28 September 2011

I miss these things

# Waking up and the first thing i did was run to mommy and running outside to play with friend
# Silly enough to play with tamagotchi's. Anyone play this before?
# Not caring of what i looked like
# Getting dirty and coming home and taking a bath
# When the only reason i cried was when i get hurt and friend teased me
# Listened to Westlife all day long
# Holding my dad's hand and the only boy i kiss was him
# When there wasn't such a thing as rumor
# Not worry to have a haircut
# When we swearing such a bad thing
# Get excitement when we get chocolate and ice-cream!
# The only drama was 'taknak kawan'. 'I'll tell my mom, my kakak pengawas sekolah dia then you know how it'll be'
# When you climbing trees to pluck fruits
# Going to parks and play every evening
# When we going to Fun-Fair and ask momma to give you some money

Well, just to show to you guys. Childhood memories is beautiful. Recalling every memories i had.
Everything was easier. All can be fixed with ice-creams. Yummy :')

21 September 2011

Lil note for Mom xx

Dear Mommy, mak or ibuuuuu :DD

Well actually I’ve been trying to post her picture but somehow it doesn’t want to get through. I found out didn’t. Nevermind.

Today is mom’s birthday. I couldn’t believe she has reached the number of 48! To be honest to you guys, I never ever did a surprise for her. Just like…. Everybody did to their mom. ‘Wake up, go over to her, give her a huge hug and kiss, tell her how much you love her and how thankful you’re to have her as your mom’. I never did that. Just a simple wish to her with laugh and smile

Mom, happy birthday. May you have a really good and blast one. I love you for everything you’ve ever done for me and my two sisters and for others that you haven’t done too. Million thanks for raising us with such amazing kindness and thanks for being the light that I needed many times

So mom, I’m telling you this way and you should know that I always celebrating your birthday and your existence always come out to mind

I am who I am today because of you
Love you

Now and Forever xx

P/s : Quick post

Empty spaces between my fingers


I’m not good enough for anyone. I admit that, perhaps I’m not good enough for friends too. But I think, this is the most selfish thing I ever had. I find myself thinking I’m abandoned. Well, I know who I am. Thinking back of the last time we’re together, I’m speechless. Almost waste this tears in front of you guys. I don't know who to tell with. For everything that I have made before, as a friend it proved to be futile. Well, not much. Just a lil thing that made me regret and… of course sad too. I found myself stupid sometimes. Why? Cause I think, I’m tooo kind for that. I mean, in some ways I found out that I’m too kind that nobody not gonna pay that kindness of me back. Don’t get me wrong! My purpose to tell here is, I have a heart too. I feel as if, I rather stay in shadow and pain and I don’t know now what friend to friend means

My mind wanders
Sorry so much

20 September 2011

Start over

Well, looked through the window. I just love the weather today. Nice and humid! Em :)

Technically, I have another blog actually. The other one I created is just for poems and any quotes I got. Just to share with you guys! Anyways, my blog’s link changed a couple of weeks ago and million apologies for that. There’s something here that doesn’t make sense to ‘someone’. Hell yeah :) All of my friends asked to create another link and here it goes. Unholyconfessionbloggies! Don’t ask me why with the name cause actually I’ve no idea what to tell you. Wink thanks for visiting! Here is my new beginning. I just started my school back around 2 or 3 weeks ago. Not bad! I’ve just got all of my result and the result… hm pretty disappointed. Er okay actually, I’d expect it would happen. My expectations are much higher than before especially when I got my BM result. BM RESULT! First time in my life, I feel like crying when I got that. To be honest, I prefer essay. I know some of you guys, gonna hate essay. 350words wasting your pen ink isn’t it? I admit it, but I love essay and I don’t know why. I’ve been too good on expressing myself by writing. Not to be ‘perasan’. I just lovvvvvessss :)

So today, I just skipped my class. Give a simple reason to mom ‘Malasssss lah mak’. Hahaha green light! Alright no more crap’s like that anymore. I just can swear to god, the assignments are killing me! I never ever gonna do my homework at the very last minute. Pathetic! I hate school but there’s one big reason why I love going to class. That is.. friend :) Especially in my class. We’re like ONE BIG FAMILY. Happy family are always together. We all do smile, we all do laugh, enjoy making joke during class and act ridiculously. Like I was home :)))

' I don't remember how we happened to meet each other. I don't remember who got along with whom first. All I can remember is all of us together...always :') '

P/s : Tiba2 terasa nak ber 'teman sejati' jap :P

Open Houseeee!

Since kita still dalam bulan syawal ni, I would like to take the opportunity again to wish Selamat Hari Raya untuk semua!

Dah kalau syawal, ofcos lah masih lagi terkenal dengan open house kan? Yup my schedule for open house sangat pack since last week. Bagus jugak at least I got something ‘to do’ and boleh merayau cucii mattaaa. *joking*

My 1st house on 11september : First location di rumah my close friend nonieyyy! Menumpang my driver sejati ayuuuuu! Hahaha :DD Great lah. Pergi dengan satu lagi motor. Kira 2 motor lah. Balik bermotor-motor. Syiok woo dah macam konvoi. Thanks for the great hospitality noniey :)

Second house on 13 September : Location rumah ‘tuutt’ and Puteri. Time ni…. Ump malas nak cerita panjang. Even ni blog sendiri pun still bahaya nak cerita apa2. But still semua nya great. Thanks for the great hospitality guys and ‘duit raya’ :P

Third 15 September : Kali ni kat rumah sendiri! Sorry to those yang tak jemput and jangan marah ogeyhhh? Rumah full gila sampai pintu. Rumah flat je pun. It’s okay next time ada lagi. Wait for the invitation jelah korang ye. Aku just jemput budak2 kelas and ada yang lain sikit. Itu pun nasib baik tak masuk lagi kawan k.long and ngah. Nasib lah their friend dah balik dulu. Kalau tak, habis lah. Tak sangka kawan sendiri boleh ramai. To jue, thanks DATANG! Hahahaha XD

16 September : *Location Taman Sri Indah! Rumah shahrul pulak. Dengan driver sejati lagi ayuuu :DD Ikut shortcut ( Kalau highway mampus lah ). Nice dapat makan spaghetti. Rumah kau cantik shahrul. Thanks duit raya. Haha :)
*Second location : Rumah Fazim pulak. Ada nasi kerabuuuuuuuuu >< Tapi aku makan mihun je. Perut agak full that time and anyways, thanks to Fazim sebab baik ambil kan air aku sebanyak 2 kali and thanks AYU sebab berjaya 'lompatkan' mihun aku -,-
*Third house : Rumah lyana. Time nih berlagak konon2 perut dah full. Actually memang dah full gila cause before that dah 2 rumah kot makan. Pergi ambik macaroni sikit gila. Sekali makan, tiba2 rasa sedap pulak. Umppp >< Thanks duit raya aunt :)

17 September : Tarikh bertembung dengan tarikh open house and jamuan kelas kat Mines. First pergi mines dulu enjoy till 4PM. Then balik cepat2 tukar baju and tunggu ayu jemput. Sampai CJ je hambiikk kau hujan lebat tak payah cakap! Nasib baik kitorang jumpa khemah India mana entah. Tumpang berteduh kejap for almost sejam weh! Time tu dah berasap dah. Tapi pergi jugak rumah eyra kejap. Basah kuyup! >< Balik pun redah je. Nak dekat maghrib balik!


P/s :Nice tak? Total dah 7 house. This week tunggu rumah ayu pulak. Masuk 8 dah. Memang aku cukup makan bulan nih. Errr

11 September 2011

Personal blow

Another one of my attempts to lose something like.. ‘ myself ‘. It’s been a depressed day since the 1st Syawal. Can’t ever figure out why.
It was nice, humid and cold morning. Goodmorning sleepyheads!
Well as usual, nothing to write about. But I’m gonna express something here *Mostly what I write here is what I feel*. Express what I cannot say to anyone, I wouldn’t know what to place it as

Another chapter comes in life which brought myself to the emptiness and so called boring-ness, devastated. Well I don’t focus to one point, what I really mean is everything. I’m stuck with my ordinary live. Hell yeah it’s kinda depressing to see people stuck In their ordinary lives isn’t it? Now I think, it was 3 or maybe 5 times harder than before. I need somewhere to shout out louds. As a fleeting emotion left, the other strengthened and now the other is weakened. Screwed them up! I haven’t been in this conflicted emotion in ages. There’re always a questions with no answers that drive my mind insane. I’m lost

People making me trouble. Why don’t they just put on the full stop and admit their own mistake? Is that really hard? Don’t put the ego too much. Someday soon, you’ll get something which gonna bring you to the hell-ness. My eyes water as I wrote this. It’s been 3 sleepless nights with a swollen eyes. I spend way too much time in my head till I couldn’t sleep. I hate this feeling that i’m feeling. I just hope everything will turn out fine sooner or later

‘Sometimes I wish I could just be a little kid again. So when life gets hard, you could just run to mommy and it would all be okay’

P/s : This blog is once again alive