20 July 2011


" We enjoy warmth because we have been cold
We appreciate light because we have been in darkness
We can experience joy because we have known sadness "
— David Weatherford

P/s : Haihh rindu nya

19 July 2011

I'm sick :(

Hello to earthlings, to the worldwide! Just wanna let you guys know that, your big boss of this blog is being caught by fever, a super bad dizzy and terrible diarrhea. What can she do in this moment? Really spoiled my mood though :(

No joking at all. I had my super bad dizzy since the last 2 days when I got back from school. A day after that, I barely slept at the night. Waking up every 1 hour and my tummy hurts. Having a diarrhea! Excruciating pangs! I went to school even I turned completely pale coz I don’t wanna tell to mom that I’m sick. The answer she’ll give me is ‘ Alasan taknak pegi sekolah lah tu ’ Hmmm :( Well, strongest girl have a strongest heart for this too ( Sounds cheesy xD ) So it was okay for me. But school just totally stressed me out. I couldn’t bear with the dizzy. Head hurts like hell! I couldn’t remember how many times I mumbling to my friends. ‘ Wuuuuu sakit nya :( ‘ And my mood is totally swings. I feel like crying when my friends made me kinda being stressed. Hide my water bottle when I’m in ‘surau

Me : Mana botol air aku? *Muka masam bagaikan cuka, air mata takung sikit
Them : Mana kitorang tau
Me : Pandang muka ayu senyap2 and buat muka masam *And asked her to tell ros nak mintak air dia sikit

Last2, eh your water bottle kan kat belakang *They play the jokes on me weh. Don’t you guys know that I’m sick? Totally sick and her mood swings. Buat muka masam lagi. And ended up with crying silently. So sensitive :(

So right now, still having a diarrhea and dizzy but thanks god. My fever is healed now. I want Pil Chi Kit Teck Aun! It really does work for diarrhea even though.. Hmm ( Don’t laugh with that name coz I’ll laugh too. I don’t know why it comes up with these names )

Sounds hilarious

16 July 2011

Addicted or anti Korean?

Tell me, what’s so great about it? I can never understand them. They said, Korean music is good than Malaysian quality of music, they are cute HELLA cute, the group is pretty nice than their own country of music grouping. That's the only thing they talk about sometimes. I don't get them AT ALL. Sorry to all Korean diehardfans out there. There’re two things I don’t deny. They’re cute and nice song they got there. But I don’t find out what’s so good, oh I mean VERY good with them till their fans is kinda….

‘Eeee koreann baby darling oh my price, you drivingggg me nuts!’
Errrr -,-

10 times more funnier when you see them in your own eyes especially in the concert. They are awesome weh! Look at them, laugh as much as you can but in a sad way! To be honest, I’d like to listen to Korean music when I had a time ( Not kpop, any pop pop etc ), always looking through the list of the 25 most Korean saddest songs ( Coz I love to cry C(: ), and to be honest again I don’t listen to Malaysian music that much. But well, I don’t listen to kpop! They don't fit my taste and even 2pm, am wtv M they gonna put. Heh not attracted at all :(

Damn weh. You are Malaysian and we live in Malaysia.
‘ Suka korea tu tak salah, but jangan lah terover sangat sampai jadi gila. Berpijak di bumi yang nyata ‘

15 July 2011


I wish I could sleep all day and laze around

When you no longer feel it in you? When you grow weary? When your heart is torn asunder? When… you think there’s no future behind anything anymore. As if you're just... stuck. The years of prayers finally gonna be answered. What’s after that? This is the things I don’t wish to happen. Nothing else can be done to fix this heart

Aini? A girl full of laughter, full of smile is now soothing her fragile heart
It can never be done with a smile

Ku impikan kau slalu
hanya itu yang ku mampu
Ku tetap kan menunggu mu
Jangan bimbang jangan ragu
Kau tetap bintang hatiku
-Hady Mirza-

How i wish that i was wrong. Say goodbye, with a smile
Letting go
9 Months, 3 Weeks & 3 Days

But when?

13 July 2011

My Family

There’re at times where I thought I could do anything. There when at first I thought being on your own was the best thing you could have once in a life time. But then I realize, being close with my family what matters the most. Well, everyone have their own family. So do i

Let’s start with my daddy. He has done so many things for us three. I can’t believe that he has reached the age of fourty-nine. He think he’s still young sometime. He wanted his hair to be black again. Sorry daddy. Accept the number with the sincere heart pls. Hehe you must think he’s a wise man isn’t it? Yes as his daughter, he is :) Daddy is sporting sometime. I just remember about what did he said to me. ‘ Dah besar nanti, adik kawin dengan tauke ayam je ‘ Hahaha teased me sometime. Ehe xx :)

My mom? Gahhh this one is really my favourite. I’m just going to write only a little for her cause I has a very long story about my mom. Not gonna type here coz I know it’s gonna be a very long post just for mom. Hahaha! Well, she’s a true mother who’s gonna embarrasses her three daughter, the one who’re always babbling like a teacher, who you feel like snapping at. After all, she’s my mom. She’s my friend sometime when I had none. Being sporting to her three daughter always! Always asked me,

‘ Adik ada boyfriend, tak? Mak tak kisah. Cakap je ‘

Hahaha how sporting isn’t it? You won't have the heart to hate such an amazing person like her :’))


I hated my sister with my whole heart. Hahaha :D They made me cry sometimes coz they know, their adik love to cry. They often forget I love to cry. Maybe? Heckkk no!

The oldest one is 23y/o but doesn’t look like 23. You know why? Matured look ( Alamak sorry :P ) She often takes away stuff from this house to her hostel. Whenever I visits to her hostel with my mom, ‘ Eh when did you take this? ‘ Damn ah you. No wonder it was missing. Periuk, sudip, etc LOL! My second sister, 20y/o. And for crying, she teased me too. He had been my arch enemy since I was young. We often fought and I would just cry. I was tired of crying sometime coz I think, I had enough :P

I and my second sister grew up in the same time except for the oldest one. For me and my second sister, most of our relatives couldn't differentiate between me and her. ‘ Which one is adik and kakak? ‘ LOLLL! Am I look that old? :(

11 July 2011



Homework makes us hate learning. Agreed? I want some time for relaxing now. I always procrastinate. Cause of what?! Coz I got loadsss loadsss HELL LOADSSSS of homework. And guess what

Sport science's teacher : Hantar homework hari rabu ni! Tak hantar siap! Sapa taknak hantar, tak payah datang!
Perdagangan's teacher : Okay siapkan nota awak semua sampai tajuk hari ni. Besok pagi selasa, saya nak ada atas meja saya!
Basic economy's teacher : Siapkan nota awak sampai tajuk yang kita belajar sekarang. Pastikan semua siap!
Mathematic's teacher : Maths 1 until 3 ada dekat awak kan? Pass up tomorrow selasa okay!

Yes homework that i need to pass up before this Wednesday. How could you guys said that we need to pass up in the same time? Give us a time lah

Sport science, perdagangan, basic economy, mathematic

Huh jom kita mati sekarang

10 July 2011

You complete me,

You entered the door without a hello
Steal each and a little part inside
Without ask for the permission
Without even ask for forgiveness

I’ve never opened up to anyone before
Before you entered the door,
I was just alone in the empty room
With an empty heart, with an empty soul
I am nothing

But there was something different about you now
I find out before you came into my life
You gave me something so special
You gave me something so brilliant

You’ve added something in my heart
You’ve remove all of the empty part
Filled it with a pure love
That come from the very heart

Your love have taught me something
I use to think love was just a curse
But when you come into my life
Things have changed just in a blink of an eye

Thanks for coming in this life
You’ve bring a thousand of star
You’ve bring a thousand of rainbow
You’ve bring the joy along the way
You complete me in everyday

9 Months, 2 Weeks & 4 Days

By Aini Azhar
9 July 2011

09 July 2011


Being a daily school student during high school years now, I never actually attending everyday the exception of vacations or camping. No best record for this past 6 months. Except for January, I felt like kinda terlebih rajin. That’s my best record so far. Not now. My attempt to come to school everyday is epic fail. I really did try and I’m doing this now. Believe me please!
Alright I guess I was just too lazy for the school especially when the homework piled up like a mountain. Well, as a student what’d u expect right? This is really exhausting. Sometime I just leave the unnecessary homework. *Moaning and whining now

My last year of school is next year. I guess, I’ll miss my high school so much when the school is end. High school was fun actually. This’s our comfort zone. After school is end, we have to build all that up back in our own. Have to be quick, make the first move. Yes, we have to do this for the better future. Though I only sixteen now, but well I think I need to list all of my plan when I graduate school. Even mommy did ask me last week which college I’m gonna choose after school

Uhhhh mom, still early

P/s : Allaah bersamaku, Allaah melihatku, Allaah mendengarku. Katakan itu pada hati, cukuplah ia sebagai wasiat taqwa di Sabtu ini. #sabtu #islam
May good bless all of us today

Peace be upon you :)

03 July 2011

Lil things that make me happy

1. Spending time with my family <33
2. My best friends! <33
3. My baby boyfriend :’)
4. My kitties!
5. Laughing till my tummy hurts!
6. When I pee in pools ( Don’t laugh )
7. My wedding ( One day ) :P
8. When I see old people dance! How COMEL! Admit? Haha
9. Sending wrong messages to people :P
10. Making joke and then laugh at myself
11. Asking people hard question and looking at them
12. Insulting herself. Hoho
13. Sulk for no reason

STORY #236

I’m still here managing my blog. Some of you maybe gonna feel weird about me. Haha suddenly appear in this blog instead of being gone before. I kinda rajin this past few weeks to post

Let's not question my being gone, shall we? Well as you know, Blogging is a very stressful activity and it needs total attention. Yet period. Never mind. I was so lost today. Woke up and didn’t know what to do. I watched some funny movies and a few dramas ( The things that makes me cry today ) After that, finding my novel that I bought last month. The pages being just black and white. Put it back in the rack. Haha! Tried to cleaning up my room ( I did it only once in a while ) Only cleaning my so called ‘ heartyyy boxes ‘. Then ended up with ‘ Damn lazy weh ‘ I sat down and stuffed all the junk food. Now what? Talk about mommy. She was so mad that I constantly don’t even do a house chores. Haizzz but let's not talk about that one

Here is my To Dos for the holiday

1. Stuffed all the junk food! ( Not appetizing at all )
2. Get fat? I already am! :D
3. Finish all the essay, that brilliant idea of mine, well I mean all the things!
4. Texting, finding more cute, sweet lilly billyy words. Hee :P

There isn't really much choice of things to do today. Anyway, haihh a thousand sigh. Malaysia vs Taiwan the result is same. Four and four! :( I feel horrific! But still, thanks to god. Malaysia wins first match even the second one, hmm that's just too sad. Salute and respect goes to both teams

P/s : Ke stadium tomorrow. Welly welly :P

01 July 2011

Culture shock

Should I explain to you guys why with the title? Might I point out the definition of today’s title?

After 6months of school! Did I mention to you guys the reputation we had now? It annoys me that I need to get it out of my head. It’s all gonna gone bad. Explaining to everybody would only cause dire consequences. Oh yes, just as what I said, all of the things better left unsaid now. All of us know it. Well, just forget and forged the new one. I’m sorry for suddenly bring up this unnecessary thingy mingyy. Well, I’m facing this now and I don’t even know what should I do


Life’s too good. You could see the crystal clear difference and the gap between us. The noisiest, wackiest smartasses around. I remember when I’m in Form 3 last year. You could see that the students studied real hard to get their good result for PMR. And this year, I learned a lot. From bad to good and good to bad. I gained so much and in the same this I lost a few. What’d you expect right? It was overwhelming to be described with words. I’m gonna get to know more and gonna created memories of this year

P/s: Sorry for the kinda emo post untuk beberapa entry. You know right, i had my bad day this week

When you just don't expect something like this to happen

Learn the unusual things when you’re down. I’m down now. I mean really down. I guess, everyone know it. It still feels the same every time. And yet, different. But slowly, it's evolving. What could I do? i just had one stupid experience today with my friends. But it was just, hm whatever, Well, I was sitting in my class waiting for the bell to ring. 12.30pm! I can’t wait to go home. That was my heaven. Planning my activity as usual

Online and trip to lala land! Haha

I couldn’t concentrate in my class today. I didn’t pay attention that much till I heard my friend called my name. Noni said ‘ Dah sampai mana dah kau ni nini ‘ Hahaha ops sorry. I was thinking of some other things instead of paying intention. My fault yeah. Sorry teacher even though I know that I always do this when I’m in the class. ( I really hope Pn. Rahayu doesn’t read my post! ) Cause now, you know that i just had absurdly funny conversations ( Not so funny actually )

P/s : I couldn’t understand what I was feeling. I wanted it to end quickly. You know right? That’s all. Kerana mulut, segalanya binasa