26 October 2009

Busy like Crazy

Start to counting days. Final exam will come next week.Will be busy On 3 November. I can’t wait to face it. I need someone to kill my nervous feeling. Please help me. But is there any? Ill be bookworm next week. This’s final. I hate final exam for your information. Because too many title on paper. And ill having headache if I see. Nahh coz of that, I need to study hard. I don’t know, what class ill be heading next year. Please please god. Don’t put me in down class. Its already enough when i’m in G now. And my close friends, in B and C. Up from me. Stupid isn’t it? I think, I don’t have to say my mathematic and science will be fail anymore. I know, that will become reality if I said. So from now, ill key my mouth. Mommy, Daddy, Siblings, Whole Family, Friends, and to all my lovers, pray for me. I hope, I can get the best result ever. Ill show off my good result to you lovers. I’ll present it. Amen. God willing


*I’ll be in good quality times 2weeks after this. I’ll catch you later <3>
Occasionally online. Taraa~

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