15 October 2009

hello pathfinder

I dont know, whats going on with my title just now. HAHA. Ignore it . Ehem ehem at first, i wanna say sorry cause im not update my blog for a 5days. Sorry, sorry. Anyway, im still thinking about my final exam on November. Im not ready to face it. Im scare to face with my science and mathematic subject. I dont know what i have to do. Well,actually i understand cause im not too focus on it and that's why i cant do that. Fyi, i've do the best. But the result i got was still same. Not even change even 1%. Blahhh. Next year, ill having my "penilaian menengah rendah" (PMR) so so, i still dont know how to having it. I think, God must help me !

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