27 March 2010


Rehearsal was really tiring but it's AWESOME ! I having my rehearsal last friday. But i'm abit angry because they didn't mentioned before that they wanna make rehearsal on friday. May be i can make a bit practice at home before i make it. Yeah when rehearsal start, i guessed it right that i would be too chaos and student which participated also. LOL. My movement was not really good at that time. So because of it, i made my own move. Directive from teachers were not so apparent :/ And the case happen when we make pledge. I just ' A a a bertanggungjawab. A a a berjanji ' xD


23 March 2010

I'm ill

First day school was torturing so much. I had been ill and affected by fever and shitting. I'm so weird among the youth. LOL. Stressful the whole time until I got fever and felt like wanna call daddy and back home. But I cancel my planned because daddy was fever at home. Whether I want or not, I have to sustain until 1pm. It’s quiet an okay for me though it’s harder. When teacher make a announcement that she wanna gave examination result, my stomachache more sick than before like a singer play their rock song. And I got fever all of sudden. I scream to myself but no one knows how pain me that day. Only god knows how and I pray every single second to hope that my pain only like these. May be it’s my fault because I attended to school though I know that I affected by shitting. I couldn’t do anything because I have to submit my assignment. Unfortunately, when I reach to school, teacher told me that she just want to discuss about examination paper only T.T

17 March 2010

Harder to accomplished

3days left before school open back. But yet i still can play around and forgot about homework. I play with my words. I knew it. So, today i wanna complete all my assignment. After that of course i can do anything i want. Hey nyy, Please Wake Up ! You're not in form 2 anymore, so please make up your mind ! =___=

15 March 2010

statement i love ♥

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I like this statement so much. Yeah, my family comes first in my life and yeap i would do anything to save their life. I love you, FAMILY ! It's more than words i can say. So, please stick with me forever. Together we stand =')

14 March 2010

I need serenity

It's started about lately that i keep thinking about the worst thing. Sometime it make out of control. I'm scare with it. Too many problem come just in one situation. That's nuts ! So, i make decision to set myself turn to silent mode. From that, nobody can disturb me. And i knew that they'll automatically keep quiet because of tired. They just know how to blame without knowing the reason. Of course i'm suffer with that. It's like everyday i got short comment from them. They wrote about shit thing. I know, they is her followers. So, i can't do anything than just key my mouth here. I have my own reason why. PEOPLE HAVE TO STOP TALKING ! But i'm okay with one thing, even 100people will shoot me, it doesn't matter. I won't die with their bullet. Because i know, i have so many followers behind me that always gave non stop support for me. I believe in god, I believe with them. I'm so glad to have such a lovely dearest. And yeah, THEY ARE !

That was stupid !

Conversation between me and jerome. How stupid we are :P But it was fun for me. At least, i can laugh for a while *chuckle :P I don't know why last night i always wrong in typing. May be i'm sick of typing. LOL

baby geniuses

I'm pretty sure that all of you has seen this movie before. am i rite? sorry if i'm not mistaken. may be a few of you. it was awesome movie for me. and yeah, i lurrvvee this movie since i was little. i bought baby geniuses cd. HAHA :D so now, i counting time to watch it. only 1minute left. so, bye and awh ya, don't forget to watch it also. on astro x)

12 March 2010

awh god !

Every day i school, i will thought that there's no more holiday. just study. i forgot my country have a lots of holiday. in case that this country got multi-racial. so, it's hard for me to explain. not just student, even employee also will sigh about it. No tuition class for student, No overtime working to got a lot of money than usual for any employee. nothing to comment about because this is the fact. sometime i'm tension but sometime i'm grateful indeed. last few days before my examination start, i thought that i got 2weeks left to school. afterward, i study and study and complete all my assignment before holiday come. i prepared thing so earlier and of course this's unusual ! friends start to look at me and said why i being so diligent. then about 3days ago. when i was answering my paper, teacher gave me paper that title about 'holidays work'. i ask my friend

me : why teacher gave us lots of work this weekend all of sudden, we just got 2days holys MAN ! i don't know whether i can complete it or not

suddenly i feel like someone tap my shoulder

my friends : you're not looking at the calendar? holiday was next week for sure
me : AWH MY-GOD ! are you sure about it or you just kidding me?
my friends : everyone know about it. you're the one who don't know. every student automatically knew about every holys. their mind just like the calendar.you're so excited to school aren't you?


10 March 2010


Independent Day comeeee !! I mean, my examination has done already. how glad i am. for almost 2days, i didn't online. disappear for 2days. when i having examination, everyday routine was change. after back from school, i took my book and read, it's same until night. very busy. but i'm glad with myself nowadays. i've change indeed. tomorrow, i didn't come to school. have to go to clinic with my mom. yep friday i'll come. i don't mind actually. and next week is school holiday. how shocked i am when i saw calendar. thought is noo holiday for next week. glad, glad and so glad

question mark

'Dia Makan Taik, Awak Pun Makan Taik'

Okay. biar entri kali ni aku pakai bahasa ibunda. sengaja je nak biar orang2 yang 'patut' membaca entri kali ni. sebenarnya, title yang aku tulis kat atas tu adalah benda yang aku alami masa peperiksaan baru2 ni. sumpah, benci gila. rasa nak mati je duduk dekat kelas tu rasa nya. cerita nya bermula pada peperiksaan pada hari selasa. matematik memang almost die lah aku jawab. tapi, agama islam tersangat lah senang. aku rasa terharu sangat masa jawap kertas tu. dapat kertas je, aku rasa macam nak menangis dah. ohh kenapa ye? sebab aku berjaya jawab semua nya. aku target A lah. minta maaf lah ye. aku cakap benda yang tidak berkaitan. isu aku bertajuk 'copycat' atau dalam bahasa melayu adalah 'peniru'. masa aku jawab kertas matematik, aku terkejut bila dengar orang belakang aku cakap ' wey, apa jawapan nombor ni. tolong lah aku a****h ' macam haram je. aku walau tak tau pun, aku tetap cuba. sebab aku tau, kalau aku tiru 'orang tu' pun, belum tentu aku boleh score. better, aku pakai usaha sendiri. tuhan tu sentiasa membantu. siap bagi2 kertas lagi tu yang paling tak boleh blah. kau ingat kau tengah buat latihan cikgu bagi ke yang main pas2 kertas ni??

Bila peperiksaan mate selesai, aku fikir balik. 'ooo. may be mate je kot diorang tiru' lepas tu, cikgu edar kertas agama islam pulak. masa aku tengah best menjawab sambil goyang2 kaki, aku dengar benda yang sama dekat belakang. tanya lagi jawapan. kenapa la korang ni, time waktu rehat boleh lagi melepak. ada masa pun, nak bercakap kan. time peperiksaan, dah terkial kial nak cari jawapan. yang si 'pembagi' ni pun ada pandainya ada bodohnya. siap mintak aku lagi jawapan. sorry lah my dear friend. jangan harap aku nak bagi. bukan nak kedekut, tapi cuba lah usaha sendiri. sorry to say lah aku cakap. yang aku dengar diorang cakap. 'wey, nama ibu fatimah apa' 'apa nama anak fatimah' 'apa maksud tetamu' ahhh, banyak yang aku dengar. kalau nak tulis kat sini pun, dah boleh2 buat karangan dah. dan hari ni punya peperiksaan pun sama. time sejarah, senanggg sangat. juga nak meniru, kann? harapan aku sebelum masuk kelas ni, aku harap sesuatu yang lagi baik berlaku. bayang kan, aku boleh cakap yang kelas aku G yang kebelakang tu lebih baik dari yang sekarang. lagi bagus, aku duduk kat kelas bawah agak nya. aku betul2 rasa macam nak mati duduk dekat kelas Cemerlang ni. Akademik mungkin ada yang cemerlang. Tapi, perangai tak cemerlang pun. Just a few people la. Korang masuk kelas C sebab meniru kot selama ni? Only God Knows............................................

korang cuba jela buat. tak payah nak meniru dan harap kan bantuan orang ni. karang dia salah, awak tu pun salah. atau sesetengah orang cakap, ' dia makan taik, awak pun makan taik'

05 March 2010

examination is coming

So, let's get headache, guys ! :D this monday, i'll having my first term examination. i'm too much thinking about mathematic, sejarah and science. I know that's not as hard as i think. but i'm very hopeful on mathematic mark. I try to make revision and what so ever which related. line&angle, polygons and circle is chapter on mathematic that will be out. and yes, i admit that this is the subject that i don't understand so much actually. i like chapter 5 which is indices. but unfortunate. only chapter 1 until 3 will be out. 4,5 or bla bla will be out this mid term perhaps. god, hope that i can do it. i'm so hope. i don't want to feel so hopeless. that's the weakest part of mine. so now, i would like to wish GOOD LUCK to all people that will having their examination this monday. do your best, don't dissapointed person that wish for you so much, and the most important thing is pray. if god willing, you can do it easily without nervous feeling. i pray for you and please pray for me too =') amen

02 March 2010

prefect are stupid

This is what they called as 'long nail' but did you see any long nail in this picture???

What The Hell are you, my lovely prefeccctttt? Why you being so stupid today ! I just don’t know what happened. Thanks for make rash decision that so-called as ‘stupid’. Yeap, they were so stupid today. Wrote about me in penalty-box. Case is when one ‘pretty lady’ came to me. She check my nail and my scarf. Afterward, she wrote my nail in her notebook. ‘long nail’ ‘half scarf’ What The Fuck!!!! God,my nail wasn’t long. I cut it two days ago. I don’t know what their rules. Rather if I didn’t have a nail perhaps. Then about scarf. She check and said ‘ why you wearing half scarf?’ Half scarf??? are you didn’t have a eye to look???? Or you are blind?? I wearing full scarf. For god sake!! I told her more than twice. She said ‘ yes yes, I know. I didn’t wrote about you, just wrote’ okay but I saw something in your book, 0.0 that is my name. I told my mum, she said it’s okay. If teacher call your name, mention to me. I’ll go to your school indeed. So, I got 8 penalty today. I never forgive all of you….