30 July 2012

TIA #305

TIA is --> Tomorrow Is August! Haha LOL. 

Welcome August. Independent day, Raya day, trial examination week and so on. Hoping August can be better than any other month. -Always for the better, for the longest of time. I'm just heading home from school now. Suddenly get into my room changing my uniform and run to my sister's bed and online. What the hell is just happening now?! The usually thing i did when i went back is, changing my uniform and laying on my bed. I am now scrolling my blog. The blank white 'composing box' now starting to shine and glare, you see that?

I stared and stared and stared at the blindingly white screen, just not knowing what to say. Loads of ideas.
And here is my words telling you guys on this post. Muahahaha.

Today was just fine. You know how much i hate my Perdagangan class. No, not the teacher nor the subject. Just... urgh ya i think this's all about the subject. Well, i'm pessimist. I know i'm not allowed to take back if i fail this one. I've made this difficult. I once love this subject. So much even my result wasn't that good. It's sad, so sad.

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