28 February 2011

Helloooo Milooo :D

Sorry for not having written forever ! It’s been awhile since I last blogged, so bare with me. Life has been pretty crazy with high school life and so on. Idk how to organize my busy high school life. LOL

Today was okayyy. I laughed quite a lot today because of Shah, Nonie’s crazyness and highness. My friends never fail to make me giggle and I had to control it until my tummy hurts. Haha nvm! I’m so can’t wait for this comin one week holiday! I can clear my mind and I don’t have to think of anything that has got to do with school. But before that, on 8th March ( Next week ) is my first term examination. Well, I’m worry about my 3 elective subject this year which is Sains Sukan, Ekonomi Asas and Perdagangan. Perdagangan is quite easy. Sains sukan is hmmm I don’t know how to say. Like seriously, I don’t understand about the liga liga thingy minghy. Tough :( To my schoolmate, All the best for next week. Give a silent prayer to God before answering the questions

So farewell, May i rest in Peace

(Rubbing Eyes)
Goodnight, everybody :)


Thank you so much :')

I had a wonderful experience blogging since 2009. Almost 2years. I'll never forget the memories that I have saved in god-awful grammar-i-fied words. You see, how much I’ve improve my English. Alhamdulillah from 0 to 50% maybe

Rasa nak share something tonight. Dulu, langung tak minat English. Tak percaya, aku boleh tunjuk macam mana marks English masa sekolah rendah and tahun 2009. But one day, entah kenapa datang mood gila tiba-tiba terasa nak write in English. Rasa buang tebiat pun ada. Ayat memang tunggang-langgang lah. Try pergi check my 1st post dulu. English memang hancuusss. Then one day lagi, rasa tiba-tiba terminat English. Bantai beli novel English, my 1st English Novel, STEP ON IT CUPID. Mak, kakak ketawa. Pandai ke kau baca? Aku senyum je. Nak belajar lah. Ambik baby-step dulu. Banyakkan pembacaan. Aku start dengan 0. Rasa kelakar pun ada. Hahaha tapi sekarang, still tengah belajar lagi. Ayat pun tak betul lagi. Minta maaf kalau ada yang baca tu, mungkin tak faham. Tapi tolong lah buat-buat faham eh :P Sampai lah aku naik form 3, belajar lagi English. Bila exam mid-term rasa nak nangis. Dapat A! Bukan nak berlagak just nak cakap aku terharu. Alhamdulillah apa yang aku belajar berbaloi. Ya Allah, tak percaya gila. Dulu selalu sangat dapat E. Dalam report-card pun gred English warna merah. Ayat memang paling kelakar lah. Nak baca pun malu sendiri. Sekarang, still pakai translation dengan dictionary. Jangan nak perli aku sangat. Tak pandai lagi pun. Masih belajar :)

I think, this might be my last post ( 2 entry ) for this month or it might not.

13 February 2011

Damn !

Today will be the last day of school and tomorrow is a school holiday ( Just for 1 day ) Guess what people, I’m not attending to the school today. I’ve been having diarrhea. My stomach is killing me in the morning. I think, it’s around more than 10times I go to toilet. Every 5 or 10mins. Well never mind :/ Right now, I’m searching for the great title for my oral test. It’ll be a heavy day ofcoss. Doubts started flooding my mind since the day the teacher told me about oral. I hate oral presentation so much ! Group and individual presentations is normal thing that u need to do when you’re in high school. I hate when people stare at me and some people are just doin their own work, talk to their friends. Oh yeahhhh I feel like, I like a fool who speaks to my-self. Standing and talking in front of a loads people. My heart would just pump out for each beat while I’m waiting for my turn and while I’m doin my presentation. So, for this time I really want to know how far I could do and how brave I am. Haha All I know now is that I've been a coward

I suffered from a strong anxiety of public speaking. Is there any help for me?
Conclusion : I know, I can never be politician ! Hahahaha

10 February 2011

10 February

Nothing really exciting these days. I just too much busy with the homework and ofcoss in school. Bapak lah just in 1 day, It’s like I got 10 homeworks and only need to workout for only 1 or 2days :/ So called- CRAZY ! Right now, I just got home from the school. 14Hours in school %@$%^* bla bla bla. So called- Laaaagi GILA ! Keep the sports stor room with the 3 others. Only four people allowed to be in this stor. Count the sports equipment borrowed/returned. It’s so tired as hell + boring and SLEEPY ! -.-‘ Glad it just 1 times in a month for us. I don’t know what’ll happen if it 2 or 3 times in a month. Oh sorayyy I surrender :O