05 October 2009

Guys,you know what, today i had the most annoying day in my life.i dont know why this will hapen.gr anyway, im gettin mad on something.im so stupid coz im invite him to come nd see my blog.but idk why with you, up to me if i wanna blogging with english language or what.im still know how to blogging in malay language.but hey! course in university,subject in highschool's using english in the subject aite? so whats wrong with you? you me me laugh man.may be you are not fluent in english. but am i care? im not trying to act like what you said.but, this's reality man,stop talking about my blog again.cause, ill blogging with english language forever nd ever man.as long as i know how to speak nd blogging in english, but you? hm.i know, malay language is our language. but am i stupid if i speak in english.this's none of your bussines.or you just gettin angry coz im blog in english, nd you dont know,whats does it mean?i think, you can open your vocabulary or maybe ask me.im pretty sure you will never know, what i say right now rite? you're retards.as malaysian we've to know english also.coz if we go to other country/on vacation, of coz we've to using english when we speak, coz they'll never understand our language okay.stop judging me again dude.you're idiot nd you should die.open your eyes nd thinking about it please.this's my blog, and i can blog anything.we will stop the noise here and get to the real noise LIVE.YOU'RE NOSINESS!

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