07 October 2009

sweet dream

oh yeah.now, its already evening and i wanna share with all of you about my dream lastnight.i've been dream, both of my sister's pregnant.kah kah kah.this's funny.but seriously,i dream about this tonight.how happy me ! but all is just dream.i wish, this's gonna be reality one day.okay back to the story.in my dream, both of my sister, goin to "kedai runcit" and buy all things for baby.stroller,bottle and everythings.so cute mann.they are waiting for their deliver time.im waiting so and im really happy in my dream till i could not said anything.SERIOUSLY! when im start to happy.. my alarm's kriiinnng, krriiinnng. oh my gosh! just dream? god kidding me :'( but after i having this dream, im start to laugh to myself coz idk "kedai runcit" have things for baby? are you serious? kah kah kah kah. funny funny :D

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