30 July 2010

Misses Perak :'(

I’ve just came back from an awesome trip in Taiping. I had a fantastic time with all my friends. We visited Museum Taiping, Lake valley and many more. Although there're not many attractions in Taiping, but still, I can enjoy.

Great driver

Great place

Great accommodation

Great friends

Great bus

Great train

What more can I say? Everything was great. So now, I’m home already

What now? Back to depression ?

26 July 2010

Holidays Jyeah :D

I'll going to Taiping, Perak within 3days. 28th until 30th of July for the ' Kembara Nilam ' I can't wait to experience it myself ! I think it's fun because i will ride the train. This's my first time going to somewhere far from home, by using a train. Haha. I'm still wondering now, what should i bring? What should i wear? Mhm alim style. Is it suit for me? :P Pwahahaha. okay i'll update more soon. Will post my new entry after i come back from Perak. Goodbye and have a nice day xx

25 July 2010


Many things has happen this semester that give me big impact on my life. Especially when I was in class. Now I’m going to confess something. I hated one of my friend in class. I know, some of you whose close to me know who is. Okay this one is super long story but the whole situation was just weird. Tehee. Mhm I think, I’ve wrote about her in the last entry. But never mind yeah, I need to write again because that one is just an old post.

‘ We known each other on 2009. At that time, we didn’t close and didn’t know each other even in the same class. Alright I know that was weird :] I really hate her at first because she was involved in a disciplinary case and I thought she’s the student who are less intelligent. But, when the examination result announced, I realize that my guess was totally wrong. She’s sucha good students and yeah smart. From that, I’m start to put my own respect to her until 2010 which is this year. I’m still shocked that we’re sat in the same class. Just both of us. We started to close because we don’t know anyone in this class. That was good for me. In Mac, I’m getting mad on her because she’s the one who made my heart aching. I’m still remember when we walked home together, and she said something bad about me. Everyone were looked at me and some of them were laugh. Fucking sad. Then when I woke up at the next morning, I forgot that incident and yuhp forgave her. However, the same things happened in class. She rediculed me again. Mhm she’s suck girl. In July which is this month, I received her ridiculed again. The incident is when I was in ‘ surau ‘. She said something bad again. She stared at me and then laughed. Occay I slam doors, I kick things and I feel like crying. I fuck you so many times girl and until now. I’ve try to forgave her but I can’t. I was not doing anything wrong to her. I’m hided my feeling to everyone in class and act like we’re cool. I can’t deal with her anymore. That was the last straw. You’ve done something bad to me so many times and congrats for that. Well, I have a scar from you. Thanks for making me worst ‘

My examinations are just around the corner

The moment has come for me to pass this exam on my first attempt

Only 22days to go. Time is running so fast. 1 day just like a minute. My trial examination is coming ! I’m so anxious and worry about that. The subject that I worry the most is Mathematics. I failed math since the beginning of the test and until the last month, I’m afraid that I might failed for this trial. I’m target, I’ll get C for this trial. So it’s going to be a disaster to me if I don’t score ‘C’ this time and same goes to science. Mhm

I need to be prepare start from now. Mentally and emotionally as well. My final is very soon. 2 more months to come. But before that, I need to facing with the trial first which I scare the most. I heard from my senior that trial is more harder than the real examination. So DEPRESS. Almost all of my friends, have been target for their upcoming examination.

‘ Oh aku nak 8 A’

‘ Aku nak sekurang-kurangnya 4 A’

Dan kau aini?

Sorry friends. Don’t ask me again. I don’t have my own target for the examination and I have my own reason. I’m so afraid to do that. No matter what, I will try to do my best, and hope I will score something good.

So now, I really need someone who is kind enough to help me score in mathematic ^^

Is there any?

21 July 2010

My motto's for life

I work hard to be original. make the word sings on occasion and get the work it on time without fail



enough goodbye. mhm :'(

12 July 2010

Spain won

As you guys know, Spain won the World Cup 2010. That was awesome. THANK GOD, I don’t need to kill myself. AHAHA But I’m a bit sad because I couldn’t watch the match. Seriously, FUCKING SAD ! The game started around 2.30a.m. Yeah at the late night and ended around 4.30a.m. Hell I need to wake up around 5a.m to go to school. Pathetic.

I’M A FAN OF SPAIN ! Since I couldn’t watch, my heart worries. I’m having a nightmare. Know what? Haa I dream about football

‘ WHAT?!! :O Holland beat Spain 3-2? WTF ! :’(

But then I realized, That was just A DREAM ! Okay still, I’m worried so much ! I walked quickly to take my remote control to watch the result. Sooooooooooo




Awh HORRAYY My Spain wonnn :D ‘


11 July 2010

What the F !

Macam mana nak main game ni? I choose Spain as my team. Tapi kan, kita tak reti main :P Habis Spain kalah dengan Honduras 1-3 ! Hahah i'm sorry Spain XD

09 July 2010

Angry Mangry. Awh don't !

Did you still remember when Germany beats Argentina 4-0? Okay at that time, I was like happy. I’m jolly over. Then, I posted my status in all social network by saying all about Germany. Okay, Argentina fans were angry, and kind of hate my status hahaha

‘ Germany menang nasib ‘

Germany tak patut menang ‘

Ahhh whatsoever you wanna think, I don’t care. I know it's hard to accept the fact that Argentina Lost. Not only you, Maradona also feel the same. Ghahahha :D Everybody was saying how great Argentina are and how great Messi is. Well, I must admit that Argentina is an amazing team. But did you see how their player play? Germany team is better

02 July 2010

High on Life

I’m suffering from depression. This is real. I can see beyond the void. I’m 15 and I just don’t want to go through all this trouble. I can’t be happy, I hardly smile. What’s going on with me? I feel alone and helplessness, despair and overwhelming. I really need someone to accompany me now. Parent, friends or whoever I don’t care. I’d dread the day. I haven’t gotten much sleep lately because i’m thinking too much. I’m looking for any kind of advice. ANYTHING ! I just want to feel better