11 September 2011

Personal blow

Another one of my attempts to lose something like.. ‘ myself ‘. It’s been a depressed day since the 1st Syawal. Can’t ever figure out why.
It was nice, humid and cold morning. Goodmorning sleepyheads!
Well as usual, nothing to write about. But I’m gonna express something here *Mostly what I write here is what I feel*. Express what I cannot say to anyone, I wouldn’t know what to place it as

Another chapter comes in life which brought myself to the emptiness and so called boring-ness, devastated. Well I don’t focus to one point, what I really mean is everything. I’m stuck with my ordinary live. Hell yeah it’s kinda depressing to see people stuck In their ordinary lives isn’t it? Now I think, it was 3 or maybe 5 times harder than before. I need somewhere to shout out louds. As a fleeting emotion left, the other strengthened and now the other is weakened. Screwed them up! I haven’t been in this conflicted emotion in ages. There’re always a questions with no answers that drive my mind insane. I’m lost

People making me trouble. Why don’t they just put on the full stop and admit their own mistake? Is that really hard? Don’t put the ego too much. Someday soon, you’ll get something which gonna bring you to the hell-ness. My eyes water as I wrote this. It’s been 3 sleepless nights with a swollen eyes. I spend way too much time in my head till I couldn’t sleep. I hate this feeling that i’m feeling. I just hope everything will turn out fine sooner or later

‘Sometimes I wish I could just be a little kid again. So when life gets hard, you could just run to mommy and it would all be okay’

P/s : This blog is once again alive

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