29 December 2009

god have mercy ♥

last few days when i'm online, my lappy almost fall down. Glad, i catch it just in time. My feeling at that time only god knows >.< My sister thought, my lappy already fall. But my answer was totally nope.The case is when i wanna go to my bedroom, then my legs rolled at wire because too many wire at my legs. That's why this case happen x)

26 December 2009

school life

Having my school holiday this month was not really good because i'm doing nothing at home. So, for now i'm start to counting day when school will start. Next week's my last holiday and it's a busy week. I have to settle all kinds of thing. Going to The Mines to buy bag, shoes etc. I have to buy MP3 also. Yeahh it's a bullshit, aye? >.< Before school holiday ended, let's do something ridiculous ! Next year's not year to play. But it's a study year for penilaian menengah rendah. Hope it's not so difficult. Because my teacher say, PMR this year it's not difficult to do. Everyone start to afraid of it. Nevermind x)

24 December 2009

Latest news

These story a bit funny. The case is when my place building tent. Here the conversation

Me : Mom, why they'd trying to building tent?
Mom : Urm, i don't even know that
Me : They want to celebrate christmas ke?
Mom : HAHA no lah. I don't think so. Because majority population here is muslim. Gila ke kau. HAHAHA
Me : Dad, did you know what will happen tomorrow?
Dad : I don't know. I'm also wondering here
Me : Celebrate christmas kot. HAHA how could them ! xD xD

I look at my phone, i got phone call from my friend

Maz : Hey, can you join us to go to pasar malam?
Me : Err okay. What time?
Maz : 8.30 okay?
Me : okay

I'm going to bathe, and get ready to go while i take order from both of alien xp

Maz : Hey, i'm waiting for you in front of burger shop. Let's go
Me : Okay, okay. Wait. Nak turun la ni x)
Maz : You've been take result?
Me : Nope. I don't want to take it. Let it be SUPRISE !
Maz : Sengal. HAHA
Me : Maz, did you know what will happen tomorrow? i wondering, whey they build the tents
Maz : Tomorrow have a game for teenagers la
Me : Haaa? I thought, they want to celebrate christmas
Maz : HAHAHAHA kepala kau lah.
Me : Hey ya la. They build the tents now while tomorrow all christians will celebrate christmas. So, we thought of that situation. Actually, we think of that jugak. How could them wanna celebrate kan xp
Maz : HAHA stupid dohh. no lah
Me : I wondering again now, why tent tu like kandang gusti?
Maz : Ye kan. I don't know lah. Better you ask kat uncle tu. He will give you the right answer
Me : I don't want. Kau ah

The end of these story. By the way, marry christmas to all christian and happy holiday !


Few days ago, i had my annoying day. I feel like dying. Only god knows what i feel. But i'm glad a bit because someone really care me and she trying to coax. Sorry to say, her help not helping me even 1%. I lost my confident, i lost my happiness. The only feeling i know is tension. Just fuck everything up ! For 2days, i can't sleep. My eyes swollen and it's really like a panda. When i awake, my eyes's still swollen because i can't stop to cry. While i sleep also these situation happen. People start to ask me what happen with my eyes. Omgosh >.< when i'm tired to think of these situation, god bring my happiness back. I'm tired to fake a smile and laugh before. Things happen for a reason. i'd really believe it

18 December 2009

Random : ♥

12/11/2009 : i know, being beautiful doesn't have to be a complicated and mysterious process x)

17/11/2009 : dangg! I love final examination last week. and i love what i've got. i mean, my result. But , i'm not satisfied with my mate mark. every examination i failed it. grr i feel like i cant succeed in mate subject *hopeless* i know, even though i'm so exhausted to study it more, ICANTGIVEUP. Just need more extra class, need more focused on subject and prayer. Don't foul-mouther again neynie. I'll regret if not observe it x)

11/12/2009 : It's difficult to find friend that willing to through together in good or bad situation. I'm really admit it. I have many friend but i cant find friend that really good and can share story with each other x(

13/12/2009 : After back from wedding caremony today, i got so many sick. I don't know why. Headache, stomachache, cough, fever etc. I'm also woryy about my skin problem now. Every month i have to and fro from home to Bangsar, KL. Doing more check up and take medicine non-stop ! I'm so exhausted. Hope this's not not so serious and i'll getting well sooner. oh god, please keep me away from skin cancer and anything that cause die. ameen

05 December 2009


For now, i can't blog-ing, myspace-ing often. Im entirely and occasionally online. Farewell readers, x)