05 October 2009

hello whats up guys? whats your news for today? anyway,today idk what i wanna blog.hihi.lastnight,im already gettin mad on something but today, i wanna be cool.yeah cool :D you know what,i got 2weeks holiday from schoool.pmr.but im not sure im happy or not cause, if im holiday,idk what i've to do at homies.i will BORED! nd if im goin to school, sure i will BORED also.guys,you have to help me.gimme some idea.but make sure,i dont have to pay you well :) yesterday,someone already invited me go to his home, but ill never come.im the girl who's love to spending time at home.nd mommy's will never give me chance to go.mommy's will never give me permission if im goin alone.she'll give me permission, if i have someone beside me.bla bla.this's already enough when they start to controlling me like crazy.im sick nd tired being over-controlled.id rather be alone i think.hey guys.im not entirely active in myspace.im just gettin bored.i dont know, how to talk nd give the right message.people will alway misinterpet it.lately,myspace gone wrong.so i cant replying comment nd also message.im waiting for tom to fixes this up.be patient.bye guys see you later

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