22 December 2010

Freakkinng out ! Wish me luck

Oh and YESSSSS finally tomorrow is 23 December. So, as u all know, tomorrow is PMR result day. Less than 24hours from now. If only u can feel how fast my heart beat inside. My brain is spinning. Seriously it feel like u’re describing something but yes I’m describing and slowly imagine about everything. I’m sure now, students and parents can be seen nervously waiting for the result on tomorrow. So do i. Well, I’m freaking out :/ Yaallah I really hope I did good. I don’t mind how many A’s i’ll get but at least, I don’t get an ‘ E ‘

1.Maths : It’s impossible to get an A for this. At least C or D its enough
2.History : Like seriously, I almost cried when I checked my answer and same as math, at least C or D
3.Geography : Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm same like above ;(
4.Science : This time, I couldn’t believe that I could answer all the question well. I mean, it takes only a few minutes for me to answer it. Unbelievable :O It’s not the same as I did before. Soooo isit a good sign? Insyaallah :’)

This 4 subject is the toughest subjects for me especially math. I hate numbers :/ The other 4 subjects, is hm yeah yeah. I really really did so well. I can get an A. Nvm Insyaallah everything will be fine. Lets just hope and pray for the best :’)

21 December 2010

It's been awhile

*Didn’t have a time to update my bloggie coz I’m move to tumblr :D

Life has been so great now. Nothing’s change. But a feeling still in trouble. I can’t wait for next week to come. Don’t ask me why coz it’s kinda personal. Haha LOL next weeeekkkk PLS COME FASTER. Btw, now i count the days in second and minutes. Only 2 more days to go before the exam result. Scary wehhh. I’m nervous since a couple of days ago. It even more when I knew that it will come out December 23. This Thursday :/ 1 thing that I hate right now is when I told people I was goin to have a nervous breakdown about it, they simply told me

‘You don’t have to worry about that. Just PMR ‘

‘They’re not important. Stop thinking. You’ll have done fine ‘

Suck it up ! How come la I can’t be worry about it. You told me it’s JUST PMR ! Okay now I told u, is it good if I get 8E? Then what ur gonna said after that? Do u want me to be in the lower class? Come on, think before u speak. I’m pretty sure, ur thought would change in the blink of an eye if it really happen. ( I don’t wish it ) But pls, make up ur mind. Never mind :/ good luck to everyone xx

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13 December 2010

Dear December, pls be good to me :)

Only a few days to go before the date and it’s gonna be NEXT WEKKK !! Dear god, please make my December wishes come true. I feel so anxious all the time right now. Only god knows :/ Nevermind. No matter what happens, Strengthen your faith more than ever. Okay okay aini. Strengthen ur heart and soul start from now. Plssss :@

I just can't believe that it's been December now. Like seriously, i just can't believe this. Time flies very fast !! There's one and only my big thing this month. My exam's result. Still waiting for it. I do get real depressed at times right now. I really hope that things work out fine

For all of you who're waiting for result out there, wish you all the best. Don't give up coz i won't :) Pray hard and you'll get everything you ever wanted in the end. Insyaallah :)

03 December 2010

Days, Weeks, Months yeay 2010 :')

A year full of memories

So, 2010 is gonna come to an end. Loads of things has happened this year. Good and bad ended up being very the best. Full of many adventure, memory, experience which is very nice-EST ! i should not forget this. January 2011, is the beginning to a new life. Let go of the old book and start to open a new book. I am so grateful my life was not too difficult this year. Everything was just fine.

Start a new life

Let the past be the past

2010, the best of everything. Alhamdulillah syukur :’)

Result day 24 or 28Dec?


let's scream out loud :'( result will come out. Before or after christmas i'm not sure. Hm nothing to say. I'm scared to death right now :/ How i wish i'm still in January now ! Anyway, i just checked about my ' kelayakan to sekolah teknik ' yesterday. The result was disappointing me

Don't know what to say now. Words can't describe my feeling. Nvm Aini, just smile through the tears :')