26 June 2011


Currently stuck in a situation where I'm fearing the possibilities of many things. Haihh well, today is one of those day where nothing else in my mind. I just want to get out all of this. Saying bla bla and whatever. I’d always sacrifice myself for things. I’m idiot! Currently thinking about how unfair things seems to be. It just doesn't seem fair to me. Do you understand me? Huh that's how I really feel right now. My mind is everywhere. Can I ask you guys something?

How does it feel when you go through the first heartbreak?

I know, loads of question gonna pops into our mind. But well, it happens to everyone. Accept everything with a sincere heart and big smile. As for me, I still debating with my life now. Why does these happen to me? Tskkk nowadays, life has screwed me more than just once. I’m tired.. I’m tired of crying over something so meaningless. This time, my tears actually mean something, so much more. I want to calm my heart down and say something. Partly just to make myself better

After all, I want to believe that everything is gonna be just fine. I’m not going to promise anything. I feel so selfish for crying over and spend sleepless nights just for draining my eyes of tears. I’m selfishhh. But what could I do? Shit

P/s : Spoil mood aku je kau ni

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