15 October 2009

School Holiday in second session

School holiday's come for one day. Its yesterday. Im feel so lazy to come but i try to move my legs. Its suck cause only 20person i guess, in class. Nahh if im not going, sure mommy will angry so i have and have to come. Im already get the letter from school cause im not attending to school for 14 days. Hihi. I ignore it. I really dont care what they'll wrote about me. Just do what you want teacher. Haha. I Love It <3 cause not anyone will get it. And im the one in a million. Im special then. Haha. Now, im having my school holiday for second session. I got 5days holiday. But, next week, im going to school back. Start to study back. Start to see my lovely book back. gahh its suck. Yeah Deepavali will come in 2days. So, i wanna wish Happy Deepavali to all India/Hindu around the world. Enjoy your deepavali and smile. For my teacher, you can write anything about me in your letter and post it to my post box. Im waiting. I Love You <3 Muahxx

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