16 October 2009

Open House on Deepavali month

Today, i would like to tell all of you that im going to open house today. nehh open house for last raya. not deepavali. lol. But im not sure i wanna going or not. Seems like im lazy today. Lastnight, im already deal with maria. yeah maria. ym with her and she invited me to go to azwa's house at Apartment Zapin. But know what, i ask her, we have to wearing baju kurung or not? but she haven't reply me and at the same time, she's online. gr. She live in Cheras Jaya. And She will come to impian. So i think, that's good cause i dont have to use bus as a transpot. My home isn't so far from azwa's house. We live at the same "taman" so, that's not a big problem. And about my friend fatin. She also have open house at her house. Maria invited me to go. But i cant go. 1.Fatin's not invite me 2.Mommy'll never give permission 3.Im lazy to go. Haha. So, i dont know whether i'll going or not today. Just pray for me. Hihi. Azwa and i known as a friend since we were 10. So, am idiot if i'm not going?

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