29 April 2010


This is the 3days collected friends request. Okay i just busy and that was too many ! Decided to approve this weekend. But i just wondering why Facebook do not have ' approve all ' button. Very hard to click one by one. That mean i have to click confirm around 600 times !

Awesome day

Just came back from Stadium Uniten, Bangi. Lol i am so tired though I’m not doing any activity. Sport day today was not bad at all. I had so much fun with my dearies. So yeah it’s awesome day.

Say Hello to Mohd Haris Izazi ! Hahahahha He is ugly clown XDD

Quarter master's tent

Look at them ! We called this as sempoi style. Haha

They were focused on sport :]

Go Kenyalang ( Yellow ) Go Go !!

Jentayu ( Orange ) Look at that boy. He's wanna married :P

The green flag. That's my fav colour :]

Why it must had people's head when i taking picture? :/

So unfortunate that my Sport house fell to the third place. And merak ( Red ) be the winner. Okay i didn't expect that my sport house was in the third place. I thought, it's gonna be first or second. Urm can't believe that jentayu had beat us.

Here is the final result

1. Merak
2. Jentayu
3. Kenyalang
4. Helang
5. Bayan

27 April 2010

Off Off Off

I’m extremely busy in a couple of month. It’s like everyday I just spent my time in front of my book. That was so boring for me. Everyday, the teachers will gave us lots of work. Maybe, they thought that we had a long holiday. But it’s just 2days ! I’m really out of control. Anyway, now I just looking forward to having the next few weeks off. Good that next week I have a trip to Petrosains. Hopefully, all the problem will go out slowly. Oh ya Petrosains such the interesting place to go. I remember when I’m going there around 6years ago. I had a wonderful day. I couldn't forget that beautiful moment until now. Though my trip next week not so best like I think, but maybe I still can enjoy with my friends like I did once. Laugh and smile every single second.

Rendezvous Place

Tomorrow I’ll going to Stadium Uniten, Bangi. I admit that I just can’t wait to attend the day ! This is my second time join this program. Last year, I’m not attended this program because of some reason. So this year, I should not to miss this program. Let’s join me guys and Hello Rendezvous place :D

Spell it Right Competition

Nahh I’ve just finished Spell it Right. So unfortunate that I just can reach until Round 2. I was dismissed from competition so early. Unlucky me ! The words that the teacher gave me was so easy. I don’t know why I couldn’t spell it right. My mind was really blank plus there had a few of audience in front of me. I have to walk alone to answer the question. It’s really embarrassed and slowly kill me. Geez. I admit that I over confident before this competition started. I realizeeee


Honestly, I am the most lazy people to come to school. I am so chipper and happy on the weekends. But when it comes nightine, I feel like crying also anxious to the point. I wish I could begging to stay home I don’t get bullied. School was okay. I just hate being there. I’m so depressed, I’m sick of going to school. It’s horrible ! I just wanna die in the mornings. I want to be home schooled. But my parents said I need to stay in school around my friends. Well said, it suck. My super power brain need to retired for awhile.

Nowadays, I just being too diligent to go to school, attend any activity and also participate on competition. When I thought to be absent, I will think of three times. And the last time, I’ll cancel my plan and I’ll go to school though it forced. I feel sooo trapped and I want to escape. But what should I do. I’m not that kind of people.

But, I increasingly love my school and myself now. I always want to do the best than others did. I did not want to leave the lesson like I did once. So now, I’ll go to school everyday. Study, Sport, Sharing meals during the recess time, meet a good friends of mine. That’s my usually routine :]

Hated HATED exam !!

For over 1week I didn’t post any entry. I really miss this blog. So, How are you readers? Hope you are fine. My health is just okay. Not too healthy and not too sick. Haha. Anyway for now, I begun to revise the lesson. Examination are around the corner. I am sure, it’s not easy :P I hated HATED exam. I am sick of reading book. If they want me to copy the notes of 1000 thousand pages, I could make it ! But don’t give me this kind of test. I hate test and my brain hurts. Dizziness * L

16 April 2010

Sports Day

Actually, There's no sports day for this week. Sport's day was last week. I'm not attended like i told before. It seems so much fun that they had in school. But i had my bored day at home. Soooo severe ! First day before sports day would be held for form 3, i attend to school, i saw the bulletin board. They wrote that my sporting's house was in the first place. Of course i am happy with that. But when the sports day was held where i wasn't present at that time, i got the news that said my sporting's house fell to second place. If we compare with the first place, only 7points different. Well, i probably should not be stressed up to my limit. It's tough for me. I wish i could available at that time and redeem the errors =_______=

Need a little hope ♥

This week is going to be extremely busy and tiring. I have to keep on working my hardest until the very very end. Maybe today is the last day i can post my entry. After this, you will not see any entry that would be shifted to one place to another place like usually i did. So, you can imagine how often me posting 3entries in a day. Well, i just feel like writing nowadays. Haha. I'll have a competition that will be held this week and also my homework that is still falling behind. About the competition, i thought that i had missed to participate. Apparently, i still got the chance. A great opportunity that i shouldn't miss it once again. Thanks god for helping :] So, in this week i need to read lots of book. Because i am sure, this competition isn't easy and difficult as i expect. I just have to balance all. Then about my homework. It's still pending since last week. Teacher force to find to colour picture. I don't know where to find it. My plan is i wanna print. But guess what, my printer's colour was empty. Almost 3months i didn't buy the colour. Suck ! Anyway, I wish i do a HELL load better. Wish me luck and pray for me, guys xxx

Korean Movie

My first question is, Why you guys especially girl, really addicted in korean movie? :] To be honest, i'm the one who interested in korean movie once. But now, I'm not interested on it anymore. Most of korean movie that i think the best and not boring to be watch until now is Full House. You know it, aye? I watch it more than twice and i have the whole series in my laptop. Actually, there's been a long time i did not watch those movie. The last time i watched is 3 months ago XDD


I got the cough and sore throat after I talk with someone a few days ago. See, It was not recover until now. Almost 2 weeks, I just hadn’t get the sleep enough. Oh Lord ! I thought this virus was gotten from her. Through phone perhaps. Hahaha. It’s getting worse. And I don’t like it at all. Especially when I was in class. During the learning lesson where everyone were so focused, I was coughing. I cannot focused ! Maybe they would think that it might be disturb or too noisy. Forgive me. I was not intention, dearie :]

My Exam is Around The Corner !

Examination will start on 31Mei and ended on 4June. That mean, it’s only four days I need to having my examination. Guess what, My first thought is Examination’s papers will be made by teachers. Then today, my friend’s gave the paper that I thought that’s for wrapped. Lol. So, I feel like reading. I ask her

‘ This is for what? I know this is examination’s schedule. But why the title that will come out in our exam was very little ‘

She force me to read carefully. And you know what, examination’s papers for the mid term would be made by education department. Yeah I am anxiety ! The unexpected matter is we have to read our geography’s subject until chapter 10. To be frank, I was utterly gutted. So since it would be made by education department, it’s really require lots of reading, exercises. Now, the conclusion is I have to study harder. More more more harder than before. Last two months, I having my examination. Okay, I did not work hard enough at that time. Yeah I admit it. So the result was not good. But I still can score in some subjects. And the others was okay. I need to work hard soon. I believe that sooner, I will go to A-levels. Who knows. I guessing it was a few marks that will brought my grades down. I think, everyone know what subject’s grade that I mean just now :]

15 April 2010

Dizzy :]

I’ve been a busy girl. Since I’m still schooling and this is not the holiday’s month. So yeah :] I got one scrap book that I have not complete it. Around 30April I have to submit. That mean, I just got less than 14days. But I still have some work that I have not make it and will have some work coming soon. How I’m supposed to do it? Seriously ! I feel so challenged this time. I had not feel it before. I need an assistant to help me. But is there any? Help me, Help me ! The problems are enormous and growing all the time. I just can play to make it reduced. Homework this time was too much. I’m not be able to bear the brunt of this one. I feel like dying :] But what should I do. Homework is still Homework. There are non other word to be changed. I could only smile and be patience with all matters. Believe that everything can be solved in a simple way though it was too complicated and difficult :]

unexcused absences

I just make a truancy today for a reason. I target to not to play truant for 1month. But everything are cancel immediately. How can they make a sport on this month? Why not next month? At the same time, I got spell it right’s competition. I had to cancel this competition. It’s contrary with my sport’s day today. Oh Lord ! I missed to grab the chances and also catch the certificate. I want to collect my certificate but everything are destroyed and spoiled. I’m Devastated !

11 April 2010

ain't perfect

I ain’t perfect and I have lots of flaws. I believe that we all do. So, judging people is not the best way. Everyone know it including me. I make mistakes also correct decisions as well. People and closest friend know who I am. I’m writing this not to angry with anyone, but I just want to enlighten. Don’t get confuse with my entry. I was born in ordinary family. I’m not rich like a few people does, but yet I'm so thankful and i have everything that I need. I grown healthy until I 15years old which is now. There’s nothing to complain because I got everything. Love, Health, Wealth.

Back to the story. Not everyone would understand about my characters until know. My characters are always change. People wouldn’t expect it. I’m different when I’m at home and I’m different when I outside. One step I’m out from my home, everything are change directly which is I did not expect it will happen. I’m veryy noisy at home but I’m very quite outside. Because of that, everyone thought that I’m arrogant. But the fact is I’m not. Try to ask my father, Try to ask my mother, THIS IS ME ! They are familiar with my neglected. We don’t even know each other. So, stop talking J every act must have comment from stranger. How it can happen?

Perhaps I did not know how to pleasant all but yet I still know how to respect my own species. I’m not arrogant just like you said. But I feel so embarrassed when I with stranger. So, I won’t talk to stranger easily unless you say hi first. After that, I’m okay with you. May be it’s my mistakes and sin because I’m like that. But I have no choice. So, I have to accept all my lack. Believe that nobody is perfect and everyone would make mistakes. Everyone will stands up to tell the truth so do i. Maybe this’s the prices that I have to pay when I through my happiness once. But only one word for all of you to keep forever and don’t let it disappear. ‘ NOBODY IS PERFECT ‘

Neynie :)

10 April 2010

Note !


Is it Okay?

Yeah Finally ! I done editing my myspace's profile because that old one was boring to be looked and i don't like it. For almost 3hours i'm searching for floral background that very nice. Then, i found this background but that was too large and the flower was very big. I open my photobucket. Then, small it xD

09 April 2010


Scrapbook for Sejarah, Sejarah's note, Sejarah's exercise, PLBS for Bahasa Melayu, Spell it right's competition, Literature ! Have to settle in one week if god willing :(

08 April 2010

I'm Blank

' I don't know what are you talking about '

Hey Teacher, Please let me see the whiteboard. I don't know what are you teaching about !i don't know how to make it ! For over 2days, I being confused and also silent without looked at book in my class. The others was veryyy excited and they can gave the answer easily. When my teacher ask me whether i understand or not, i said ' YES I UNDERSTAND ' Whereas, I still don't understand. So that mean, now i'm having problem to complete algebraic expression's exercise. Lately, i came to school around 7am and i started to call my friend's name to copy all their answer. I know you will say that i very foolish and do not want to try. But how to try?? I don't understand even 1% ! I need someone's help. But is there any?

Ups And Downs ♥

Life is a challenge. No matter how privileged, successful, rich, thin, pampered, admired, or beloved we are, some days are better than others. We hit walls we can't dig under or climb over. We get the flu and barf until we wish we could die, or break a leg, or get told that we have a horrible medical condition that will shorten our life and reduce its quality. People we trust betray us. Friends and family members die without our permission. Our pets have shorter life spans than we do. The government makes irritating laws, the economy fluctuates, and lousy weather provides us with plenty to complain about :)

07 April 2010

Yeah Thanksssss

I can't even describe, how happy me after everything done. I got my class's picture and mathematic result. All is bad, don't you ask me. Glad that nobody would be toooo honest today. I smile in every minute. So, yeah goodbye :D


' Kalau mak panjang umur, nanti boleh la kita shopping sama-sama okay. Doakan mak '

The word that make me so touching today. Please don't say like that next time :(

06 April 2010

Heart Beating

I can hear my heart was ' dug dap dug dap ' Since morning. Face expression start to change a few minutes before school ended today. Urmmm what should i do tomorrow? Am i have to run before my teacher will get back to my class? And how about class's picture? Does it so bad to be look by people? Hope that, something that really miracle will happen. I'm so hopeful. I feel like dying to through tomorrow. God, Help me !! Hope that nobody will be too honest when they look at those picture. And hope that my teacher wouldn't give my mathematic paper. Please Please Please My teacher :(

05 April 2010

Yummyyhhh ! :D

Spaggethi Bolognise for my dinner tonight. Look so yummy wasn't it? Yeah, So YUMMYYHHH ! For second time, i ate spaggethi for this month. So yeah, it would be good if every day i can eat it :P But Noo Noo Noo, I wouldn't eat it every day, Because of what? Er think it :D Anyway, Thanks to mommy coz make it, and hope that you'll continue make it soon. LOL :D

03 April 2010

Busy's life

Quite busy with my school’s life now. Lately, I got so muchhh homework that I don’t know whether I can settle it or not. It’s like 1YEAR HOMEWORK !! I wish, I could have a good amount of freedom with my schedule. But I couldn’t get it. All is just Imaginaryyy. Everyday I have to look at book and that’s make me bored again again and again. I want to get some good scenery which is something that different from ‘book’s scenery’ LOL :D Actually, I don’t know how to manage time and arrange schedule. So, my time wasn’t good everyday and I would be late doing something else.

April Booooo

I wish that I won’t being fooled on April Fool this year. But may be god won’t approved my wished. LOL. It’s okay then. First, it started when I came to school and sit in my place. One of my boy’s friend told me that my teacher wanted her book today. Of course I’m shocked because I don’t even doing that. I just left It behind my mind. Finally, He told me ‘ Aprrriiilll Fooolll ‘ Hey, Go Hell Please <3

02 April 2010


I miss the memories that I left behind my mind. Thank you for the advising and the love given. I won’t forget that beautiful memories. Forever and ever =’)

Last night I looked up at the sky, and thought to myself -- how breath
taking, how mind blowing beautiful it is up there. The stars were shining
so bright and the moon was gleaming. The sky line went on and on and on,
never ending. And I felt this feeling all over, this comforting feeling
that tingled from my head all the way to my toes. I knew at that very
moment it was you, smiling down on me -- telling me not to worry
everything's all right.

Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in heaven where the
love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let
us know they are happy.

God saw you were getting tired and a cure was not meant to be, so he put
his arms around you and whispered "Come with me". With tearful eyes we
watched you as we saw you pass away. Although we love you deeply, we could
not make you stay. Your golden heart stopped beating, hard working hands
at rest, God broke our hearts to prove to us - He only takes the best.

A spirit is like your mother, your dad, who have made it. They can
come around, but they come around in a loving way because they've
already made it to God. Most people make it.