kind of lingering past.
Always lingered heavily
Now imagine and describing our future
We are all going to find our own ways someday. I believe that!
Now… imagine the puzzles has lose one of their parts.
Not complete at all.
Some things were meant to be
Y’know, most of the songs I sang is all about you guys
Go understand the lyrics, not just understand the melody
Haha *mendee entah saya merepek ni*
But I’m just sad.
Some things are unraveling without the same people in the picture.
I think now I get to watch my future without you guys in it
And be happy for
Not knowing what to say anymore

"Sebab dulu aku benci, sekarang aku sayang"

Even after you’re gone,
You were meant for me, Jewel

TIA #305

TIA is --> Tomorrow Is August! Haha LOL. 

Welcome August. Independent day, Raya day, trial examination week and so on. Hoping August can be better than any other month. -Always for the better, for the longest of time. I'm just heading home from school now. Suddenly get into my room changing my uniform and run to my sister's bed and online. What the hell is just happening now?! The usually thing i did when i went back is, changing my uniform and laying on my bed. I am now scrolling my blog. The blank white 'composing box' now starting to shine and glare, you see that?

I stared and stared and stared at the blindingly white screen, just not knowing what to say. Loads of ideas.
And here is my words telling you guys on this post. Muahahaha.

Today was just fine. You know how much i hate my Perdagangan class. No, not the teacher nor the subject. Just... urgh ya i think this's all about the subject. Well, i'm pessimist. I know i'm not allowed to take back if i fail this one. I've made this difficult. I once love this subject. So much even my result wasn't that good. It's sad, so sad.


Remember how we started?

Oh how these guy happened to run through my heart a couple of years ago. I was like ‘oh okay’ I guessed this guy has loads of advantage in him which I no longer yet discover. Muahaha.

We fight a lot than you guys know, we cried a lot more than you guys now, we… loved a lot. More and more than everybody know. It’s all about how we fought,  how we cried, how we loved and how we laughed like there’s no tomorrow for us. Are you wondering who am I talking about? Pls guess of your own :p It has been almost 2 years since we started a ‘hello’ before everything has been said and done till today. Not gonna tell this much. I hate telling and sharing about the love-life but I’d love hearing other stories about their love-life. Heh I don’t know why.

I love you

Very much. 
Can you see my ticker on the left?
Be brave ya? :’)


Apology means more when we were all still kids

Agree? This title is about a friendship. We know how to built a friendship with friends since we were young. To say the truth now is… I suddenly had a moment just now. Where a bunch of memories just flashed right before my eyes. We all do have a friend. Who doesn’t right? What I’m gonna talk now is about FRIENDSHIP and ‘APOLOGY’. Everybody knows what friendship really mean to them and what is ‘sorry’ or better be called as forgiveness really mean to them.

Just in a 1 minute now, go back to your childhood! Reminisce your best day with friends in a playground. We once had a fight with them for the first time in our life. All the drama we had was only about ‘taknak kawan’ and the next day we both gonna give out the hand and say sorry. ‘I’m sorry. I shouldn’t say that’, ‘it’s my fault. Lets play together’. Isn’t that cute? No talking behind, no teasing. Sorry was only a small matter for us.

Now go back to this era. We’re all grown up. What happened with our friendship now? Yes. We do love each others so much, we appreciates them more than they know. Sooner or later we gonna have a fight. Personally, thinks about what you just did with friends when you’re mad. Smile in front of them and talking bad behind their back. When they know your attitude and reaction, a fight begins. They’re hell loads of bad words. Yell to each other. It takes more than a day to say sorry. Or maybe no sorry for forever. Hearing the words ‘sorry’ makes us feel so annoyed. We think that we’re probably doing something right isn’t it.

You know what I just think? Friendship so fragile nowadays. I love my friends so much and we all do. But well, we are all normal human being. I always believe that they’re always have a nice ways for us to trust a friendship. Priceless.

29 July 2012


Assalamualaikum. Rasa nya sempat lagi nak ucap kan Selamat Berpuasa kat semua readers dan juga Muslim around the world. Lama nya blog ni sepi tanpa entry. Haha malas sangat nak update nya taktau kenapa. Nothing’s good recently. Puasa Alhamdulillah tak tinggal lagi. Nak sangat puasa penuh tapi kena jugak terima hakikat yg kita ni perempuan kan. Ops :p 2 or 3days ago I just received my Trial examination schedule. SPM tu awak. Not easy at all. Much more harder tough difficult apa semua lah than the real one. Tapi kredit trial tu banyak jugak dikirakan untuk permohonan ke UPU nanti. Pray for me, pray for my studies. I’ll do my best. InshaAllah *Padahal study pun tak mula lagi* LOL.

I’m not selected for PLKN. Don’t know if I have to be sad or saying Alhamdulillah for the result I’ve got. Rasa hati nak sangat mohon ke PLKN. You know how much I love camping kan. Lagi lagi ramai kengkawan pegi. Some people said that theres gonna have second and third intake for PLKN. Is that true? As far as I know and as my sister said, theres no second and third series for PLKN. All at once. Yg membezakan nanti hanya kumpulan berapa untuk yang terpilih. Entahla. Tengok lah nanti KALAU ada result lagi macam mana. Kalau dapat, syukur. Tak dapat pun tetap bersyukur jugak.