30 July 2012


Apology means more when we were all still kids

Agree? This title is about a friendship. We know how to built a friendship with friends since we were young. To say the truth now is… I suddenly had a moment just now. Where a bunch of memories just flashed right before my eyes. We all do have a friend. Who doesn’t right? What I’m gonna talk now is about FRIENDSHIP and ‘APOLOGY’. Everybody knows what friendship really mean to them and what is ‘sorry’ or better be called as forgiveness really mean to them.

Just in a 1 minute now, go back to your childhood! Reminisce your best day with friends in a playground. We once had a fight with them for the first time in our life. All the drama we had was only about ‘taknak kawan’ and the next day we both gonna give out the hand and say sorry. ‘I’m sorry. I shouldn’t say that’, ‘it’s my fault. Lets play together’. Isn’t that cute? No talking behind, no teasing. Sorry was only a small matter for us.

Now go back to this era. We’re all grown up. What happened with our friendship now? Yes. We do love each others so much, we appreciates them more than they know. Sooner or later we gonna have a fight. Personally, thinks about what you just did with friends when you’re mad. Smile in front of them and talking bad behind their back. When they know your attitude and reaction, a fight begins. They’re hell loads of bad words. Yell to each other. It takes more than a day to say sorry. Or maybe no sorry for forever. Hearing the words ‘sorry’ makes us feel so annoyed. We think that we’re probably doing something right isn’t it.

You know what I just think? Friendship so fragile nowadays. I love my friends so much and we all do. But well, we are all normal human being. I always believe that they’re always have a nice ways for us to trust a friendship. Priceless.

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