10 June 2011

Let's see

I've managed to live through this day with the horrible feelings. Why horrible?! Hahaha woke up with a headache and a stiff aching at the area of my neck. People said, tidur salah bantal. Sounds funny isn’t it? Which pillow should I use? Yours ke? Haizz :P

So school gonna start next week. 2 more days to go. I realized that almost every holiday when the weekend is night, my mood becomes depressed, anxious, anxiety, sad whatsoever. My mind knows that I’ll not be able to rest and sleep the whole day like I did this 2weeks! Okayyy aini stop talking now! :(

Nevermind. Boring to the max! What should I do in this time? My mind was stuffed with words but I don’t know what should I write. No idea at all. Sometimes, you can never tell when you’ll be inspired to write something. I feel like wanna hold the pen all the time nowadays. From that, I can find the ideas in everywhere and could write it. The best ideas will come out of the hiding at times when you are not looking for it. Do you agree? That’s why sometimes, I tend to write the crappiest stories like I did now.

Today, I felt a bit exhausted. I was already very sleepy last night but I couldn’t sleep. Insomnia? Maybe! Haha I cried myself to sleep and screamed in the pillow. So, finally I could sleep. Dengan bangganya woke up almost 1 p.m. Wohoooo don’t blame me. I sleep at 5.am lastnight weh. Swollen eyes like a panda. After that, trying to figure out something in a seconds. Writeeee something about myself. But….. Haiyaaaa aini! Simple oso can’t do. Ishhhh -.-‘ Fucking up my mood like SERIOUSLY. I can be a short-tempered person sometime. No worries. I don’t bite people easily my prince and princess :P

P/s: Finding myself reading awhole lot more nowadays. Improving my written English but not my spoken as I still mumble. Broken English selalu. I only got B for English this term. Didn’t read that much actually. Who’s to blame? Nak buat macam mana

Nearly 3years of using bloggers. 220 post, countless words I’ve made :) Unforgettable memories. Korang je boleh read it back. I can’t! Nanti air mata meleleh tsk tskk T.T plus rasa menyampah tahap maksima!

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