16 July 2011

Addicted or anti Korean?

Tell me, what’s so great about it? I can never understand them. They said, Korean music is good than Malaysian quality of music, they are cute HELLA cute, the group is pretty nice than their own country of music grouping. That's the only thing they talk about sometimes. I don't get them AT ALL. Sorry to all Korean diehardfans out there. There’re two things I don’t deny. They’re cute and nice song they got there. But I don’t find out what’s so good, oh I mean VERY good with them till their fans is kinda….

‘Eeee koreann baby darling oh my price, you drivingggg me nuts!’
Errrr -,-

10 times more funnier when you see them in your own eyes especially in the concert. They are awesome weh! Look at them, laugh as much as you can but in a sad way! To be honest, I’d like to listen to Korean music when I had a time ( Not kpop, any pop pop etc ), always looking through the list of the 25 most Korean saddest songs ( Coz I love to cry C(: ), and to be honest again I don’t listen to Malaysian music that much. But well, I don’t listen to kpop! They don't fit my taste and even 2pm, am wtv M they gonna put. Heh not attracted at all :(

Damn weh. You are Malaysian and we live in Malaysia.
‘ Suka korea tu tak salah, but jangan lah terover sangat sampai jadi gila. Berpijak di bumi yang nyata ‘

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