23 September 2009

sentulll bebeyyhh :D

oh yes.today, i would like to share with all of you, what i feel, when im goin to sentul with my family, lyn's brother and her lil sis.okay.sad, happy. mixed feeling ! There's been a long time im not goin there.seriously, i miss my all friends there deadly, my life in sentul when i was little, jakuzi tradisional .hahaha.im still remember, my friend's name .the name's azwan, azmer(cik miah's son.),pity(nieghbour),fazlyn(nieghbour) and more.i miss them badly. We haven't meet up since 2006 after my aunt passed away.nd if they make a party,they wont invited me.gr.but i try to forget about past nd try to think positive.okay,ignore it.then, just now i meet my old friends,you know what, he's so tall ! but me? xD serious,im so short than them.When my late aunt still in this world,i'll went to sentul.That's my usually routine when the school holiday. And my late aunt always brought us to the pool that located in vista angkasa. My friends in sentul usually come to my village. so, after my aunt passed away , everything have been change. for almost 3years, i haven't meet them. To be honest, i got crisis with my uncle. then, When my uncle married his 2nd wife, Our family was not invited. And for the last year, We meet back .swear ! i miss that home,i miss my friends and everything that regarding me and them .and today, i got 1 news that Kg, Chubadak Sentul will be collapse soon.

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