17 August 2011

A day to remember

You’ll never understand but I know that soon you’ll accept the fact that we no longer together. Maybe soon you’ll get your new one and begin to forget about me little by little. Isn’t it baby? I’ll just be a people in your past and full of bad stories. Just like what you had tell me about your ex girlfriends. Will I be one of them? Babyyy :’)) Maybe I’m not a good person, I have a lot of flaws, full of mistakes that I have made but I have a HEART. A small heart created by god and raised by mom since I was little. It’s filled with love, love each and everyone beside me. NOT TO HURT :’)) I have made a decision and I think, it’s for our own good. Even it’ll hurt me but somehow, I’ve made it. I hope you’ll never forget me, I’ll not always be by your side, I can’t cheer you up as a lover but only as a friend, no more messages every morning. All of our daily routine will never be the same anymore. Filled with emptiness which we can’t put it into words

Stay silent at least for now and lemme move on. I’m still fragile to write this but only a writing could help me to let out all of my sadness :’)) Hmm i’d be in tears when I read all of our message from first to last. Nice moment. Still remember baby? :’)) It’ll never be a part of our daily routine anymore and I started to miss everything so fucking much. It feels different when you’re not here anymore but I don’t regret for what I have made. Even there are a hesitation is my heart, yet I still pretend to smile. Just like you’re the end for me, just like you’re my last moment. Even small pains make me teary, imagine how this big pain. Can you imagine? :’)) Till then baby, I hope you’re happy :’))

You can always pretend to be happy even though you're crushed inside
You can always wipe the tears and say you never cried but
You can never stop all the pain that you feel
Tears will keep coming and the scars will never heal

P/s: I can’t believe that we have reached the end now. I’m so sorry from the bottom of my heart. I’ll still continue to draw a line of happiness even though I’m still in pain. *Put on the smiling face :’))

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