26 January 2012

STORY #283

There's been a lot going on nowadays. I'm currently not feeling well, kinda sick. Sucks having this continuous flu. Today was a shit-ass day. No wonder why I feel like something going to happen. Since last night. Ya since I type my previous post. I feel depressed for no reason. God’s testing me again today. I guess, I couldn't take it anymore, so I'm typing this post. It's not like anyone's gonna read it anyway, I don’t care if anyone not going to read this. This one is just for releasing what I should be releasing all this while. It sucks to only have your self to share the story, to share all the pain. I only have my self :’)

I've been stressing out a lot lately, in things i shouldn't be stressing out on. Dear you who might read this blog of mine, I’m sure you aren’t that dumb right? Yes. I hope you’re not. I don’t want to mention your name in this blog. You know, as much as i like mentioning names, your names aren't even worth having a spot in my blog. Hmp I still don't know why I get so sensitive at times. I love crying. You know why? And because of what? I’m crying cause that’s the only way for me to let out my sadness. I don’t have anyone beside me to share with. It shows that i’ve been strong for too long. I’m not weak! And I’m crying because of you. Yes no one. But YOU! Maybeee… I was just so stress before that. Knowing that the one who have been so close with you are the one who made me you cry too. I never knew it could be this often. A lil part of me still tells me that I’m still strong enough to face this thing.



I met one of wonderful god’s creation today.

I actually met a deaf and dumb guy while I’m waiting for my sis to come back just now. We can communicate a lil bit. He smiles a lot. He makes me look at the world differently. You know how much I thanks god when I met him? Alhamdulillah. Be praise to the lord a lot more now. I believe he has another advantage in himself that we don’t have

25 January 2012


Can you believe about what I just did today?
3 post in a day? Am crazy?
No. I’ve got nothing to do. I’m totally bored kay.
Gotta stop typing in the middle like this
Mwahahaha! -.-“

Weyhhhhhhhhhh, kenapa aku boring sangat ni? No idea ke about what I should do now? Most importantly Is today! What should I do today?!

Nahhh, hear this. Enjoy this peaceful melody. Don't cry. Just listen to it :')

Signing off, okay bye

Kill me, again brahh!

I wish there have a rewind button. So I could turn it to the previous chapter we once had it together. Nice to know you after a long time we have known each other. You know me as a girl who love to mumbling around even there wasn’t a reason behind it and I know you as a guy who strong enough, brave enough to face the thing even there were a storm in front of you. Loving the mom, loving the siblings, that’s you. Ya 3 years are not enough to know each other better but at least we get to know each other in a different way. You know, me and you are different. We’re different in our own way. But It feels like I know you a long time ago. We shared a lot, loves too much, missing the thing together. I wish we still together. Together like holding the hand. Soo… tight. I’m here, listening to the song, while staring at your pictures in my phone, reading back all the conversation we made. Tears rolled down my cheek as I type this. I wish, how I wish I could turn back thing. Fix the thing we’ve made. It shouldn’t be this way. If I knew you’d hurt me this way, I wouldn’t love you this much. I swear. But we have come to this. Nothing more I could say than this. The price I havta pay after all the happiness. Giving my love to you again now means giving you the power to hurt me more than anyone can or has ever had the ability to. You know why I rejecting you sometimes? Do you ever hear about ‘It’s not you I’m rejecting. It’s my heart I’m protecting’. Yes that’s it. After all, you are still here with me now. Still. Nothing change. I’ll forever hold the risks and bear with it as long as we still together. I love you, so much I love you. Dear you, I just wanted you to know that I still care about you. I don’t want to see you leave but if you do, I’ll forever miss the guy who loved me once. Maybe the puzzle will loss one of their part too, maybe the sun will loss his light too, maybe this girl will loss their power too. Perhaps

The hell, is it?

We’re having so called break for this first semester in Jan! I think the break is only for our teacher. Did you agree? It’s not a break when you actually have like gazillion home works to do. What holiday is that? NOT cool at all. Believe me, not cool. *A thousand sighs*. It's hard to believe right now as you struggle to swallow every thing. I mean… your home work. Bear with that, guys. I thought of something a couple of days ago. Maybe! Just maybe, the teacher is thinking of a way to make the student suffer and make our life more miserable this year. Why? I’m gonna having my big exam this year. SPM. Scare me the most. Is it scared you too dear 95’s? But the teachers more scare me. Letting us know again, again and again about the exam and giving loads of scary words to us. I mean, it’s nice to have someone telling you about the exam. So that you don’t forget about the thing you have to face later. But don’t toooo much please. At the same time, we’re thinking of a scary thing too ‘macam mana aku nak struggle weh. Mesti fail punya lah. Mental mentaaaal!’. Pessimists. Yes liddat. You got to agree with me right? Okay am going to stop mumbling now. No one likes maybe. If only my teachers going to read this. I’ll die in a day maybe. About the holiday, my family and I went to some place. Went to the village instead of going to the mall. You know, it’s supposed to be window shopping. But due to some problem with my dad, we can’t help our self. I only have 10 bucks in my wallet. I’m broke alreadyyyy!

3 more days to go. Dear kiddos, don’t forget about the home work you need to pass up next week. Books piled up in a stack beside you wanting you to complete it. Forget about the holiday, about the freedom. There’re holiday lights at the end of your tunnel. After SPM maybe. My war is going to begin next month. Tuition, extra class and so on. Till then, nights

“ Remember: It is a book. It is a test. It is a paper. That’s it. That’s all “

23 January 2012

No title required

I’ve been taking this critical subject for about one year and a half months. To be honest, I couldn’t believe about what I’ve been through with these 3 subjects before! Which iss.. Sport Science, Economy and Perdagangan. Well I don’t know whether I can take this 3 subjects as a part of my exam or not. I’m intrigued by the concept of learning this subject on the first day of class. But now, this subjects has given me a lil bit of confusing. I know, ‘learn’ is the root. Buttttt… uh well. It has made the impact towards others too -.-

P/s: I’m going to be very polite and very careful with my blog posts for this year. As some of you may already know, what happened last year? Guys, do know why I created this blog? It’s for my own! I share and write everything here. My story, my friend, my life. It’s not yours and no need to control about the thing I’ve said. It’s my own and I can do anything I want. AT LEAST I don’t insult you, write your name and saying a bad thing about you. Shut the fuck up. But after all, I’ll control my words. This one will be different. I swear, it will be. And about the ‘last case’ i'm just glad i've learned something new from that. Thanks for reading. This one is just a notice to the people.

* Everything here is written in Malay and English. Sorry for The Rojak words. Peace! *

22 January 2012

Random je ni

Haaaai! Ni semua sebenar nya random post je. Sebenar nya benda ni aku nak tulis semalam. Tapi tak ada masa. So lanjut kan je sekarang ni okay. Tak apa kan? Hehe. Last night time aku tengah berfacebook, aku nampak ada 1 fanpage ‘Aliff Cullen’ ni dia post macam-macam gambar yang kita semua penah buat time kecik. Termasuk aku sekali. Aku tengok one by one. Tersenyum, tergelak, tersebak, terindu sendiri. Cehwah! Eh betul lah. Nak tau ke? Jap japp………

Haaaaa ni dia!

Dulu aku rasa cukup power bila aku letak ibu jari aku kat lampu. Dan terhasil lah warna darah merah ku di ibu jari. Kahkahkah! Don’t laugh please! Eh tapi betul lah kan? Aku dulu time zaman bodoh nya, curi torchlight kat bilik mak aku, lepas tu letak kat ibu jari. Lepas tu pegi kat bapak aku, ‘Ayah ayah! Nampak darahh. Wuwwwuuwuwuw’ *Sambil angkat kening tunjuk ibu jari*. Bapak aku dengan kakak aku ‘Oh okay’ je. Hahaha! Korang pun mesti sama punya en. Ingat lagi kan time zaman bangang korang suka buat benda ni dulu? Kihkihkih~

Ni favourite aku! Dulu bapak aku rajin beli kan benda ni. Habis battery beli baru. Habis je beli baru. Padahal boleh je tukar battery kat luar. Nampak lah betapa malas nya nak tukar battery sampai sanggup tukar yang baru. Alaa lagi pun main ganas. Asyik campak je. Merajuk je campak. Main pun tekan kuat-kuat. Bukan kitorang adik beradik je main, bapak aku pun main. Ni favourite bapak aku jugak ni. Kalau bapak aku bosan, aku nampak bapak aku main benda ni. Bila aku on je, aku nampak ada game yang dipause kan. Kerja bapak aku lettewww. Dia suka main game yang bongkah susun susun pastu TETTTTTTTTTT tu -.-“

Ni pun lagi satu! Dulu memang aku perangai beruk sikit. Aku suka memanjat. Haaa macam ni lah aku suka buat! Paling suka buat kat pintu bilik rumah opah aku. Time tu cukup bangga lah, ‘Opahhh! Tgk org boleh panjat’. Opah aku buat bodoh je. Haha terer tak adik opah? Terer en terer an. Haha! Cecah tu kepala kat dinding atas. Memang bangga tu to the max ah. Kahkahkah!

P/s: Aku boring sebenar nya tak buat apa cuti ni. Gong xi fa caaai dear readers! -.-“

21 January 2012

Likeee likeee :D

Tak aci lah asyik korang je sibuk bercerita. Bagi lah masa untuk aku bercerite jugak kan. Since aku dah tak ada benda nak buat sekarang ni. So? Let’s we start noww!

Zaman kecik-kecik aku sama je macam budak-budak lain. Senang cerita sama jelah macam orang tengah baca post ni kan! Jap aku kenal kan diri aku jap. Aku lahir tahun 95. Memang dah lama sangat hidup kat bumi ni. Lama ke? Entah. Aku lahir kat Hospital Besorrr KL. Tapi aku di besar kan kat Selangor. Mak kata dia lahir kan aku terus duduk rumah yang sekarang ni. Kira rumah ni sempena hadiah aku lahir dulu kot. Hahaha! Tapi zaman kecik-kecik aku, aku jarang sangat ada memori kat sini. Tak tau lah tak banyak or sama ada aku tak ingat, Aku rasa memang aku tak ingat kot. Sebab aku ni suka sangat balik Kampung aku yang tak serupa kampung, yang memang tak ada suasana kampung tu.

KAMPUNG KERINCHI, KUALA LUMPUR. Poskod dia 59200. Hihihihi~

Dah abaikan je. Zaman kecik-kecik aku mental sikit ;) Rutin aku sama je. Tak tau kenapa aku suka sangat balik tempat favourite aku ni. Sampai sekarang pun tempat ni still tempat favourite aku even arwah atok and opah aku dah meninggal. Aku rasa maybe aku ni dah terbiasa dengan tempat ni. Rumah Pangsa je. Yang aku ingat, dulu aku selalu main tembak tembak kat rumah tu. Perangai serupooo jateee. Jealous sangat aku tengok cousin boboyy aku and jiran jiran boboy aku pakat semua main pistol manik tu, so aku pun apa lagi. Pegi ambik pistol manik cousin aku curik curik bawak main. Dia marah akuu! Aku pun nangis. Sooo aku pun nangis depan arwah opah aku. Opah aku bagi duit. Pagi esok nya, dengan gigih nya aku turun sorang pegi pasar pagi beli pistol mainan. Harharrharrrrr! Apa benda jelah aku ni. Another story yang paling segar dalam ingatan tulus ikhlas aku ni, time aku pegi 1 flat ni. Kitorang panggil flat 17 tingkat je sebab dia ada 17 tingkat. Ada orang gila kejar aku. Time tu aku kat playground. Kat lif pulak tu. So aku agak phobia nak naik lif sekarang ni. Sebab hal tu je! Damn you orang gila. You scareee the kidsss -.-

18 January 2012

Here I am again! :)

This is again a quick post from me. Just wanna let you guys know that these days I’m too busy with my studies as my BIG exams are coming near. *Two weeks of being very busy with studies*. Sooo I will not be able to post anything quite often. Study tak lagi sebenar nya just homework je yang bertimbun! Ohh my senior yearrrr trying to kill me this year and this time okay! Most of my mates are very worried, I guess that’s why nobody wasn't being active on Facebook again. SO DO MEE! Right now I just realize about the last day of my school last year. It was one of the most enjoyable days in my life. Enjoy sampai tak ingat nak EXAM. I spend sometime talking and walking and everyone there were kinda amazed :DD Okay dah dah. Let Bygones be bygones!

Here’s my new year resolution:


*Some of you might wonder it's too late to think about and give out my new year resolution but it really doesn't matter *


Dear God,

The only thing I ask you now is………

to grant me the will………

to start studying. LOLLLLLZ!

12 January 2012


Aaaaaaaaaaaaa Assalamualaikum dear readers ku yang comel-comel belaka :) ,

Blog dah berhabuk! Bukan malas nak update tapiii tak ada masa. Eh tak ada ke?! Hehe okay sekolah dah bukak. Faham-faham sendiri lah macam mana kan. Kerja rumah menggunung, tak ada masa nak rehat. Masa dah pun di bahagi kan untuk buat kerja rumah dan masa untuk tidur. Tu PENTING okayyy. So jangan tanya aku apesal aku kata masa aku tak cukup. Time tidur harus di masuk-kan ke dalam list sekali. HAHA! Balik pun kejap awal kejap lambat. Senior year ku seteruk ini kah? Aiyaya -.-“

Whatever it is, rasa nya tak terlambat lagi nak wish HAPPY NEW YEARRRRR! Jangan rindu sangat tahun yang dah lepas tu. Let bygones be bygones. Okay? Mula kan dengan tahun baru, azam dan semangat baru. Kumpul balik segala kenangan tu kalau boleh banyak kan lagi biar sampai kau rindu bagai nak mati. HAHA! Teruk terukkkk. Okay besok jumaat. Selamat berhari jumaat eh

Naniteeeee readers! :3

P/s: Semangat nak sekolah LUNTURRR! Guane nak SPM cenggini?! :(