09 October 2009

what a weekas

oh no.im waiting for school time.school holiday was very suck now coz my week is soooo bored.everyday,ill do the stupid things.and sometime,that can be a bizarrre day. I woke up today, with my messy hair. Lastnight,i'm glad because i'm not having a nightmare and also sweet dream. By the way, i miss my friends deadly. I wanna meet them when school's already start. Even sometime, i'll gettin mad on them, but friends's still friends. I didn't hate them and i never blame them when my problem's come. Well, forgive me cause im not saying that all of you is my friendship. But that's true. Ill never pretend it. I dont mind if youll gettin angry on me or what. Just blame me. Im not a good friend. I admit it :) closed story. today i and my sister are invited go to open house. at Jln Resak or Cengal ( i dont know) . So, we have to go. But i feel so lazy, what if my sister only go? gahh . hey, like i told you before, my exam is around the corner. And now, i haven't start to study coz my mind is pregnant cause of pressure. Woah Dammit ! i think, i have to open the new mind =) i have to focus on it cause this's final exam! Not MidTerm again. Blahhh

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