15 July 2011


I wish I could sleep all day and laze around

When you no longer feel it in you? When you grow weary? When your heart is torn asunder? When… you think there’s no future behind anything anymore. As if you're just... stuck. The years of prayers finally gonna be answered. What’s after that? This is the things I don’t wish to happen. Nothing else can be done to fix this heart

Aini? A girl full of laughter, full of smile is now soothing her fragile heart
It can never be done with a smile

Ku impikan kau slalu
hanya itu yang ku mampu
Ku tetap kan menunggu mu
Jangan bimbang jangan ragu
Kau tetap bintang hatiku
-Hady Mirza-

How i wish that i was wrong. Say goodbye, with a smile
Letting go
9 Months, 3 Weeks & 3 Days

But when?

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