22 October 2009

Soulmate ♥

1. Mommy, Daddy <33
2. Siblings <3
3. My whole family <3
4. All my friends <3

They're a part of my life. I cant alive and breath without them and i've nothing. I know i cant grow up without all of them. That's all i can say. I just can say, they're my angel from heaven and god sent it to me. They're important for me and also all people out there. Everyone will admit it. I do ♥ all of them. Thanks coz take my heart. I love them more than i love my life. I love my classmate in school too ! Theres got my close friends indeed. Even we're aint that close.
For Your Information, now i can go further coz of all of YOU!
I ♥ you =)

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