27 October 2011

Two things, two things

I was born in an average family. Well, I couldn’t ask for more. I’m not rich! My family is not rich. We’ve been through a thick and thin wall before. With the difficulties and hardship helping us to be who we are today. I mean, the enjoyment of life. Money? Tell me who wouldn’t want more money in life? I never had enough money for my life. Haha! But I still I thanks to god for still giving me precious life. I can still feel the love of life. When I was in school or maybe when I post so called ‘expensive’ photos in my social network, I often got something likeeeeee, You rich kid! Who the hell are you, I’m not rich! Note to you guys, when you accidentally see something expensive In me like the clothes I wear, the foods I eat, the photos I post, you should know something. I’ve been working hard to save my money for that. HARD! Or sometimes it was a gift from my parents. Not always. But well i just lucky to have parents like mine. They often criticize their kids. Moderation is the key to a good life. Plus they often note to us, we’re not that rich to enjoy our life now like a few people dose. Believe something. Someday, when you have been successful in work, you’ll be one of them. My conclusion now is, be smart with money and everything you had. Don’t just throw your money around. I know you’re rich. Better throw to someone who needs it more. They waiting for you in all over the world :)

The first feeling you feel when you were still a baby. What a feeling! Love is great, love is beautiful, love is pure from the heart. Everybody needs to understand what love really is. Love for mom, love for dad, love for brother/sister, love for your…. Love one. It comes in various ways. It’s amazing to feel the love inside your heart. ‘The first love is always puppy love’ just like everybody say. Have you heard that before? Everyone was born to love. Well, yeap. If you’re the one who couldn’t say yes for this, may I ask you a question?

Don’t you love your god who created you?
Don’t you love your mom and dad who raised you?
Don’t you?

P/s : Be happy with life :)

What we have been through for a year and a month

# Fight and quarrels!
No ones have a perfect couple for themselves. It may be okay for now, but sooner or later it wouldn’t be as great as what you’d wish for. Honesty and trust is the most important things everybody have to rebuild in their couple life. Once broken, will always show the cracks and difficult to put it all back together.

No matter how long it’ll stay but I’d pray it turn out good. The best thing is I know how to handle things. I can’t believe I can be as good as I am now and today. Look myself in the mirror and say ‘Well I can be cruel. Just like you too’. Sometimes, all we need is a lil reassurance to think that everything’s gonna be alright like it used to. One year and one month, we have been through loads of thing. From good to bad and bad to good. I gained a little bit experience from this relationship. What? Oh well, tolerance. Tolerance is important. Take note! Even the pain and the hesitation is still there to remind me what was wrong, but I’d love you to bits. Now and still. Nothing’s change. Giving you love while I can. Cause in the end, I know we can’t be together

Happy one year and one month
Love you loads xx

"when the lights go out,
we'll be safe and sound.
we'll take control of the world like it's all we have to hold on to.

and we'll be... a dream."

21 October 2011


Peace be upon you, lovelies

Its been a while since my last post. The truth is that i just don't have time to think of anything to write about. But knowing the fact that I have to update my blog again sometime this week. Okay firstly I wanna say hi back to all readers! Just finished up with second exam weeks. Well, it has been 2 weeks actually and another one more week to go after the hols. I’m having so-called break for a week again. The paper wasn’t easy at all. Especially freaking ass maths. Insert typical text here --> *I hate numbers* sport science and of course science too. What’d you expect right? I swear, it is so hard. I don’t even know how to start my Essie. I don’t even have an add to write about as well. Sucks much! A little confusing about the questions. Never mind. Now I’m currently struggling for third exam week. 2 more subjects to go, 4 more papers left and then I’ll just say goodbye final examination week. You should just die earlier but em well.

But at least i've got one more week of hell to go through. ONE MORE! Let shout out loud together, ONE MORE WEEK! Right now, hello holiday! I has more time on my hands now. I don't have to think of anything that has got to do with school work. *Just for awhile* I got a feeling. That I'll have a good holiday!

Happy holiday xoxo
Have an exciting one!

14 October 2011

Sepatut nya aku..

Bila orang kata jangan buat, aku akan buat
Bila orang kata tak patut, aku akan buat
Dan bila aku sendiri kata tak patut, aku akan buat

Salah diri sendiri

Sepatut nya aku TAK buat lagi
Sepatut nya aku TETAP kan kata kata aku sendiri
Sepatut nya aku TAK mungkir janji kat diri sendiri

Sepatut nyaaaaa
Dan sepatut nyaaaaaaaa aku……......
Hmm :’))))

Semoga Allah bantu aku tetap kan pendirian aku kali ni
Dan semoga aku betul-betul tetap kan kata-kata aku sendiri
InshaAllah :’))

P/s: Aku ikhlas kan semua benda

07 October 2011

Final examination

Well I think, from the status updates and the tweets I’ve made seems like NO ONE LIKES FINAL EXAM. It can indeed be scary stuff. We’re having our so called break now and I don’t wanna let this chance passed me by remembering my test 2 is super bad. I guess all of my classmate too but congrats to whoever who passed the test with flying colors. My mark is degrading me and for this final, I hope no subject is going to fail especially my Perdagangan and Basic economy. Oh what about maths? Well I don’t target any gred or mark for maths causeeee, I hate numbers. Just see what happen with my paper soon :)

‘Sit down in class and knowing all the subject’s paper for this final are made by PPD’

So that mean, I don’t know the chapter for each subject that will be come out for this final. I feel like I want to die or at least disappear but at the same time I'm not intending to fall sick. I'm not going to dissapoint anyone. I must NOT! Next week is going to be a ’heavy’ week for me. My paper start on Wednesday. May god bless me for this final exam


P/s : Blog mati sekejap okay? Bye

03 October 2011

When i'm alone

I've been listening to this song a couple of hours ago. I feel like crying whenever i listen to a song like this. It's making me think of what have been going on right now, the only song i can relate to in time like this. So far, it's beautiful :')

I'm just trying to find out
Who I am on my own
I had you right beside me
But now you're gone and I know
That when the room clears I'm still here
Who am I when I'm alone?

They say time is a healer
But it's more like a concealer for a scar
'Cause it never really leaves us
But it can always find us where we are, we are
Who thought it could ever be so hard?

There's so much I should have said when time was wearing thin
You're not here but someday I know I'll see you again

I miss you

Something something

# Berubah kerana tuhan
# Berubah untuk diri sendiri
# Berubah untuk orang lain

But the most important thing is first manusia berubah kerana tuhan. Tapi ada ke yang berubah kerana DIA? Segelintir je kot jarang kita jumpa. Mostly yang berubah sebab orang lain. Salah satu nya, ‘girlfriend’. Honestly lah kan, aku paling geli dan menyampah orang nak berubah kerana manusia yang kita sendiri tak tau manusia tu akan wujud as ‘permanently’ or ‘temporary’ (dah macam marker pen pulak permanent ni) Well, I’ve been through in one situation where my ‘favourite person’ nak berubah sebab.. diri ni kot. Tinggi jugak ‘kebanggaan’ in that time tapi sekejap je. Lepas tu aku terus je cakap ‘kita ni perlukan perubahan untuk diri sendiri dan bukan sebab orang lain’. Well nevermind

# I’ll love you forever and I swear
# I can swear to god, you’re the only person I ever need

Noo man, sorry! Dalam relationship yang kita sendiri pun tak tau sejauh mana kita akan pergi, sumpah sangat tak diperlu kan langsung! I’ll just say, ‘I love you’ but no swearing plis. Tau tak bila relationship kau tu dah terputus dan terabai di tengah jalan, kau dah buat satu dosa sebab dah bersumpah? Lagi2 bila ada yang sanggup sebut nama tuhan. Tolong lah be mature. Sayang orang tak semesti nya perlu bersumpah. Bila kita bersumpah, satu benda yang kita perlu buat is ‘meant it’

Aku bercakap berdasar kan pengalaman and benda yang I’ve been through

02 October 2011


Do.. a boy cries for his girl?
Do.. they have you on their mind 24hours?
Do.. they miss you all the time?
Do.. they smile at random times at the thought of you?
Do.. they think a about the smallest things you say?

Just like.. a girl do? Do they?

All of this question that I'm always thinking. Ump lemme reffering this post as him. Simple post to fix this fragile heart in time like this

Well today is one of those day where I feel nothing’s right again, where everything I did somehow related to you. His face serene and smiling, brings tears to my eyes. How are you today? Is everything goes well? I haven’t had a day where my fingers don’t type a long text, I haven’t had a day where I stop doodling your name over. A tear wasted and maybe this’s a suicide. Suicide without a physical pain.
Someone asked me today, how I can be this happy in time like this. Well simple, this’s my effort to appear strong. Lemme hide my pain inside, let everyone think that I’m still survive. I don’t wish this to come, I don’t wish this to happen

'I really can’t see someone else hold your hand, I really can’t see someone else replace my place ‘

Noo honestly, I can’t! Sorry for all the lies I’ve made. I said, I don’t care but my heart told me a different story. A heart can’t lie no matter how much you tell lies. Sorry for the sudden disappear. If only you know, the only thing I ever need now is… you. But lemme fix this heart and disappear

I can do this. I can do this. I can do this!

No contact anymore

I WILL do this!

P/s : Hopes and maybe even dreams

Nights readers