29 November 2011


Hello Readers! I kept forgotten to update my blog recently. Well actually, I’m a bit lost this holiday. I wanna try out for a job but there’s a problem with job in this holiday. Soooo as you guys can predict now. I’m going to drown myself in boredom by staying at home and doing NOTHING. NOTHING at all. This holiday starts with a pretty good one but the middle and the end of it, I’m sure I’ll lost my balance.

Is there any job for 16 years old?

Anything PM me. LOL LOL. I think I have just developed an instant jealousy towards you guys. I’m pretty sure, you guys had a great day aren’t you? If only I were in your shoes, I could just enjoy the holiday as much as I could. Not like nowww! Dear holiday, if only you know now that you're making me miss school so much right now! Miss those fourty person where everybody knew my name, miss those person where I can laughing and making joke at. What I miss the most are the people that I used to laugh and smile at. My friends! I already can feel the ache of homesickness


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