30 October 2009

Hear Me Out

You don’t impress me. You don’t intimidate me. Fuck you little bitches, walk this hall of shame. You don’t know who you are, you live to lie and lie to be free? You social fucks and with only friends that follow your trends. No one would care about you if you didn’t look like one of them. 
Know who your real friends are, make a pact and stand up tall. Be yourself and not a clone with personality flaws. Look at what you’ve become, look at all the typical people that walk around calling themselves better than all. Do you really want to live a lie? Do you really want to try? Try to be accepted, and accept the unaccepted when they follow your trend. 
Or would you rather be a human with morals that no one can break? Or maybe a good Friend? Fuck what people say, who are they to say? Huh? Nothing but a crowd of low life fucks that know nothing but how to judge. 

Take in consideration what damage you’ve won. Take in consideration the fact you have the power to be done. Pick your self up from the floor and wipe the fake off your chest. Walk with confidence and accept that you’re alone. Make this world the best, because its your own.

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