26 January 2012

STORY #283

There's been a lot going on nowadays. I'm currently not feeling well, kinda sick. Sucks having this continuous flu. Today was a shit-ass day. No wonder why I feel like something going to happen. Since last night. Ya since I type my previous post. I feel depressed for no reason. God’s testing me again today. I guess, I couldn't take it anymore, so I'm typing this post. It's not like anyone's gonna read it anyway, I don’t care if anyone not going to read this. This one is just for releasing what I should be releasing all this while. It sucks to only have your self to share the story, to share all the pain. I only have my self :’)

I've been stressing out a lot lately, in things i shouldn't be stressing out on. Dear you who might read this blog of mine, I’m sure you aren’t that dumb right? Yes. I hope you’re not. I don’t want to mention your name in this blog. You know, as much as i like mentioning names, your names aren't even worth having a spot in my blog. Hmp I still don't know why I get so sensitive at times. I love crying. You know why? And because of what? I’m crying cause that’s the only way for me to let out my sadness. I don’t have anyone beside me to share with. It shows that i’ve been strong for too long. I’m not weak! And I’m crying because of you. Yes no one. But YOU! Maybeee… I was just so stress before that. Knowing that the one who have been so close with you are the one who made me you cry too. I never knew it could be this often. A lil part of me still tells me that I’m still strong enough to face this thing.



I met one of wonderful god’s creation today.

I actually met a deaf and dumb guy while I’m waiting for my sis to come back just now. We can communicate a lil bit. He smiles a lot. He makes me look at the world differently. You know how much I thanks god when I met him? Alhamdulillah. Be praise to the lord a lot more now. I believe he has another advantage in himself that we don’t have

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