28 November 2010

Finally it's over

So the war was over yesterday :)

I feel much more better right now. Alhamdulillah. I was having a bad day for almost 2days. Nothing much to say. Just I’m happy to be like this. LOADSSS of LURVEE :’)

I am strong on my own but with God I am even stronger, and never alone.

25 November 2010

Fading away :')

Something is bothering me recently but I don’t know what. It’s killing me slowly ! Urgh I wish I could turn back the time, I wish I could go out right now. Sooooooooooo depressed I feel like crying out loud :’( i always remind myself it’s not worth to sad coz of certain people. I know and I shouldn’t be that. Yesterday was a really bad day. I spent my time just for thinking thinking thinking. While I am gaming also, my head couldn’t stop thinking of those thingy. I felt like I’m dead for hours :/ I turned off my phone for hours last night. I’m not willing to read the incoming message. When I turned it back on, I received 10 text messages. I didn’t reply all the messages. Just act like I’m sleep but actually I’m not. Hmm. I feel completely stupid, confused and alone. Sounds daft :/ Pretty much discouraged. Others time just plain stupid. I clearly remember about having a moment of clarity in which I was enjoy myself happy with my surroundings. All that has passed. I was standing in another situation right now. Much difference than before. I'm still trying to familiarize myself with this even thou it was harder. Yeah it even more than that for sure. I need someone to talk to. don't know what the hell is wrong with my head now

Dear god, please guiding me through this. Show me the better ways to get what I want and to make things clearly without hurting others, please gently open my mind and gently open my heart, please gimme a peace of mind. Amin~

Miss you~ I am sorry. Xxxooooxxx :’)

15 November 2010

Oh-em-G !

School has finished for 2010. I'm sure most of us are just glad its over now aite? Okies :P I’m currently waiting for PMR result to come out this December. Terrified? Ofcoss ! Hope everythin is gonna be okay. I shouldn’t say this right now. Nvm. 2010, it may be my last year in SMKCJ and may be the last year for my friends in this school. Who knows what will happen. For the sake of god, now I can already feel the feelings of loss, feelings of longing, even if everything is not happening yet. LOL this’s just normal human feelings :) Whatever it is, Happy Holiday ! :D

The best school, The best playground =)

06 November 2010

Piercing effect

Ohh I’m so dead after watched this video just now. Yuckie ! That’s really worst. I got a lobe, helix and forward helix piercings. Used a gun. Thanks god my ears came out fine after piercing. To be honest, I’ve done a helix piercing more than 5times. It doesn’t really hurt much since I’ve done it so many times. When I was 12years old, I’m started to be addicted to piercing.

So one night, I told to my sister that I want a helix piercing and others part. We went to one place, and I’ve got my 5 lobes and 2 helix piercings. All seven at the same time. Can u believe it? Darn it I can’t believe. I was only 12years old, still young and I have 9 piercings ! Both ears was hurt at the night. My ears lobe and helix were swollen especially at the helix parts. REALLY REALLY HURT ! I felt like fever and I have no energy. That was the effect for me. It took a week for my piercing to heal but helix is really different. Even it’s been a year you have done it, but you’ll still feel hurt. (Just like mine now) It doesn’t take for a long time for helix’s hole to close up.

Once u try to remove your helix earrings, even just a minute it is possible for the hole to getting small. Mind it. I’ve made it many times but then I ended up with pergh menyesaaal gila. So my helix piercing now is nice. It’s been a year J It’s still hurt abit. I love this one ! After seeing this video, I was like Urgghhhh. Okay actually I’m looking forward to get more piercing. I love industrial piercing and and andddd wtv. But I don’t think I’ll make it. So guys, piercing with a gun isn’t good. Many effect that you can get and occur. I was just fortunate my ears came out fine :)