09 July 2011


Being a daily school student during high school years now, I never actually attending everyday the exception of vacations or camping. No best record for this past 6 months. Except for January, I felt like kinda terlebih rajin. That’s my best record so far. Not now. My attempt to come to school everyday is epic fail. I really did try and I’m doing this now. Believe me please!
Alright I guess I was just too lazy for the school especially when the homework piled up like a mountain. Well, as a student what’d u expect right? This is really exhausting. Sometime I just leave the unnecessary homework. *Moaning and whining now

My last year of school is next year. I guess, I’ll miss my high school so much when the school is end. High school was fun actually. This’s our comfort zone. After school is end, we have to build all that up back in our own. Have to be quick, make the first move. Yes, we have to do this for the better future. Though I only sixteen now, but well I think I need to list all of my plan when I graduate school. Even mommy did ask me last week which college I’m gonna choose after school

Uhhhh mom, still early

P/s : Allaah bersamaku, Allaah melihatku, Allaah mendengarku. Katakan itu pada hati, cukuplah ia sebagai wasiat taqwa di Sabtu ini. #sabtu #islam
May good bless all of us today

Peace be upon you :)

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